Hunting and Conservation: The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club

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George Bird Grinnell, Charles Sheldon
Yale University Press, 1925 - 548 pages

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Page 215 - Buffalo, elk, mule-deer, and antelope are being slanghtered by thousands each year, without regard to age or sex, and at all seasons. Of the vast majority of the animals killed, the hide only is taken. Females of all these species are as eagerly pursued in the spring, when just about to bring forth their young, as at any other time.
Page 533 - fair chase" shall not be held to include killing bear, wolf, or cougar in traps, nor "fire-hunting," nor "crusting" moose, elk, or deer in deep snow, nor killing game from a boat while it is swimming in the water.
Page 474 - We must make it a land of vision, a land of work, of sincere striving for the good, but we must add to all these, in order to round out the full stature of the people, an ample effort to make it a land of wholesome enjoyment and perennial gladness.
Page 486 - Conference recognizes that it is the duty of every community 487 to provide and operate either by public or private means, adequate space for play and recreation and that at least ten per cent of the area of a community should be regarded as the minimum requirement for this purpose, so distributed as to give all sections, as nearly as may be, equal accommodation both as to location and area; And to this end in new city additions of ten acres or more this provision should be made a condition of such...
Page 533 - Article III. No one shall be eligible for membership who shall not have killed with the rifle in fair chase, by still-hunting or otherwise, at least one individual of one of the various kinds of American large game.
Page 216 - Much, however, might be done to prevent the reckless destruction of the animals to which I have referred, by the officers stationed on the frontier, and a little exertion in this direction would be well repaid by the increase of large game in the vicinity of the posts where it was not unnecessarily and wantonly destroyed. At one or two points, notably Camp Baker, efforts have been made to drive off the skin hunters, and with such success that the officers have very fine hunting within easy reach....
Page 203 - Fowle, which every one hath an interest in, and may hunt at his pleasure : where besides the pleasure in hunting, he may furnish his house with excellent fat Venison, Turkeys, Geese, Heath-Hens, Cranes, Swans, Ducks, Pidgeons, and the like...
Page 514 - ... Between the United States and Great Britain for the Protection of Migratory Birds in the United States and...
Page 63 - Set aside a series of national game sanctuaries in the national forests of the West, in order to provide breeding grounds where game may increase and supply surrounding regions, as outlined by Dr. Nelson, chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey. At the same time make the Forest Service, with its forest rangers acting as game guardians, responsible for the game in the national forests. This service will have to cooperate with the States in which the forests are situated and designate the parts of...
Page 476 - ... above all, has a direct beneficial influence on the formation of sturdy character by developing those qualities of self-control, endurance under hardship, reliance on self, and cooperation with others in team work, which are so necessary to good citizenship.

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