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company to for

sail in the county of Wirt, and the mouth of said Little Kand po nawha river, within two years from the date of the pascomte sage of this act. And if the said company fail so to con2013 8. struct and complete and have in adequate working order If not completed

all the said locks and dams, from the said lock and dam feit állits rights, number one, as now numbered, and located as aforesaid,

to the mouth of said river, within said two years after the z bra passage of this act, the said company shall forfeit all its atar privileges, rights and franchises to, and upon said river, aber and every part thereof, heretofore and hereinbefore grant

, &c.


ed said company.


6. All acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act, Inconsistent d) are hereby repealed.

acts repealed.

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Acn At for the relief of Samuel W. Johnson.

Passed February 28, 1872.

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ineli Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia: orihi That the farm of Samuel W. Johnson, on which he now Farm excluded ieli resides, be and the same is hereby excluded from the cor- limits.

porate limits of the city of Huntington,

from corporate

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An Act to locate a Branch State Normal School

in Concord, in the county of Mercer.

Passed February 28, 1872.

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Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia :

1. That a branch state normal school be established at Normalschool the town of Concord, in the county of Mercer: Provided, Proviso. that the building recently erected in said town for a court house and jail, and the land on which the same is situated

, together with not less than five acres of land adjacent pthereto, shall, for the purposes of said school, be conveyed

by the person, or persons, having title to the same in fee;

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Further proviso for the purposes aforesaid : And, provided further, that the

said buildings shall be furnished and fitted up for the con
venience of such school without charge to the state.

School to be iinder control of the board of regents.

2. Said school shall be under the jurisdiction and control of the regents of the state normal schools, in the same manner and to the same extent, as the other state normal schools.

When school may be organized.

3. When the board of regents shall ascertain that the conveyance mentioned in the first section of this act, has been duly executed, and shall have sufficient assurance that said buildings will be completed in a reasonable time and sufficient building accommodations shall be furnished, it shall be the duty of said board of regents to proceed to organize said school.


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An Act to authorize the trustees of the church

property and parsonage of the M. E. church,
in Williamstown, Wood county, to sell or
dispose of said property and parsonage.

Passed February 28, 1872.

Trustees authorized to sell property.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia :

The trustees, (the whole number agreeing,) of the property and parsonage of the Methodist Episcopal church, in the town of Williamstown, Wood county, may sell, or otherwise dispose of said property and parsonage, if such sale or disposition be for the use and benefit of the particular congregation of said church.

An Act to prohibit dealings with students at cer-

tain institutions within this state, and to pro-
vide a penalty therefor.

Passed February 28, 1872.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia :

1. If any money be lent or advanced, or anything be sold or let on hire or credit, to or for the use of any


dealing on

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dents who are

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lent or pupil, under twenty-one years of age, at the West Lending or Virginia University, the West Virginia State Normal credit with stu

School or any of its branches, or any incorporated college minors prohibthe state

the state, without the previous permission in writing of

is or her parent or guardian, or the president or principal ictimai f such institution, nothing shall be recovered therefor, vol. 1: And there shall moreover be forfeited to the state twenty Forfaiture for er syt lolars and the amount or value of such thing. When

duch selling, letting, lending or advancing is by an agent, or agent liable.

such forfeiture shall be by his principal, unless the princiPhant -al shall, within ten days after he has knowledge or inforof the nation of the selling, letting, lending or advancing, give What notice hotice

, in writing, of the date, nature and amount thereof nust show. 2010.o the president, or other head of the institution, in which To whom giren.

de fepase the forfeiture shall be by the agent. This section o je hall not apply to a person selling or letting in expectation

of immediate payment, if he shall within ten days there-immediate payyfter

, give notice, in writing, of the date, nature and tion il notice be mount of the sale or letting to such president or head.

2. If any person violates the first section of this act so Further penthe dis to be liable to the forfeiture thereby declared, he shall, E. ctporeover, be fined, not less than ten nor more than one

hundred dollars; and upon conviction he shall be bound alle y the court in which such conviction is had, in a sum not

ess than five hundred dollars, with at least two sufficient ecurities to be of good behavior for a year,

and equent violation of the first section of this act shall be leld to be a forfeiture of the said recognizance.

Expectation of

no viola

given to proper person.



any sub

Recognizance; how forfeited.


3. The circuit courts of the counties wherein any offense Circuit courts to

have jurisdicunder this act shall occur, shall have jurisdiction to try tion. nd determine the same.

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An Act to refund certain taxes.

Passed February 28, 1872.
le it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia :

1. The board of supervisors of Wirt county are hereby certain taxes to authorized to refund to the New York and Hughes River be refunded.

Oil Company, the county and township taxes erroneously assessed against, and paid by said company on one thousand, six hundred and seventy acres of land, amounting to $80.75, for the year 1869.

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An Act to auchorize the Chesapeake and Ohio

Railrood company to construct, maintain and
operate telegraph.

Passed February 28, 1872.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:
Authority to

1. That the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad company be,

and it is hereby authorized and empowered to construct, graph.

maintain and operate, along the line, or lines, of its improvement and the branches thereof, and electric tele

graph for its own use and that of the public; and make May make and and collect charges on messages and intelligence conveyed collect charges.


construct an electric tele

2. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.


An Act authorizing the trustees of the old M. E.

Church to sell a church in the town of Circle-
ville, in Pendleton county.

Passed February 28, 1872.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia :

That the trustees of the old Methodist Episcopal Church, in the town of Circleville, in Pendleton county, be, and are hereby authorized to sell and convey the said church.

Authority to sell church property.

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An Act prohibiting the Board of Supervisors of

Jefferson county, from issuing any more bonds
under authority of certain acts, passed March
2d, 1869, and June 26th, 1868.

Passed February 28, 1872.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

1. The board of supervisors of Jefferson county, are Board of super-
hereby prohibited from issuing any more bonds under an son county pro-
act entitled, “An act to incorporate the Shepherdstown and bibited from
Halltown Turnpike Company," passed March 22, 1869; honds under
also under an act entitled, "An act to authorize the board
of supervisors of Jefferson county to borrow money,”
passed June 26th, 1368.

2. Nothing in this act shall be construed as to invalidate Bonds issued not the bonds issued prior to the passage of this act.

issuing any more

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An Act to establish an Independent School Dis-

trict in Ritchie county.

Passed February 28, 1872.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

1. That the school district in which the town of Harris- School district ville, in Ritchie county, is now included, and such portion as may hereafter be added under the law as now exists, shall constitute an independent school district, and the Board of

board of education shall consist of three commissioners, wil who shall be elected by the resident voters of the district,

and have exclusive control of all schools within the same.



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and duties.


2. The board of education for the school district of Har- Powers, rights risville shall be invested with the same rights, and shall

exercise the same powers, perform the same duties, and be i governed by the same laws that boards of education of

townships are, except in so far as they are exempted by the provisions of this act. Whenever the word “township ” Meaning of

"" occurs in the school law it shall be construed to mean

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