Coal, Government Ownership Or Control: Government Ownership of Navy Coal Land and Control of the Coal Industry

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Authors & Publishers Corporation, 1921 - 188 pages

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Page 105 - Act over or by means of such additional or extended line of railroad, unless and until there shall first have been obtained from the Commission a certificate that the present or future public convenience and necessity require or will require...
Page 67 - Provided, That nothing in this Act shall be construed or held to affect the rights of the States or other local authority to exercise any rights which they may have, including the right to levy and collect taxes upon improvements, output or mines, or other rights, property, or assets of any lessee of the United States.
Page 63 - ... of not less than one hundred thousand and not more than one hundred and fifty thousand population ; and not to exceed...
Page 116 - The scale of wages paid for similar kinds of work in other industries; (2) The relation between wages and the cost of living; (3) The hazards of the employment; (4) The training and skill required; (5) The degree of responsibility; (6) The character and regularity of the employment; and (7) Inequalities of increases in wages or of treatment, the result of previous wage orders or adjustments.
Page 18 - ... of this strike and thus to paralyze the industry of the country, with the consequent suffering and distress of all our people, must be considered a grave moral and legal wrong against the government and the people of the United States. I can do nothing...
Page 138 - There shall be no discrimination by the Company or by any of its employees on account of membership or non-membership in any society, fraternity or union.
Page 118 - Whereas stoppage of work in violation of the agreement has become so serious as to menace the success and perpetuity of the United Mine Workers of America and our joint relations, this conference Instructs the respective district executive boards to meet the operators in their various districts for the purpose of agreeing on a penalty clause where none now exists, and If necessary meet to...
Page 119 - That the fulfillment of this agreement is guaranteed by the international union, and the fulfillment of joint agreements entered into in any district shall also be guaranteed by the officers of the international organization, as well as by the officers of the district, and it shall be their duty to see that all such agreements arc carried out, both in the letter and in the spirit.
Page 62 - Act for any coal deposits except for its own use for railroad purposes; and such limitations of use shall be expressed in all permits and leases issued to such companies or corporations, and no such company or corporation shall receive or hold...
Page 139 - ... representatives or upon the initiative of the president himself, the difference shall be referred to the Joint Committee on Industrial Cooperation and Conciliation of the district and the decision of the majority of such joint committee shall be binding upon all parties.

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