District of Columbia Appropriations for 1975: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of ....

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Page 995 - Columbia, $5,000 of this appropriation shall be available for services as authorized by 5 USC 3109, but at rates for individuals not in excess of $100 per diem...
Page 1020 - The total expenditure of funds appropriated by this Act for authorized travel and per diem costs outside the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia shall not exceed $200,000.
Page 995 - That $2,475,000 of this appropriation (to remain available until expended) shall be available solely for District of Columbia employees...
Page 75 - Community Power and Education" in the 1974 Yearbook of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development to be published. Mr. NATCHER. Thank you, Ms. Sizemore. Mr. Rosenfield, it is a pleasure to have you appear before our committee. You have appeared on a number of occasions and as I pointed out a few moments ago, I believe you are now the dean as far as the board members are concerned. Mr. ROSENFIELD. We are also Kentucky colonels, too. [Discussion off the record.] STATEMENT BY SCHOOL...
Page 150 - When considering disciplinary action against any child certified as eligible for a free or reduced price meal, ensure that such action does not conflict with the mandate of the National School Lunch Act , as amended, and the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, as amended, with respect to providing all needy children with a free lunch or reduced price meal.
Page 997 - Whenever in this Act an amount is specified within an appropriation for particular purposes or object of expenditure, such amount, unless otherwise specified, shall be considered as the maximum amount which may be expended for said purpose or object rather than an amount set apart exclusively therefor. Sec.
Page 997 - Appropriations in this Act shall be available for expenses of travel and for the payment of dues of organizations concerned with the work of the District of Columbia government, when authorized by the Mayor: Provided, That...
Page 320 - Johnson. [The statement follows :] Mr. Chairman, distinguished members of the subcommittee. I am pleased to come before you today to present Federal City College's fiscal year 1975 budget request.
Page 1161 - Commission on the Organization of the Government of the District of Columbia.
Page 995 - Provided further, That not to exceed $50,000 of any appropriations available to the District of Columbia may be used to match financial contributions from the Department of Defense to the District of Columbia Office of Civil Defense for the purchase of civil defense equipment and supplies approved by the Department of Defense, when authorized by the Commissioner.

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