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ers of board.

lard: voters of the district, and have exclusive control of all the
jutare, schools within the district.
he sail.

2. The board of education for the school district of Prun- Rights and powin gut

tytown, shall be invested with the same rights, and shall se mi exercise the same powers, perform the same duties and be

governed by the same laws, that boards of education of townships are, except in so far as they are exempted by the provisions of this act. Whenever the word “township’ Meaning of

“township." occurs in the school law, it shall be construed to mean "school district” whenever necessary to give effect to this act.


3. The board of education of said district herein provi- Board incor

, ded for, shall be a corporation by the name of "the Board of Porated. Education of Pruntytown,”and by that name may sue and be powers of corsued, plead and be impleaded, contract, purchase, hold and grant estates, personal and real, make ordinances, by-laws and regulations, consistent with the laws of the state, for the government of all persons and things under its authority, and the due and orderly conducting of its affairs.

4. The qualified roters of the school district of the town first election o of Pruntytown, shall on the first Tuesday of April, 1872, commissioners. elect three commissioners as herein provided for, who shall serve until their successors are elected and qualified; subsequent elections shall be held on the 4th Thursday in Subsequont August of each year.

5. The first election provided for in the preceeding sec- Commissioners tion shall be conducted by James Burditt, J. 0. Martin of first election. and David Woodyard, who are hereby appointed commissioners for that purpose ; and said commissioners shall qualify, and said election shall be conducted according to How clection to the laws governing elections, which may be enforced on that day. The term of office of the commissioners so elected shall commence twenty days after their said election, and the official term of those elected at subsequent elections, shall commence on the 1st day of January in


be conducted.

Terms of office.

each year.

6. The board of education of the said school district, Clerk ; bis elecshall

, at their first meeting, or as soon thereafter as may his right to vote be practicable, elect one of their own number to act as


clerk of said board, who shall perform all the duties which are required to be performed by a clerk of a township,

fore which may be consistent with this act, but shall not voter on any question arising in the board by reason of being a tin clerk of said board, but shall be entitled to vote as com- che missioner; they shall also appoint a treasurer, and require from him a bond with sufficient security in such penalty as may be deemed requisite; all moneys collected by him to

2 be at all times subject to payment, on the order of said board of education of said town.

Treasurer; his bond.


How money, paid.

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7. The board of education of said school district shall of Primary schools and high school. have power to establish an adequate number of primary

schools, and a central high school, by such name as may be prescribed by said board, in which may be taught al the branches of education usually taught in colleges, and shall have power to admit to said school other pupils, not residents in said school district, upon payment of such tui

tion as they may prescribe, and make all necessary rules Rules and regu- and regulations for the admission of pupils therein, and for

the examination that pupils must pass preparatory to ad

mission into schools of higher grade, and to purchase and Acquisition of condemn all necessary real estate for school house or col

lege sites, and do any other act necessary for the good government of said schools.

Non-resident pupils.


real estate.

District levy.


8. It shall be the duty of said board of education, of the school district aforesaid, to determine at their first meeting in July of each year, as near as practicable the amount of money necessary, in addition to all other avail

able funds, to continue schools in the said school district Schools to cou- for at least eight months of the succeeding year, for which tinue eight

amount said board shall levy a tax upon the property in cluded in said district, and the residents thereof, and collect the same, and a lien is hereby declared to exist on the real estate of the said district for all taxes levied thereon,

and the said board shall carry into effect the provisions of Collection of tax this act in the same manner as other school tax is collect

ed, under the provisions of the general school law of this state.


Lien for taxes.

Rate of taxation

9. The taxes to be raised aforesaid, for school purposes in said school district, shall not exceed the amount prescribed by law for township school purposes, and the

Intiny amount so levied and collected as aforesaid, may be used

entirely for educational purposes, or entirely for building alle purposes, or partly for either, as the board of education

may from time to time determine, but shall not be used Application of for


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other purpose.

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10. The treasurer of said school district shall be allowed

Treasurer's a commission of three per cent. upon

all moneys collected

commissions. and paid over, and not more, and it is further provided that said treasurer shall receive an additional commission of two per cent. upon

all taxes, the defalcation upon the payment of which shall render it necessary to collect by

justice's warrant or distraint. fi

11. The property, real and personal, within the school Property trans19 district of the town of Pruntytown, now vested in the

board of education of Boothsville township, shall by this act vest in the board of education for the school district of Pruntytown.


CHAPTER CXXXIV. An Act to amend and re-enact chapter one hundred and sixty-one of the Acts of 1871, entitled "an act in relation to oaths taken before Recorders."

Passed February 28, 1872.


WHEREAS, A question has been raised as to the power of a recorder to administer an oath in any case not before him for decision; and

WHEREAS, A further question has been raised as to the power of a recorder to administer an oath on any case out of his office; therefore, Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That chapter one hundred and sixty-one of the Acts of 1871, entitled “ act in relation to oaths taken before Recorders,” be amended and re-enacted so as to read as

Chap. amended.


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any oath heretofore or hereafter taken before any recorder, and certified by him, whether the same

fore recorders in any case or

made valid.

Oaths taken be- shall have been taken and certified by him in any

case before him for decision, or not, and whether it shall and in any place

have been so taken and certified within, or without his
office, shall be as valid and binding, and have the same sch
force and effect, in all cases, and to all intents and pur- the
poses, as if taken before any other officer who is specially
authorized to administer oaths.”


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An Act providing for ascertaining the amount

of public property, and its value, destroyed in
the State by the Federal Army during the late
civil war.

Passed February 28, 1872.

Duties of re

destroyed by

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Their powers.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia :

1. The recorder of each county in the state shall within public property eight months succeeding the passage of this act, at his Federal army. office, make up and state in detail, an account of the

number of churches, bridges, court-houses, jails, and institutions of learning, and the value of cach, and the aggregate value thereof, destroyed within his county by the federal army, during the late civil war. To carry out fully the purposes of this act, the said recorder shall have the same power to summon before him, and compel the at

tendance of witnesses, as he has in other cases. The witCompensation nesses so summoned and attending shall have the same

pay that witnesses are allowed in the circuit courts.
2. Before any recorder shall proceed to make UP

such account he shall give four successive weeks' notice of the time when he shall make up such account, by publication in some newspaper published in his county, or, if no paper be published therein, in a paper published nearest his court-house in this state.

of witnesses.

Notice of time.

Duty of recorders as to accounts when completed.

3. Each recorder shall, within one month after he shall have completed said account, return a copy thereof to the board of public works, and he shall retain a copy of the same among the records of his office.

4. It shall be the duty of the board of public works to Duty of board

of public works. have made up, from the said recorder's accounts, and forward to the senators of this state, in congress, an account, giving the amount and value of all such property destroyed, in the manner, and during the time aforesaid.


5. The recorders, for the services rendered under this Compensation of act, shall be allowed a just compensation, to be fixed by the board of supervisors of their respective counties, which amount, together with all the costs attending the execution of the provisions of this act, by the recorder, shall be paid tion and costs out of the treasuries of their respective counties.

How compensa


An Act to authorize the Board of Supervisors

of Jefferson County to refund to Mrs. Eliza-
beth S. Shepherd, certain county and township
taxes, erroneously assessed on personal prop-

Passed February 28, 1872.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

1. That it shall be lawful for the board of supervisors Authority to of Jefferson county, and they are hereby authorized to re- taxes. fund to Mrs. Elizabeth S. Shepherd, certain county and township taxes, erroneously assessed for the years 1865 to 1869, inclusive.

refund certain


An Act changing the time of holding the courts

in the twelfth judicial circuit of this State.

Passed February 28, 1872.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

1. That the terms of the circuit courts in each of the Terms of cou counties of the twelfth judicial circuit shall hereafter commence as follows:

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