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additional employees for air-conditioning operation and maintenance (title of specific positions disallowed and salary thereof indicated in preceding table)

$9, 980 Amount required to increase salaries of nurses in each building from

$1,500 to $1,800 (eliminated pending request to be made for reallocation of these positions upon approval of which increased amount can be paid from this appropriation, if funds are available, or deficiency requested)

600 Reduction in allowance for special and miscellaneous expenses from $3,500 to $1,500.-

2, 000 Reduction in allowance for supplies and materials from $18,500 to $15,000 3, 500 Reduction in allocation for painting from $50,000 to $30,000 (the $30,000

allowed is $10,000 in excess of the current allowance and will permit certain interior painting in both buildings).

20, 000 Elimination of amount for building storage rooms on fifth floor of old

House Office Building (present storage facilities, while not the most convenient, are adequate).

22, 000 Increases of $2,500 for temporary labor for moving (a biennial expenditure) and $5,000 for annual repairs and alterations have been approved in those respective amounts. The allocation of $750 for improvements in the House gymnasium has been increased by $1,240.

Capitol power plant: The reduction under the Budget estimates for the Capitol power plant amounts to $17,050, and the sum recommended for appropriation, $542,930, is $404,940 under the 1938 appropriation. Account being had of nonrecurring items for 1938 totaling $462,250, however, there is an increase of $68,710 in comparable appropriations. Included in this increase of $68,710 is a sum of $57,860 for additional cost of fuel, to operate the power plant. The estimate was based upon the anticipated use of 70,000 tons of coal at an average price of $4.77 per ton. The committee has reduced the proposed increase by $8,900 based upon the committee judgment that 65,000 tons at $5 per ton will more nearly approximate actual fuel price and requirements for 1939. The allocation for fuel and waste has been reduced from $5,000 to $4,000 and $1,500 more has been deducted from the appropriation in anticipation of salary lapses accruing in 1939. The aggregate of these three changes is $17,050—the amount accordingly deducted from the Budget estimates.

Due to delays in the construction of the Government Printing Office Annex Building, appropriations previously made to the Capitol power plant for new steam and condensate lines, to connect certain steam lines to Government Printing Office buildings, had to be deferred. Appropriations previously made for this purpose are proposed to be continued available for another fiscal year in order that the necessary


be done. Library buildings and grounds: The committee has approved a figure of $72,000 for the mechanical care of the Library buildings. This is a reduction of $11,540 in the Budget estimates. This decrease results from the disallowance of 7 of the 22 additional positions requested. Five employees are allowed for air-conditioning operation as against eight requested. Request for an additional senior electrical mechanic at $1,860, an electrical under mechanic at $1,320, one substation under mechanic at $1,320, and one senior elevator mechanic at $1,860 have all been disallowed.

A total of $5,000 has been approved for the additional expense of mechanical care of the buildings due to Sunday opening. This compares with a figure of $2,139 for the current year, the increase explainable in the fact that employees will be needed to staff the new annex building on Sundays.

For repairs to buildings and maintenance of grounds, $34,500 has been allowed by the committee. While this is $10,000 in excess of the 1938 appropriation, it is $11,989 less than the Budget estimates. The increase of $6,000 for miscellaneous supplies and replacements has been cut $1,000. The request of $10,000 for the installation of an automatic sprinkler system on the grounds of the new annex building is disapproved. A total of $10,000 has been allowed for certain essential repairs in the old Library Building.

The amount approved for purchase of furniture and equipment is $20,000, an increase of $6,000 over 1938 appropriations, but $21,000 under the 1939 estimates. The sum allowed will permit the purchase of two additional steel map cases at $2,500 each and afford $1,000 additional for purchase of furniture.


A slight reduction of $662 occurs in the amount approved for salaries of employees in the Botanic Garden. This decrease is made in anticipation of lapses in salaries for which the Budget estimates made no provision.

The 1938 appropriation for maintenance of the conservatory, greenhouses, and the Poplar Point nursery was $20,000. The Budget estimates for 1939 increased this figure to $44,725. The committee recommends $33,350, a reduction of $11,375 in the estimates. The estimates contemplated an expenditure of $15,000 for the cost of curbing construction in connection with the plan of the District of Columbia government to pave Canal Street SW. between Independence Avenue and E Street. The charge against the Government

. for this work grows out of the fact that under the existing law in the District of Columbia cost of curbing construction is charged against the abutting property owner.

The Botanic Garden reservations are located in the middle of Canal Street and are about 90 feet wide and hence will have to be curbed on each side. It was the plan of the District of Columbia government to employ granite in the curbing construction at a cost of $3.00 per lineal foot. Cement curbing can be constructed at a figure from one-half to one-third of the cost of granite. Inasmuch as there is comparatively little use of Canal Street by traffic the committee is not impressed with the desirability of using granite in this curbing. Accordingly $6,500 has been approved for this item rather than $15,000 estimated, it being contemplated that cement curbing will be installed, and $1,000 additional has been allowed for contingencies that may arise that cannot be anticipated.

The increase of $3,000 in the allocation for repairs and alterations at the nursery greenhouses in the Maryland Avenue range has been disallowed. The committee is not impressed with the wisdom of continuing to appropriate for the maintenance of these unsightly and somewhat dilapidated structures and has requested the Architect to prepare plans to be submitted at the hearings on the bill next year looking to disposing of these buildings and transferring the nursery stock to the Poplar Point nursery.

Approval is given to the projected expenditure of $5,725 to complete the program of roadway construction at the Poplar Point nursery, it being the understanding of the committee that the roads now planned will be required for proper access to the grounds and buildings regardless of the character of future plans for the development of the area.


The 1939 Budget estimates for the Library of Congress call for appropriations aggregating $3,127,618 as contrasted with appropriations for 1938 of $2,667,665. The committee has allowed $2,933,700 which represents an increase of $266,035 over the 1938 appropriations but is less than the Budget estimates by $193,918. Practically the entire increase is attributable to the opening of the new annex building to the public which, under present plans, will take place around July 1, 1938.

Salaries, Library proper: The largest increase over the 1938 appropriations occurs in this item. For the old Library Building the estimates provided 24 additional positions (23 of which were requested last year and disallowed) at a net annual cost of $42,480, and 84 new employees in the annex building at an annual expense of $128,060. Considering first the request for 24 persons to be added for the old Library Building, the committee has allowed 9 of this number. The following chart indicates the titles of the positions requested and the disposition made of the request:

New positions (erclusive of annex), Library of Congress

[blocks in formation]

but not

1, 620 1, 440 2,600

[blocks in formation]

1 stenographer-typist...
Accessions Division: 1 assistant..
Division of Aeronautics: 1 assistant.
Catalog Division:
1 assistant.


Classification Division:
I assistant.


Documents Division: 1 assistant.
Law Library: 1 assistant.
Mail and Delivery division:
1 messenger..

Do. Manuscripts division: 1 assistant

Periodical division: 1 assistant.
Reading room: 1 desk attendant.
Rare-book room: 1 assistant
Semitic division: 1 assistant.
Smithsonian division: 1 messenger.
Increase due to reallocations: Increase occasioned by the reallocation

of certain positions in the Library staff by the Personnel Classification
Division of the Civil Service Commission...

1, 440 1, 440 1, 260 1, 260 2,000 1, 200



1, 200 1, 200

[blocks in formation]

Of the total of $128,060 requested for personnel, to staff the new annex building, the committee has approved $100,000 without endeavoring to designate which positions should be filled and which should be deferred. After the Library has operated under this reduced allowance for a period of 6 or 8 months, the committee can review the question of need and benefit by the experience gained during the operating period. In addition to the reductions in the two groups of employees mentioned, $2,000 had been subtracted from the total in anticipation of lapses occurring in salaries during the next fiscal year.

The estimate of $257,440 for the Register of Copyrights has been reduced to $255,400 in order to make provision for lapses estimated to occur during the next fiscal year in the amount of $2,040. The request for three additionel positions is approved. Present indications point to a net operating profit of $50,000 to the Federal Treasury as a result of the activities of this office during the current fiscal year and the increase in mail and volume of work seem to justify entirely the small increase in personnel requested.

The amount recommended for the Legislative Reference Service remains at substantially the same figure as was made available for the current fiscal year—$99,500. The small decrease of $990 is made in anticipation of salary lapses during the fiscal year 1939.

A sum of $210,000 has been approved for distribution of card indexes-an increase of $12,810 over the comparable appropriation for 1938. This is a revenue-producing activity, it being estimated that for the fiscal year 1938 the receipts will be in excess of the appropriations by about $65,000. There are between six and seven thousand subscribers to these index cards and to whatever extent additional subscribers can be secured and additional cards sold as a result of the activities of the eight additional employees allowed, there will be a commensurate increase in the volume of receipts to the Treasury.

The appropriation for Sunday opening of the Library has been increased from $17,000 during the current year to $22,000 for 1939, a reduction of $1,945 in the Budget estimates. The increase of $5,000 over the 1938 appropriations will staff the annex building for Sunday opening and will permit a small enlargement of the service rendered in the old building.

An estimate of $142,000 was submitted for expenses of purchasing material (other than law) to enlarge the Library collection. This is an increase of $42,000 over the current appropriations, $30,000 of which was to accelerate the material-purchase program and $12,000 for reference books in the reading room of the new annex building. The committee has allowed this latter item but has eliminated the $30,000 increase, thus retaining at $100,000 (the amount provided in the current year) the amount available for accessions.

On the basis of the representations of the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court that the appropriation of $7,000 for books of reference for the Supreme Court is inadequate, the committee has approved an increase of $1,000 for this purpose in conformity with the Budget estimates.

A total of $275,000 is carried in the bill for books for the adult blind. This is the same sum as provided during the current year. Of this sum it is estimated to spend $100,000 for embossed books (Braille or Moon) and $175,000 for talking book records.

For printing and binding, the committee recommends an appropriation of $258,500, an increase of $8,500 over the 1938 appropriations, but $50,000 less than the Budget estimates. There is a considerable volume of material awaiting publication, binding, or rebinding, and this recurring expense is essential if the Library material is to be preserved and protected.

The appropriations for catalog of title entries and printing of catalog cards have been increased $3,000 and $5,000, respectively, over the comparable allowances for the current fiscal year. İncrease in printing composition costs justify these increases. The latter appropriation, even with the increase of $5,000, is $10,000 less than the Budget estimate.

Library buildings (custodial care): The estimate of $303,508 for custodial care of the two Library buildings has been reduced by the committee to $268,600, a net decrease of $34,908, but representing an increase of $100,800 over the appropriations for the present fiscal year. The Budget estimates proposed the appropriation of funds sufficient to employ 153 additional employees practically all for the new annex building. While the committee regards this estimate as somewhat excessive it does not feel that it is in a position to intelligently indicate just which positions should or should not be filled. The problem is administrative and the committee does not desire to superimpose its judgment on that of the administrative officer charged with the responsibility of the management of the annex building, particularly inasmuch as it will be the first year of operation and constant adjustments and readjustments will be required. The situation will be reviewed in detail next year and on the strength of the experience gained in a partial year's operation will be able to more adequately consider the element of need for custodial services. For the custodial services incident to keeping the Library buildings open on Sunday, $9,000 has been approved, a reduction of $1,500 in the Budget estimates but an increase of $3,900 over the 1938 appropriations. The additional sum is for custodial services in the new annex building

The appropriation for contingent expenses is increased from $7,000 for the current year to $16,700 for 1939 to care for the additional demands for this character of expense growing out of the opening of the new annex building.

GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE The committee considered estimates aggregating $4,736,174.38 for all activities of the Government Printing Office. It has reduced this total to $4,677,430, a net reduction of $58,744.38 under the Budget estimates and $62,430 in excess of the 1938 appropriations.

The appropriation for the working capital fund, which includes printing and binding for Congress and printing and binding of the Federal Register, is fixed at $3,820,000, an increase of $20,000 over the current appropriation.

The total includes $2,800,000 for congressional printing and binding and $120,000 for printing and binding the Federal Register. The saving of $8,500 under the Budget estimates occurs in this latter item. The supplemental estimate of $28,500 contained in House Document No. 538, for printing, binding, and distributing the Federal Register, contemplated an appropriation of $3,500 to meet the deficit in the printing of the daily issue and $25,000 to bind the Register at the end of this calendar year. The item of $3,500 has been approved, but the estimate of $25,000 for binding has been reduced to $16,500. It was planned to bind about 3,000 copies of the Register of which approximately 600 would be sold and the balance distributed free to

H. Repts., 75-3, vol. 2


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