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The Price of Silver

Notwithstanding the increasing cost of silver bullion, Tiffany & Co. will continue, until further notice, to offer Sterling Silver Forks and Spoons of their current copyrighted patterns at

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Upon this basis, the prices per dozen range as follows

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Cuts of Patterns Sent Upon Request

This method of marking prices furnishes patrons. with exact information as to weights and enables them to more readily compare values with articles for similar uses sold elsewhere

Silverware on Approval

Upon receipt of satisfactory references from any
National Bank or responsible business house,
Tiffany & Co. will send on approval selections from
their stock to any part of the United States

Fifth Avenue New York

37th Street

Formerly at Union Square

Tiffany & Co. always welcome a comparison of prices

All of Tiffany &
Co.'s silverware


is of
Sterling quality,
925/1,000 fine. All
their patterns are
copyrighted and
as Tiffany & Co.
are strictly retail-
ers, these designs
never lose their
individuality by
overproduction or
promiscucus sale
through other

Tiffany & Co. 1906 Blue Book will be sent to intending purchasers without charge. This catalogue contains No Illustrations It is a compact little volume of 530 pages and over 6,000 suggestions of jewelry, silverware, and choice artistic objects suitable for wedding or other gifts, with the range of prices at which they may be purchased







Fish Ponds of the Hawaiian Islands, The (Ill.)

By John N. Cobb

Our Quest (Poem)
Red Yamodzu, The


By Birdie Estelle Anderson....203 . By Julien Josephson


.By Charles E. Lorrimer
The.. Edward P. Irwin..

Winter Ways in the Mountains.... By Virginia Garland
To a Picture
Amateur's Experience in Orchid Culture, An (Ill.)

By Louis J. Stellmann


By F. A. Cramblitt

Alone (Poem)

. By Emma Playter Seabury
Medicine of Thunder Cloud, The (Ill.).. By W. E. Rollins.
Possession (Poem)..
Conscript, The

Ruth Sterry

Gentleness of Henderson's Cow,
Blind-in the Rain (Poem).
Mission Dolores (Poem) Ill...
Graveyard of Dolores Mission,
David and Goliath
Morning and Evening (Poem).... By L. H. Brewer
Keepers of the Gate, The (Poem) Ill... By K. L. S....
Thirsty Steel, The

By R. B. Townshend

Close Call, A
Remembrance (Poem)
Monks Brew Beer and Conduct a Restaurant (Ill.)

By Russell Harper

Gold Hunters, The
By Howard Watrous Hall..
Luther Burbank and Child Culture. By Edward P. Irwin
Military Awakening of China, The.....

By Lieut. Constant Cordier, U. S. A..271
Call of Nature, The (Poem)
By Will H. Hendrickson
Dream of a Fair City, A (Ill.).... By Eleanore F. Lewys
With the New Books
By Arthur H. Dutton

By Arthur Powell ...
. By Walter A. Beebe
The (Ill.). . By Stella Maximo.
.. By Clarence Hawkes


.By H. Gerald Chapin

By Roy Farrell Greene

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All communications in relation to manuscripts intended for publication or business of any kind should be addressed to the Overland Monthly Co.-and not to individuals on the staff.

THE OVERLAND MONTHLY, an Illustrated Magazine of the West. Entered at the San Francisco, Cal., Postoffice as second class matter.

The Overland Monthly subscription price is $1.50 a year payable in advance. Foreign subscriptions. $2.25.

New Subscriptions can commence at any time during the year.

Payment for Overland Monthly, when sent by mail, should be made in a Post-office MoneyOrder, Bank Check or Draft, Express Money-Order or Registered Letter.

Silver sent through the mail is at sender's risk.

Discontinuances. Remember that the publishers must be notified by letter when a subscriber wishes his magazine stopped. All arrearage must be paid.

Always give the name of the Post-office to which your magazine is sent. Your name cannot be found on our books unless this is done.

Letters should be addressed and drafts made payable to OVERLAND MONTHLY COMPANY, San Francisco, Cal.

For back numbers more than three month old, an additional charge of 5c for each month is made.

Contributors are requested to write name and address on first page of MS. and on the back of each photograph or illustration submitted. It is also neeessary that in writing to the magazine concerning contributions, the name of the article should be mentioned.

OVERLAND MONTHLY COMPANY, Publishers. 320 Sansome St., S. F. Copyrighted 1905 by the Overland Monthly Co.

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If you want
the BEST

Insist on



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