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1544 BRITISH SENATE. The Eloquence of the British Senate ; or Select Specimens of the most

distinguished Parliamentary Speakers from the reign of Charles I. to the present time, with Biographical and Critical Notes, 2 vols 8vo, boards, 75

1807 1545 BURNS' (Robert) Complete Works with Life, by Currie, and Letters, also the Reliques of

Burns, collected by R. Cromek, 5 vols 8vo, fine portrait, half brown calf, elegant, 28s 1809 1546 BURKE's Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful, izmo, portrait,

1807 1547 BURROWES' Pianoforte Primer, 12mo, cloth, is, pub 4s 1548 Byron's Don Juan, Cantos XII, XIII, XIV, 12mo, suppressed, boards, is 6d N. York, 1824 1549 BLOOD. Dr. Carson's Inquiry into the Causes of the Motion of the Blood, Svo, plates, boards,

1815 1550 CLASSICAL LIBRARY. Comprising Cæsar, Herodotus, Livy, Tacitus, Thucydides, Xenophon;

the Entire Works of each Author, translated from the Originals by Duncan, Baker, Murphy, Smith and Cooper, 7 vols 8vo, portraits, half white vellum, marbled edges, a choice and elegant library set, £2 ios, pub £5 los

1832 1551 COBBETT'S (Wm,) Porcupine's Works, exhibiting a faithful History of the United States of

America, in their Government, Laws, Politics, Resources, Customs, Manners and Vices, from the End of the War in 1783 to 1801, with Speeches, Trials, Anecdotes, Reminiscences, &c., 12 vols 8vo, boards, curious, 18s

Isor 1552 CREASY's History of the Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World, ' 8vo, cloth, ios hd 1867 1553 CRICKET-GROUND. Selkirk's Guide to the Cricket-Ground, 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d 1867 1554 CROCKET.

Sketches and Eccentricities of Colonel David Crockett, of West Tennessee, 12mo, boards, 2s

1834 1555 DANIEL's Rural Sports, Hunting, Hawking, Fowling, Shooting, Angling, &c., with the Sup.

plement, nearly 100 very beautiful engravings of Animals of the Chase, Game, &c., by J. Scott and Landseer, 4 vols royal 8vo, full calf gilt, £2 25

“Very few copies of this interesting work are now to be found." 1556 DEMOSTHENES' Orations, translated from the Greek by Dr. Leland, 2 vols Svo, boards, 3s 6d, pub 18

1814 1557 DONOVAN's Natural History of British Insects, explaining them in their several states, with the

periods of their transformations, their food, economy, &c., illustrated with several hundred finely coloured plates, 9 vols royal 8vo, half green morocco, £3.38

1792--1808 1558 ELEGANT GIFT BOOK for 1868. Treasures of Art and Beauties of Song, illustrated with face

similes of Water-colour Drawings and other Illustrations by Leech, Gilbert, Thomas, &c.,

4to, superbly bound, 7s 6d, pub 20s 1559 EXQUISITE PRESENTABLE VOLUME. Gems from Painters and Poets, embellished with eight

fac-similes of Water-coloured Drawings, and other choice Illustrations, by Geo. Cattermole,

Cooper, and Ward, 4to, inlaid, superb binding, gilt leaves, 6s 6d, pub 21s 1560 FORTUNES OF WOMAN, Memoirs, edited by Miss Lamont, 3 vols crown Svo, cloth, 3s 6d, pub 31s 6d

1849 1561 GERMAN. Blackley's Practical Dictionary of the German Language (German, English, and

English German,) with the Pronunciation to every word, thick post 8vo, cloth, 7s 6d 1867 1562 FROUDE's Nemeses of Faith ; crown Svo, cloth, 7s

1849 1563 GIFT VOLUME for 1868. Roses and Holly, a Gift Book for all the year, illustrated by eminent

artists, containing Tales, Poetry, Proverbs, &c., 4to, richly bound, gold edges, 7s 6d 1868 1564 Gift Book for 1868. Gems of Literature, Elegant, Rare, and Suggestive, illustrated with a

series of choice Engravings by eminent artists, 4to, richly inlaid binding, gold leaves, 75 6d 1565 Gift Book for 1868. Pen and Pencil Pictures from the Poets, illustrated with the most er. quisite plates by eminent painters, 4to. rich inlaid binding, gold edges, 75 6d

1868 1566 GRAND GIFT-BOOK. The Beauties of Poetry and Art, illustrated with sixteen fac-similes of

water-colour drawings, together with other choice pictures by Gilbert, Cattermole, Cooper, Ward, &c., 4to, rich gold binding, ios, pub 255

1866 1567 Guide to the Unprotected, in Every-day Matters Relating to Property and Income, by a

Banker's Daughter, crown 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d 1568 GRIER's Mechanic's Pocket Dictionary. Technical Terms, ' Rules and Tables in Mathematics and Mechanics, portrait, cloth, plates, 4s, pub gs

1838 1569 HALL's (Rev. Robert) Sermons, 8vo, boards, scarce

, 3$

1822 1570 HORACE's Works (Horatii Opera ). The text newly and carefully corrected, with copious

Critical and Illustrative Notes in English by Rev. J. E. Younge, Svo, splendid medallion por. trait, two exquisite woodcuts, maps, &c., cloth, 18s 6d

1868 1571 ILLUSTRATIONS of the Life of Martin Luther, engraved in the line manner, after original

paintings, with Descriptions by D'Aubigne, royal 4to, 12 splendid plates, carly impressions, cloth gilt, 8s 6d, pub E3 35

1862 1572 JUNIUS' LETTERS, complete, with Explanatory Notes, 2 vols 12mo, portraits, boards, 35 1806


2s 6d

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cloth, 95

1573 JUNIUS' LETTERS. The Identity of Junius with a Distinguished Living Character, Svo, por trait, boards, 2s

1818 1574 IRVING's (Rev. Edward) Orations on the Oracles of God and Judgment to Come, Svo, boards.

1823 1575 KEATS's (John) Memoirs of his Life and his Letters, by Lord Houghton, new edition, crown Svo, fine portrait, cloth, 75.

1867 1576 KING's Antique Gems; their Origin, Uses and Value, as interpreters of Ancient History, and

as illustrative of. Ancient Art, with Hints to Gem Collectors, thick 8vo, many exquisite plates, cloth, 18s 6d

1866 1577 KING EDWARD VI. Latin Grammar, 12mo cloth, is 6d, pub 3s 6d ·

1849 1578 LADY BOUNTIFUL's Legacy to her Family and Friends, a Book of Practical Instructions,

Duties, Counsels, Experiences, Anedotes, Hints, Recipes, the whole calculated o increase the

comforts of house and home, edited by John Timbs, crown 8vo, cloth, gilt, 5s 6d 1868 1379 LAVATER's Whole Works on Physiognomy, illustrated with several hundred plates, 4 vols 8vo, half morocco, elegant, 255

1835 1580 LIFE of Pastor Fliedner, of Kaiserswerth, translated from the German, by C. Winkworth, 12mo, portrait, cloth, 3s 6d

1867 1581 Lives of Remarkable Characters who have distinguished themselves from the commencement of the French Revolution to the present time, 3 vols 8vo, boards, 5s 6d

1811 1582 LOWNDES’s Biographer's Manual of English Literature, an Account of Rare, Valuable, and

Useful Books, with Bibliographical and Critical notices from the invention of Printing, and also of the prices at which various books. have been sold, 4 thick vols crown 8vo, half Roxburgh morocco, neat, £2 25

1864--66 1583 NEW CHRISTMAS Book, 1868. Lyra Germanica, the Christian Life, translated from the

German, with upwards of Two Hundred exquisite Illustrations from original paintings, viz., Landscapes, Scriptural, Allegorical, and Emblematical, Marginal, in one magnificent volume, 4to, inlaid rich binding, 18s

1868 in 1584 M Cosh's (Rev. Dr.) Method of Divine Government, Physical and Moral, 8vo, ninth edition,

1867 1585 MEMOIRS of Marshal Ney, illustrated with Plans, &c, 2 vols 8vo, fine portrait, boards, 4s. pub 245

1833 1586 Mill on the Floss, by George Eliot, new illustrated edition, crown 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d 1867 1587 Mills' Elements of Political Economy, 8vo, cloth, scarce, 25, pub 7s,

1821 This Volume was written by the father of the present John Mill the M.P.1588 MITCHELL'S Orbs of Heaven, or the Planetary and Stellar Worlds, crown 8vo, numerous plates, cloth, 2s 6d

1865 1589 MOLINA's (Abbe Ignatius) History of Chilli ( Geographical, Natural, and Civil,) 2 vols Svo, boards, scarce, 5s 6d

1809 1590 MUSICIANS. · Letters of Distinguished Musicians, viz., Gluck, Haydn, Bach, Weber, Mendelssohn, translated from the German by Lady Wallace, with three portraits, post Svo, cloth,

1868 1591 NATIONAL MELODIST. A Collection of the best English, Irish, Scotch, American Songs, Glees, &c., set to Music, with the symphonies and accompaniments for the Pianoforte

, including also the best of the Christy Minstrel Songs, Moore's Melodies, &c., in one vol 4to, cloth elegant, 6s

1868 1592 NATIONAL DEBT. Hamilton's History of the Rise and Progress of the National Debt of Great Britain, 8vo, boards, 25

1814 1593 NESBIT's Practical Mensuration, 12mo, bound, 2s 6d, pub 6s

1841 1594 PERTHES' (Frederick the Bookseller), Memoirs of his Life and Times, new edition, post Svo, cloth, 5s 6d

1859 1595 PHILLIPS' (Sir R.) A Million of Facts, of correct data, thick vol 12mo, portrait of author, cloth, 3s 6d, pub 12s

1842 1596 PHILLIPS'. (Charles) Specimens of Irish Eloquence, now first arranged and collected, with Biographies, &c., Svo, boards, scarce, 3s 6d

1820 1597 PHILLIPS' (Charles) Recollections of Curran, and some of his Contemporaries, with many Anecdotes of the Bar, Svo, boards, 2s

1818 1598 PLATES : Views in Great Britain, Views in Philadelphia, Views in Athens, and other parts, in i vol 4to, nearly one hundred fine plates, cloth, 4s 6d

V. D. 1599 PETER Pry's Marmion Travestied, a Tale of Modern Times, royal 8vo, boards, scarce, 5s 1600 RATHBONE's (Wm. of Liverpool), Social Duties considered with Reference to the Organization of effort in Works of Benevolence and Public Utility, 12mo, cloth, 4s

1867 1601 Roger's Animal and Vegetable Physiology considered with reference to Natural Theology, 2 vols post 8vo, many engravings, cloth, ios 6d

1867 1602 STODDART's (Thos. Tod) Songs and Poems, 8vo, boards, is 6d


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1603 Ryle's Hymns for the Church on Earth, a Series of Three Hundred Hymns and Spiritual Songs, crown 8vo, cloth, 4s

1867 1604 QUARLES's Emblems, Divine and Moral, the School of the Heart, and Hieroglyphics of the

Life of Man, illustrated throughout with emblematic engravings, and a Life of Author, in i vol, crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 4s

1866 1605 SCOTLAND. The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotiand ; or Dictionary of Scottish Topography,

edited by Jno. M. Wilson, two thick vols, royal 8vo, illustrated with a complete county atlas and fine plates, half crimson morocco, gilt, 30s, pub £3

1866 1606 Scott's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, consisting of Historical and Romantic Ballads,

collected in the Southern Counties of Scotland, 3 vols Svo, boards, 45, pub £ 2 5s 1810 1607 SECKER's (Archbishop) Lectures on the Catechism of the Church of England, 12mo, bound neat, 2s

1840 1608 SMEDLEY's Fortunes of the Colville Family, and Seven Tales by Seven Authors, edited by Smedley, crown 8vo, plates, cloth, 3s

1867 1609 STERNE's (Laurence) Tristram Shandy's Life and Opinions, and a Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, 4 vols 12mo, cloth, 5s 6d

1802 1610 SUPERB GIFT VOLUMES." Three Gems in One Setting, being the Poet's song by Tennyson,

the Wild Flowers by Campbell, and the Pilgrim Fathers by Mrs. Hemans, illustrated in the

most beautiful manner in gold and colours, 4to, richly inlaid binding, 75, pub 21s 1868 1611 Tasso. Gerusalemme Liberata (Italian) 2 vols 12mo, sewed, 3s

1829 1612 TOOKE' Pantheon of the Heathen Gods and Illustrious Heroes, 12mo, numerous plates, bound, 2s

1817 1613 TUCKEY's (Captain) Narrative of an Expedition to Explore the River Zaire, usually called the Congo in South Africa, 8vo, map, boards, 2s 6d

New York, 1818 1614 WATSON'S (Bishop) Anecdotes of his Life, with many interesting Reminiscences of the times in which he lived, 8vo, boards, 2s

1818 1615 Æsop's FABLES : Three Hundred Fables, literally translated from the Greek, by Townshend, post Svo, with 114 fine illustrations, cloth gilt, 4s 6d

1868 1616 AMERICA. Johnson's Letters, from the British Settlements in Pennsylvania, izmo, map, boards, is 6d

1819 1617 ARABIAN Nights' ENTERTAINMENTS. A new literal translation from the Arabic, with

copious notes by Lane, illustrated with many hundred engravings by Harvey, 3 vols 8vo, cloth 18s, pub £3 38

1865 1618 BEHIND THE SCENES : Confessions of a Strolling Player, 12mo,"is

1859 1619 BOWMAN's New Cookery Book, a very complete Manual of English Cookery on sound prin. ciples, with thousands of Receipts, thick vol post Svo, plates, cloth, 75

1867 1620 British Catalogue of Books published in 1857, royal 8vo, is 6d, pub 5s

London, Low & Son, 1858 1621 BROWNING'S (Robert) Poetical Works, new collected edition, 3 vols 12mo, fine portrait of author, cloth, 18s 6d, pub 21s

1865 Contains Lyrical Poems, Romances, Men and Women, Paracelsus, Christmas Eve, Easter Day, Serdello,

Tragedies and other Plays 1622 BROWING'S (Elizabeth Barrett) Poetical Works, new collected edition, 5 vols 18mo, fine portrait, cloth, 255, pub 30s

1866 1623 Bryce's Elements of Algebra, 12mo, bound, 25

1837 1624 CROMWELL (Oliver). Memoirs of his Life, by R. Southey, 12mo, portrait, cloth, 2s 1842 1625 DANTE's Divine Comedy (The Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso), translated from the original

Italian, with copious Explanatory and Critical Notes, by Longfellow, 3 vols 4to, superbly printed on toned paper, only a few copies printed in this gorgeous manner, half bound Roxburgh morocco, 26s, pub £2 25

1867 1626 DIBDIN's Sea Songs, with the Tunes, royal 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d 1627 Dibdin's One Hundred War Songs, with Pianoforte Accompaniments

, royal 8vo, is 1628 DUGDALE’s England and Wales Delineated, Historical, Antiquarian, Picturesque, including

all the Ancient Abbeys, Castles, &c., 8 vols in 4, 8vo, numerous fine steel plates, half white vellum, full gilt backs, £2 55, pub £ 5 5s

1855 1629 GOLDSMITH's Traveller, a Poem, illustrated with a Series of thirty exquisite plates on steel, by

Birket Foster, royal 8vo, cloth gilt, 8s, pub 21s 1630 Howitt's (Wm.) Rural Life in England, with numerous plates by Bewick, Svo cloth gilt,

1862 1631 ITALIAN. Soave's Novelle Morali, 12mo, bound, is 6d

1827 1032 LATHAM's Fifty Illustrations of the Principal Varieties of the Human Race, Svo, the plates


coloured, is 6d

“May be had in a few days the List of all the New Books of the PresENT SEASON, which with a List of Books adapted for Christmas, New Year Remembrances, all at Cheap Prices, on application, Free."


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