Co-operation as a Business

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G. P. Putnam's sons, 1881 - 234 pages

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Page 196 - ... books are wherein rates and assessments for the relief of the poor for the same parish are entered, and shall be produced by the overseers before the justices, upon application, for the allowance of rates, and at the special or general or quarter sessions when any appeal is to be heard, and also at such times and places as the committee may from time to time direct.
Page 124 - Directors shall, not less than sixty days prior thereto, appoint a different place and time, and shall give not less than twenty days' notice thereof to members. 7. At the annual meeting the members shall elect, by a plurality vote, by ballot, a Board of Directors, who shall serve for one year and until their successors are elected and qualify. 8. Special meetings of the members may be called by the President, or by direction of the Board, upon written notice, stating the day, hour, and place of...
Page 23 - ... and shall be desirous to acquire and enjoy the powers and immunities of a corporation, or body politic in law...
Page 7 - The president then calls upon the secretary to read the minutes of the last meeting and the directors' statement of the past month's business.
Page 53 - Advocate-General at Calcutta, and Indians have even been appointed to act as Chief Justices of different High Courts. These striking appointments have no doubt impressed the imagination of the people, and there can be no question that they are deeply appreciated by my countrymen. But our grievance is in regard to the bulk of appointments in the higher ranks; and that grievance is not really touched by these appointments. And so far as that grievance is concerned, the labours of the Public Service...
Page 119 - The trustees of each village shall constitute a board designated "The village board of," name of village, in which shall be vested all the powers of the village not specifically given some other officer. Four trustees shall constitute a quorum, but a less number may adjourn from time to time. The president shall preside at all meetings, when present. In his absence the board may select another trustee to preside. Eegular meetings shall be held at such times as may be prescribed by their by-laws....
Page 124 - He shall be responsible for such sums of money as may from time to time be paid Into his hands by the secretary or by any...
Page 108 - The average American has thought it beneath him to consider the details of dimes ; and if his experiments in distributive cooperation have miscarried, it has been through inattention, carelessness, and neglect.
Page 3 - To-day sign the magna charter of your independence, and, like your forefathers, in about eight years you will, in a great degree, be independent by saving only thirty-three cents each day. In that time you will realize $2,000, or have a home and be independent of the landlord.
Page 129 - ... bonds shall bear interest at the rate of not to exceed six per cent. per annum payable semiannually on the first day of June and December of each year.

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