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limited number will be printed on fine royal paper, at one guinea

per volume.

In accordance with their general plan, the proprietors have taken the greatest care to procure an accurate and faithful text. The original quarto editions have been diligently collated ; many discrepancies have been discovered and rectified; and perhaps it may not be too much to say, that this will be the FIRST EDITION in which the genuine text of the writer is given throughout.

To attempt any thing in praise of the great historical work they are about to publish, would be impertinent—the merits of Gibbon as an historical writer have been duly appreciated; and the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire continues to be regarded by the literati of Europe as one of the most important literary productions of the eighteenth century.

OXFORD, Feb. 1827.

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Authors forming part of the Oxford English Classics already

published. The WORKS of Dr. JOHNSON, newly arranged and corrected, with notes, selected and original, prefatory notices, etc. in 9 vols. 8vo. with a fine portrait, £3. 12s. The most complete edition ever published, containing nearly a volume more

than any other. Dr. JOHNSON'S PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES, forming volumes the tenth and eleventh, price 16s. The above eleven volumes form the only uniform edition of the whole works of

this author. The WORKS of Dr. ROBERTSON, embellished with five portraits and fac-simile autographs, 8 vols. £3. 4s.

HUME AND SMOLLETT'S HISTORY OF ENG. LAND, embellished with 38 portraits of the kings, from William the Conqueror to George the fourth, engraved in the first style by Worthington, comprised in 13 vols. of which six are already published, at 9s. 6d. each.

BOSWELL'S LIFE OF JOHNSON, with considerable additions, embellished with a portrait, fac-similes, etc. in 4 vols. £1. 12s. To gratify the admirers of fine printing, fifty copies of each of the above works

are printed on large royal paper, forming splendid library editions.

Recently published by Talboys and Wheeler, Oxford ; and

William Pickering, Chancery Lane, London. VARIORUM EDITION OF OVID, Beautifully printed in 5 vols. demy 8vo. price £3. in extra cloth boards.

PUBLII OVIDII NASONIS OPERA OMNIA, e Textu Burmanni; cum Notis Harlesii, Gierigii, Burmanni, Lemairii, necnon quibusdamı Bentleii hactenus ineditis, atque aliorum selectissimis.

A féw.copies are printed on large paper, at one guinea per volume.

A variorum edition of the works of Ovid has long been a desired object with the literary world. The text of Burmann forms the basis of the one adopted in the present edition, which has been most carefully collated and revised. The researches of the most distinguished commentators, ancient and modern, have been resorted to for the illustration of this interesting poet; and a considerable number of notes by BENTLEY, not hitherto published, has been added from the papers deposited in the British Museum.


This edition is printed from the Elzevir, 1624, which is considered the 'textus receptus' of the Greek Testament: the type has been cut expressly for the work: the greatest care has been taken in the revision of the text. It will form the smallest and most beautiful edition ever printed, and will be the first work executed in Diamond Greek : for specimen, etc. see Dibdin's Introduction to the Classics, 4th edition, p. 166.

SPENSER'S, EDMUND, POETICAL WORKS, in 5 vols. crown 8vo. with an Essay on his Life and Writings, a Portrait, and Glossary, price £2.

SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS AND POEMS, from the text of Johnson and Steevens, with a Glossary, 11 vols. crown 8vo. beautifully printed, price £4. 8s.

Illustrations of Shakespeare.-A Series of 39 Engravings, principally from designs by STOTHARD, may be had to illustrate this and other editions of Shakespeare; proof impressions, price £2.

MILTON'S POETICAL WORKS, with translations of the Italian and Latin Poems, in 3 vols, crown 8vo. with a fine portrait, and fac-simile autograph, £1. 4s.

In this edition is now first printed an accurate copy of Milton's agreement with Simmons for Paradise Lost, from the original indenture in the possession of the publisher; also of Milton's second receipt, and his widow's, for the third and last payment, making together a sum of 181. for the copyright of Paradise Lost.

VINCENT BOURNE'S POETICAL WORKS, Latin and English, price 9s. crown 8vo.

I love the memory of Vinny Bourne. I think him a better Latin poet than Tibullus, Propertius, Ausonius, or any of the writers in his way, except Ovid, and not at all inferior to him.”—Cowrer.

KIT MARLOWE'S POETICAL and DRAMATIC WORKS, in 3 vols. crown 8vo. £l. 4s.

Marlowe, renowned for his art and wit,
Could ne'er attain beyond the name of Kit.

Thomas Heywood,

Pickering's Miniature Editions. Embellished with portraits, and dedicated, with permission, to Earl Spencer. HORATII OPERA, 48mo. 6s. boards. VIRGILII OPERA, 48mo. 8s. boards. TERENTII COMEDIÆ SEX, 48mo. 6s. boards. CICERO de OFFICIIS, CATO et LÆLIUS, 48mo. 58. CATULLUS, TIBULLUS, et PROPERTIUS, 48mo.

6s. boards. DANTE, LA DIVINA COMMEDIA, 2 vols. 48mo.

10s. boards. TASSO, LA GERUSALEMME LIBERATA, 2 vols.

48mo. 10s. boards. PETRARCA, SONNETTI E CANZONI, 48mo. 63.

This collection of favourite Latin and Italian Classics, beautifully printed by Corrall, with Diamond type, forms the SMALLEST EDITION EVER PUBLISHED, being less than the SEDAN, ELZEVIR, or LOUVRE, which it will be found to excel in purity of text, literal accuracy, and typographical elegance. From their portability, these Miniature Classics will recommend themselves as convenient Manuals for the Scholar, the Traveller, and the juvenile Student. , Complete sets in 10 vols. boards, price £2. 178. or bound in morocco by Hering, £4. 7s.

Just published, printed uniformly with Cavendish's Life of Wolsey,

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF Thomas Wolsey, Cardinal, Divided into three parts, his Aspiring, Triumph, and Death. By THOMAS STORER, Student of Christ Church, in Oxford. Reprinted from the edition of 1599. With an Introduction and Notes. Price 7s. only 196 printed.


Tragedies of Sophocles, literally translated into English Prose, from the Greek Text of Brunck, with Notes, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, ,15s.

ÆSCHYLI TRAGEDIÆ, ex Editione Stanleži Latine redditæ, et ad Editionem Græcam Schutzii accommodatæ, 8vo. boards, 7s.

EURIPIDES.-The Hecuba, Orestes, Phoenician Virgins, and Medea of Euripides, literally translated into English Prose, from the Text of Porson, with Notes, 8vo. boards, 8s.

THE HIPPOLYTUS and ALCESTIS of EURIPIDES, literally translated into English Prose, with Notes, 8vo. boards, 4s. Od.

ARISTOPHANES.—The Comedies of Plutus and the Frogs, literally translated into English Prose, with copious Notes, 8vo. boards, 8s.

HERODOTUS, literally translated into English, from the Greek Text of Schweighæuser; illustrated with copious Notes, explanatory and critical, from Larcher, Gibbon, Rennell, Mitford, various books of Travels, etc.; to which is added, a Summary of the Chronology of Herodotus. By a Graduate of the University, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, £1. 45.

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