Emergency Relief Appropriation: Hearing ... 74th Congress, 1st Session, J. J. Res. 117

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1935 - 48 pages

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Page 2 - ... the civil service laws, such officers and employees, and to utilize such Federal officers and employees, and, with the consent of the State, such State and local officers and employees, as he may find necessary, to prescribe their authorities, duties, responsibilities, and tenure, and, without regard to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, to fix the compensation of any officers and employees so appointed.
Page 10 - No estimate or request for an appropriation and no request for an increase in an item of any such estimate or request and no recommendation as to how the revenue needs of the Government...
Page 2 - Any purchase made under this paragraph may be made without regard to the provisions of section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (USC, title 41, sec. 5) upon certification by the Commission that such action is necessary in the interest of the common defense and security, or upon a showing that advertising is not reasonably practicable, and partial and advance payments may be made thereunder.
Page 30 - It is my thought that with the exception of certain of the normal public building operations of the Government, all emergency public works shall be united in a single new and greatly enlarged plan. With the establishment of this new system we can supersede the Federal Emergency Relief Administration with a coordinated authority which will be charged with the orderly liquidation of our present relief activities and the substitution of a national chart for the giving of work.
Page 4 - Apr. 30 May 31 June 30 July 31 Aug. 31 Sept. 30 Oct. 31 Nov. 30 Dec.
Page 2 - Emergency Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1935, approved June 19, 1934 (48 Stat. 1056), as heretofore amended, (amendment to Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933, relating to cotton option contracts.) 25.
Page 31 - ... that accounts of all receipts and expenditures by governmental agencies, including corporations, created after March 3, 1933, the accounting procedure for which is not otherwise prescribed by law, shall be rendered to the General Accounting Office in such manner, to such extent, and at such times as the Comptroller General of the United States may prescribe, for settlement and adjustment pursuant to title III of the Act of June 10, 1921, 42 Stat. 23.
Page 2 - ... books of reference, directories, periodicals, newspapers and press clippings; travel expenses, including the expense of attendance at meetings when specifically authorized by the Administrator; rental at the seat of Government and elsewhere; purchase, operation and maintenance of passenger-carrying vehicles; printing and binding; and...
Page 3 - In carrying out the provisions of this joint resolution the President is authorized to establish and prescribe the duties and functions of necessary agencies within the Government. SEC. 5. In carrying out the provisions of this joint resolution the President is authorized (within the limits of the appropriation made in section 1) to acquire, by purchase or by the power of eminent...
Page 2 - To meet the emergency and necessity for relief in stricken agricultural areas, to remain available until June 30, 1935, $525,000,000, to be allocated by the President to supplement the appropriations heretofore made for emergency purposes...

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