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Vicar of Ilfracombe, Devon, to Charlotte, dau. of the Rev. C. Kingsley, Rector of St. Luke's, Chelsea.At Bayons Manor, Linc. John Hinde Palmer, esq. of the Chancery Bar, only son of S. Palmer, esq. of Dulwich, to ClaraMaria, second dau. of the Right Hon. C. Tennyson d'Eyncourt, M.P.--At Wallingford, the Rev. James Frith, of Bishop's Itchington, Warwickshire, to Eliza-Cokayne, dau. of the Rev. William Cokayne Frith, D.C.L. Rector of the parish.--At Leeds, Yorkshire, John Gaudion, esq. Judge of Alderney, to Elizabeth, dan. of the late William Irving, esq. of Wells, Somersetshire. At Billesden, Frederick Thomas Fowke, esq. eldest son of Sir F. G. Fowke, Bart. to Sarah-Mary, youngest dau. of the late Henry Leigh Spencer, esq. of Ban. stead-park, Surrey.

12. At Enfield-highway, W. H. O. Sankey, esq. M.B. Lond. to Mary-Anne, daughter of Joseph Clarke, esq. of Porter's Hall, Stebbing, Essex. At Newington-next-Sittingbourne, Kent, R. A. Fisher, esq. of the Middle Temple, to Sarah, second surviving dau. of the late R. Ruck, esq. of Newington.--At Fulham, William Mathew Sheppard, esq. surgeon, to Harriet, second dau. of the late Rev. J. F. Walker, M.A. Lecturer of Deptford, Kent, and Chaplain to the Trinity Board.

13. At Thrussington, Leic. the Rev. Henry Smith, B.A. Curate of Reigate, to MatildaMaria, eldest dau. of the Rev. J. Owen, Vicar of Thrussington.

15. At Leamington, Jacob Montague Mason, Incumbent of East Harrington Wells, to Loui-a-Maria, eldest dau. of Sir Joseph Burke, Bart. of Ginsk, co. Galway.-At Grantham, William Thomas, youngest son of the late Rev. John Rudd, Vicar of Blythe, and Prebendary of Southwell, Notts, to Mary-Sophia, youngest dau. of the Rev. W. Potchett, Vicar of Grantham, and Prebendary of Salisbury.-At Scarborough, John Edward Walker, esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, and Fellow of Oriel College, to Mary-Friederica, eldest dau. of John Bury, esq. of Scarborough.At Chelsea, Captain Septimus Harding Becher, 61st Bengal N.1. to Augusta-Emily, dau. of the late Augustus Prinsep, esq. Bengal C.S. -At St. John's, Notting-hill, Benjamin Bell, esq. of Newcastle-on-Tyne, to Jesse-Ann, second dau. of Lieut. Stratford, R.N. of Notting-bill.At Tulse-hill, Surrey, the Rev. Matthias Mawson Lamb. M.A. to Georgiana, dau. of the late Benjamin Pead, of Hacton, in the county of Essex, esq.

16. At Stone, John Samuda, esq. of Hartsbill, Newcastle-under-Lyme, to Jane, youngest dau. of Charles Bromley, esq. of the Mansion House, Stone.At St. Margaret's, Westminster, the Rev. Herbert Wilson, Rector of Fritton, Norfolk, to Harriet-Ficklin, dau. of Thomas Amyot, esq. F.R.S.

17. At Totnes, the Rev. George Selby Hele, of Brighton, second surviving son of the late Rev. R. H. Selby Hele, Rector of Brede, Sussex, and grandson of the late George Horne, D.D. Bishop of Norwich, to Emily, only dau. of the late John Wise, esq. of the Rectory, Totnes, and of Wenwell Court, Devon.-At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Francis H. Ramadge, M.D. of Clarges-st. to Harriette, relict of Jobn Carey, esq. of Parkfields, Staffordshire.

At Alford, Lincolnshire, Henry Hynman Allenby, esq. of Louth, to Eliza, dau. of Titus Bourne, esq. of Alford.

19. At the Chapel of Bridewell Hospital, William Charman, esq. of Woburn-pl. to JaneMary, eldest dau. of the late George Thomas Baxter, esq. step-dau. of James Anderton, esq. of New Bridge-st.and Dulwich Common.- -At Bitrons, Kent, the Right Hon. Lord Churchill, to Lady Jane, dau. of the Marquess of Conyng

ham. At St. Pancras, William, youngest son of the late Colonel George Forster, Royal Art. to Jane, third dau. of the late Robert Pringle, esq. Ordnance Storekeeper, Gibraltar.

21. Át St. Mary's, Bryanston-sq. Capt. Barnett (late Scots Greys), to Ellen, widow of Francis Delaval Gray, esq. 14th Light Dragoons.

22. At Rochester, the Rev. J. C. White, Rector of Rawreth, Essex, to Lucy, third dau. of the late Joseph Paché, esq.- At Worcester, the Rev. Edward Herbert, Vicar of the united parishes of Killarney and Kilcummin, co. Kerry, to Harriet-Frances, second dau. of the late Thomas Evans, esq. of Hereford.At Stansfield, near Clare, Suffolk, the Rev. Folliott Sandford, M.A. of Edgton, Shropshire, to Emily, dau. of Mr. M. R. Roe, of Lowestoft, Suffolk. John Mills, eldest son of the late John Mills, esq. formerly of Brandeston Hall, Suffolk, to Maud, dau. of Richard Meredith White, esq. of Highfields, Essex.

23. At Heaton Norris, Charles John Sanford, Surgeon, of Stockport, son of the late John Sanford, esq. Bengal N.1. and grandson of John Sanford, esq. of Wimbledon, to EmilyRose, only dau. of Edward Armstrong, esq. of Lower Broughton.-At Bedford, the Rev. H. Burdett Worthington, formerly Vicar of Grinton, Yorkshire, to Harriet, second dau. of the late Mr. Half head, of Bedford.--At the Chapel of the French Embassy, Capt. Charles Edward Petre, 7th Dragoon Guards, only son of the Hon. Charles Petre, of Shenfield House, Essex, to the Hon. Charlotte Eliza Petre, second dau. of the Right Hon. Lord Petre.

24. At Kenwyn, William Fenwick, esq. late Major 10th Foot, second son of the late Lieut.Col. Fenwick, C. B. Lieut.-Gov. of Pendennis Castle, to Ellen, eldest dau. of N. F. Bassett, esq. of Truro. At the same time, Marshall Valentine Bull, esq. Lieut. 10th Regt. of Foot, second son of John Bull, esq. of Marlborough house, near Falmouth, to Elizabeth, only dau. of the late Richard Retallack, esq. of Mitchel, Cornwall, and niece of N. F. Bassett, esq.At St. George's Hanover-sq. Joseph Marshall, M.D. only son of J. H. Marshall, esq. of Upwell, Norfolk, to Henrietta-Frances, youngest surviving dau. of the late Rev. Thomas Hewett, of Chesham, Bucks.-At St. George's Hanover-sq. the Right Hon. Lord Moreton, to Julia, dau. of J. H. Langston, esq. M.P.At Aldborough, Yorkshire, G. Elgood, esq. of Wimpole-st. to Anne, dau. of Jonathan Crawshaw, esq. of Langthorpe, near Boroughbridge.At Hull, the youngest son of Wm. Burton, esq. of Tum ham hall, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, to Anne, only dau. of William Jubb, esq. of Cliff, in the same county. At Adbaston, Staffordshire, William Hickin, esq. Barrister-at-Law, of the Middle Temple, only son of the Rev. William Hickin, of Audmore, Staff. to Jane, youngest dau. of the late Edward Whitby, esq of Osbaston Lodge, Leicestershire. -At Chebsey, Staffordshire, the Rev. A. M'Conkey, M.A. Incumbent of St. James's, Church, West Derby, Liverpool, to Margaret, eldest dau. of William Swan Dixon, esq. of Hillcot Hall, Chebsey. -At Sundridge, Kent, the Rev. Robert Briscoe Tritton, Fer petual Curate of Otford, eldest son of the Rev. Robert Tritton, Rector of Morden, Surrey, to Charlotte, eldest dau. of the Rev. Henry Lindsay, Rector of Sundridge.--At Bath, Capt. Charles Henry White, to Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Col. J. P. Hamilton.-At Milton, near Northampton, John Roby, esq. late of Rochdale, to Elizabeth-Ryland, eldest dau. of the late John Dent, esq. of Milton. Lewannick, Major Edward Bond, of H.M. 29th Regt. to Elizabeth, dau. of the late and sister of the present Edward Archer, esq. of


Trelaske, Cornwall. At St. Marylebone, Augustus Fisher, youngest son of Robert Fisher, esq. of Chetwynd Lodge, Salop, to Rosa-Day, dau. of the late Joseph Lockwood, esq. of Doncaster.- -At St. Marylebone, Williain Baker, esq. of Muddiford, Christchurch, Hants, to Anne, widow of Alexander Francis Rowe, esq. of Bideford, Devon, and dau. of the late William Clarke, esq. of Parmoor house, Bucks.--At Davenham, William Coare Brocklehurst, esq. of Butley Hall, Prestbury, eldest son of John Brocklehurst, esq. M.P. for Macclesfield, to Mary, youngest dau. of William Worthington, esq. of Brockhurst Hall, Cheshire. At Walcot, Bath, James R. Lysaght, esq. son of Rear-Admiral Lysaght, to Frances-Charlotte, only child of the late Lieut.-Colonel Gardiner.--At Ogbourne St. Andrew, near Marlborough, John Russ, esq. of Collingbourne Ducis, to Martha-Anne, eldest dau. of the late Davis Canning, esq.

26. At Plymouth, Holland Bunce, esq. Commander of H.M.S. Castor, and eldest son of the late Col. Bunce, R.M. to Susan-Henrietta, only dau. of the late John Somerville, esq. R.N. K.T.S.

28. At Cirencester, the Rev. George Harris Richards, B.A. of Exeter College, Oxford, eldest son of the Rev. Edward Tew Richards, of Farlington, Hants, to Helena-Mary, third dau. of the late Rev. John Croome, Rector of Bourton-on-the-Water.

29. At Donhead St. Mary, T. Parker Rickford, Captain Royal Welch Fusiliers, to Frances-Elizabeth-Maria, only child of the late Charles Wyndham, esq. of Donhead hall, Wilts.- -At St. George's Hanover sq. the Rev. Frederic Savile Lumley, second son of the Earl of Scarborough, to Mary, only dau. of Robert Jenkins, esq. of Beachley, Glouc. --At St. George's, Hanover-sq. the Rev. John Micklethwait, second son of N. Micklethwait, esq. of Taverham, Norfolk, to EmilyElizabeth, eldest dau. of Charles Mills, esq. of Camelford House.At West Cowes, the Rev. Fussell Howell, second son of the late David Howell, esq. of Ethy, Cornwall, to Julia-Eliza, second dau. of Robert Saunders, esq. and niece of George Ward, esq. of Northwood-park, Cowes. At White Roothing, Essex, J. Dore Williams, esq. son of Pierce Williams, esq. of Hatfield Broad Oak, to Emma-Mary, eldest dau. of the Rev. Henry Budd, M.A. Rector of White Roothing, Essex. Much Hadham, Herts, Frederic Boyd Marson, esq. eldest son of T. F. Marson, esq. of Cumberland-terrace, Regent's Park, and Henley, Surrey, to Mary-Caroline, eldest dau. of T. S. Carter, esq. of Moor-place, Much Had



30. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Charles Holder, esq. of the 5th Dragoon Guards, to Miss Meyrick, eldest dau. of Col. and Lady Laura Meyrick, and niece of the Duke and Duchess of Cleveland; who presented the fair bride with a purse of 10,0007.- -At St. Michael's, Chester-sq. Joshua Paynter, esq. 48th Regt. to Marianne, dau. of William Snell,

ford Wills Sandford, late of the 5th Dragoon Guards, youngest son of W. R. Wills Sandford, of Castlerea, co. of Roscommon, esq. and nephew of the late Lord Mount Sandford, to Julia, youngest dau. of William Foster, esq. of Wordsley House, Staff.At Teddington, Middlesex, the Rev. Lewis Parkin, Rector of South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, to Barbara, second dau. of Archibald Grahame, esq. of Lowndes-sq.-At Langibby, the Rev. Wil liam Evans, Vicar of Uske, son of the late Methusalem Evans, esq. of Langaler, Carmarthenshire, to Louisa-Caroline, eldest dau. of William Addams Williams, esq. of Langibby

Castle, Monmouthshire, formerly M.P. for that county.

31. At Knottingley, Edward, eldest son of John Ingle, esq. of Cridling Park, to SarahHannah, eldest dau. of Wm. Shaw, esq.At St. Peter's, Eaton-sq. Lieut.-Col. Benfield des Voeux, to Frances, dau. of the Very Rev. Dr. Wood, and Rector of Middleton.--At St. Peter's, Eaton-sq. James Pattison Currie, esq. eldest son of John Currie, esq. of Upper Gatton, Surrey, to Anna-Dora, second dau. of the Rev. Joseph George Brett, of Ranelagh, Chelsea. At Chelmsford, the Rev. James Hardwicke Dyer, B.D. Vicar of Great Waltham, Essex, to Emma-Parris, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Thomas Mills, of Coval hall, and Vicar of Bumpstead Helion.--At Moulton, Northamptonshire, Henry George Simonds, esq. B.C.L. eldest son of the Hon. Charles Simonds, of St. John's, New Brunswick, to Gertrude-Anne, youngest dau. of the Rev. Randall Ward, of Coltishall, Norfolk, and late senior Chaplain at Bombay.

Lately. At St. George's Hanover-sq. William, second son of Robert Nicholson, esq. to Amelia-Susan-Maria, relict of Capt. Maas, of the Lancers of his Majesty the late King of the Netherlands, and only dau. of the Chevalier Wolff, Danish Consul to England.-—At Liverpool, John Ward, esq. of Edge-hill Towers, Derb. to Miss Rosetta Jackson, of Bramcote, and sister of the Rev. G. Gunning, of West Deeping, Lincolnshire.

June 1. At Port Glasgow, Henry Llewellyn Williams, M.D. son of John Williams, esq. M.D. Beverley, to Jane-Carnagie, only dau. of the late John King, esq. of Spring Bank, co. Renfrew.

2. At St. Marylebone, August East Manley, eldest son of Jolin Shawe Manley, esq. of Manley hall, Staff. and Braziers, Oxfordshire, to Margaret-Christabelle, only dau. of the late John Burton Philips, esq. of Wimpole-st. and Heath house, Staffordshire. -At St. Philip's, Granville-sq. Arthur-Nicholson, fourth son of William Young, esq. of Highbury, to HannahMary-Tudor, dau. of the late John Wordingham, esq. M.D. of Kensington.-At Workington, Cumberland, Henry Acheson, esq. Dublin, to Ann, eldest dau. of the late Richard Spear, esq. of Maryport.

5. At St. Luke's Chapel, in the precincts of Norwich Cathedral, Henry Morgan, esq. of Earlham-lodge, to Eliza-Catherine, eldest daughter of the Rev. J. C. Matchett, of Heigham, and Minor Canon of Norwich. -At Uphill, Folkestone, Alexander Swan. esq. C.S. to Maria-Mary-Ann Collins, stepdau. of Capt. Kennicott, R.N. Folkestone.-At Hardingstone, Northamptonshire, the Rev. R.A.H. Stroud, M.A. only son of Q. S. Stroud, esq. Bath, to Clara-Georgina, youngest dau. of the late Charles Whitworth, of Northampton, esq.--At Bucknell, Salop, William Henry Fletcher, esq. of Gloucester, to Barbara-JaneHungerford Cresswell, dau. of Edmund, and grand-dau. of Thomas Estcourt Cresswell, esq. of Pinkney Park, Wiltshire, and Bibury, Gloucestershire. At Netherbury, Dorsetshire, George Vacher, esq. of Parliament-st. to AnnieEliza, eldest dau. of the late Rev. Richard Cox, M.A. Rector of Wayford, Somerset.

12. At Leigh, Essex, the Rev. Herbert Samuel Hawkins, son of Edw. Hawkins, esq. F.R.S. of the British Museum, to Lucy, dau. of the Rev. R. Eden, Rector of Leigh.

16. At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, by the Hon. the Lord Bishop of Carlisle, James Stanger, esq. of Lairthwaite, to Sophia-Ann, widow of Capt. William Murray, 22nd Native Inf. and eldest dau. of the Rev. James Lynn, Rector of Coldbeck, and Vicar of Crosthwaite, Cumberland.


THE DUKE OF ST. ALBAN'S. May 27. At his mansion in Piccadilly, aged 48, the Most Noble William Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk, ninth Duke of St. Alban's (1684), Earl of Burford, co. Oxford, Baron of Heddington (1676), and seventh Baron Vere of Hanworth (1750), Hereditary Grand Falconer, Hereditary Registrar of the Court of Chancery, and D.C.L.

His Grace was born on the 24th March, 1801, the eldest son of William the eighth Duke, by his second wife Maria Jeanetta, only daughter of John Nelthorpe, esq. of Little Grimsby-house, Lincolnshire.


He succeeded to the peerage on the death of his father July 17, 1825. In the same summer we find him making the tour of Scotland in the train of Mrs. Coutts, the enormously wealthy widow of the first English banker of his time, "a lady who began life as Miss Harriet Melon, a comic actress in a provincial troop, and died Duchess of St. Alban's." In Mr. Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter Scott will be found a full account of the visit paid by the party to Abbotsford; and later in the same year, whilst Sir Walter was in London, there occurs the following passage in his own journal, under the date of "Nov. 25, 1825.-Mrs. Coutts, with the Duke of St. Alban's, and Lady Charlotte Beauclerk, called to take leave of us. When at Abbotsford, his suit throve but coldly. She made me, I believe, her confidant in sincerity. She had refused him twice, and decidedly he was merely on the footing of friendship. I urged it was akin to love. She allowed she might marry the Duke, only she had at present not the least intention that way. Is this frank admission more favourable for the Duke than absolute protestation against the possibility of such a marriage? I think not. It is the fashion to attend Mrs. Coutts's parties, and to abuse her. I have always found her a kind, friendly woman, without either affectation or insolence in the display of her wealth-most willing to do good if the means be shown to her. She can be very entertaining, too, as she speaks without scruple of her stage life. So much wealth can hardly be enjoyed without some ostentation. But what then? If the Duke marries her, he ensures an immense fortune; if she marries him, she has the first rank. If he marries a woman older than himself by twenty years, she marries a man younger in wit by twenty degrees. I do not think

he will dilapidate her fortune-he seems good and gentle; I do not think that she will abuse his softness of dispositionshall I say, or of head? The disparity of ages concerns no one but themselves; so they have my consent to marry, if they can get each other's. Just as this is written enter my Lord of St. Alban's and Lady Charlotte, to beg I would recom mend a book of sermons to Mrs. Coutts. Much obliged for her good opinion: recommended Logan's-one poet should always speak for another. The mission, I suppose, was a little display on the part of good Mrs. Coutts of authority over her high aristocratic suitor. I did not suspect her of turning devotee, and retract my consent, as given above, unless she remains 'burly, brisk, and jolly.'

The Duke pushed his suit with considerable perseverance, and at length his wishes were consummated on the 16th June, 1827.

They lived together with somewhat ostentatious cordiality, and her Grace, dying in 1837, bequeathed to the Duke an annuity of 10,000l. and the villa at Highgate near London, called Holly Grove, which had been the scene of some of her most splendid receptions, together with a large quantity of plate.

In parliament his Grace supported the Whig party, and voted in favour of the Reform Bill in 1832. At the dinner of the Archæological Institute at Lincoln last year he delivered a set speech on the merits of antiquarian research, very different from the ordinary run of after-dinner speeches, and which was at least a compliment to the meeting, from the time that must have evidently been applied to its preparation.

His Grace married, secondly, at Harby in Leicestershire, on the 29th May, 1839, Elizabeth-Catharine, youngest daughter of the late General Joseph Gubbins, of Stoneham, Hampshire, and Kilrush, co. Limerick; and by that lady, who survives him, he has left issue two children, William Aurelius Aubrey de Vere, now Duke of St. Alban's, born in 1840, and Lady Diana de Vere Beauclerk.

His Grace died after a lengthened illness arising from injuries received some months since by a fall from his horse whilst hunting. His general health had somewhat improved of late, but the effect of the accident had never been eradicated. and an epileptic fit was the immediate cause of his Grace's death. It is reported

that he had insured his life to the amount of 70,000l. for his surviving family, and that he has appointed Mr. Hughan, who married the late Lady Louisa Beauclerk, and Mr. Marjoribanks, his executors.


April 20. In Merrion-square, Dublin, in his 58th year, the Right Hon. Charles Joseph Kelly Monck, third Viscount Monck (1800), and Baron Monck of Ballytrammon, co. Wexford (1797).

His Lordship was born on the 12th July, 1791, the second son of CharlesStanley first Viscount Monck, by Anne, daughter of Henry Quin, esq. He suc

ceeded to the peerage on the 20th Sept. last year, on the death of his elder brother Henry-Stanley the second Viscount, who had been created Earl of Rathdowne in 1822, but died without surviving male issue.


His Lordship married on the 29th Nov. 1817, Bridget, daughter of the late John Willington, esq. of Killoskehane, co. Tipperary and by that lady, who died on the 22nd Jan. 1843, he had issue four sons and four daughters: 1. Charles-Stanley now Viscount Monck; 2. the Hon. John Willington Monck, Lieut. 84th Foot; 3. the Hon. Anne, married in 1841 to James Napier Webb, esq.; 4. the Hon. William Monck, Lieut. 7th Fusiliers; 5. the Hon. Isabella-Bridget; 6. the Hon. Henrietta; 7. the Hon. Elizabeth; 8. the Hon. Richard; and 9. Henry-Stanley, who died an infant.

The present Viscount was born in 1819, and married, in 1844, his cousin Lady Elizabeth Louise Mary Monck, fourth daughter of Henry-Stanley Earl of Rathdowne, and has issue two daughters. He was formerly a Lieutenant in the 44th foot.


May 28. At Paris, of Asiatic cholera, after only a few hours' illness, aged 52, the Right Hon. Joseph Henry Blake, third Baron Wallscourt, of Ardfry, co. Galway. (1800.)

His Lordship was born on the 2d June, 1797, the eldest son of Lieut.-Colonel Henry James Blake, by Anne, second daughter of John French, esq.

He succeeded to the peerage on the death of his cousin, Joseph the second Lord Wallscourt, on the 11th Oct. 1816.

Lord Wallscourt married, on the 23d Sept. 1822, Elizabeth, only daughter of William Lock, esq. of Norbury Park, Surrey; and by that lady, who survives him, he had issue three sons and two daughters. The two eldest sons died in childhood. The two daughters are un

married. The youngest child, ErrollAugustus, born in 1841, is now Lord Wallscourt.

DR. KNOX, BISHOP OF LIMERICK. May 7. At Beech's Hotel, Birmingham, when on his road to Ireland, in his 77th year, the Hon. and Right Rev. Edmund Knox, Lord Bishop of Limerick.

His Lordship was uncle to the present Earl of Ranfurly, younger brother to William late Lord Bishop of Derry, and uncle to the Right Rev. Robert Knox, lately consecrated Bishop of Dromore. He was the seventh and youngest son of Thomas first Viscount Northland, by Anne-Vesey, second daughter of John Lord Knapton.

He was educated at Trinity college, Dublin. After having for many years held the deanery of Down, he was consecrated Bishop of Killaloe in 1831, and was translated from that see to the see of Limerick in 1834.

His Lordship had been in a declining state of health for some time past, and by the advice of his medical attendants he proceeded to Italy a few months ago, where he remained until he was so far recovered as to enable him to return to this country. On his arrival, however, in London, he caught a severe cold, accompanied with inflammation, and in that state left London for Ireland. On reaching Birmingham he felt extremely ill, and immediately on entering the hotel he expressed a wish to have a physician sent for. Dr. Eccles found him in a dangerous state, so much so as to deem it necessary to call in further medical assistance. directed his friends to be informed by letter that he was poorly, and would soon resume his journey home; the day before his death his son arrived, and continued with the deceased until he expired.


His remains were removed by way of Liverpool to Ireland, attended by his son Archdeacon Knox; Mr. O'Neil, his sonin-law, of Cheltenham; and Mr. M'Gowan, his lordship's agent

He married on the 22nd Feb. 1796, Charlotte, fourth daughter of the late Sir Thomas Hesketh, Bart. and by that lady, who died on the 25th Sept. 1837, he had issue two sons and four daughters; 1. Jesse-Diana-Jane, married in 1827 to the Rev. John Thomas O'Neill; 2. HarrietAnne, married in 1819 to David Robert Ross, esq. of Rosstrevor; 3. the Ven. Edmond Dalrymple Knox, Archdeacon of Killaloe, and Rector of Lorrha, co. Tipperary; who married in 1825 Agnes-Mary, only daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel Hay, and has issue three daughters; 4. Fanny, married in 1832 to the Rev.

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Marcus M'Causland, Rector of Birr; 5. Charles Knox, esq. who married in 1838 Mary-Anne, eldest daughter of George Hardacre, esq.; and 6. Anne, married in 1832 to Major Henry Smyth, of the 68th Light Infantry.

RT. HON. SIR E. KNATCHBULL, BART. May 24. At his seat, Merstham Hatch, Kent, aged 68, the Right Hon. Sir Edward Knatchbull, the ninth Bart. of that place (1641), and a Privy Councillor.

He was born on the 20th Dec. 1781, the eldest of the twenty children of Sir Edward Knatchbull the eighth Baronet, by his first wife, Mary, daughter and coheir of William Weston Hugessen, of Provender, co. Kent, esq.

He succeeded to the title of Baronet on the death of his father, Sept. 21, 1819: and was also elected without opposition to succeed his father as one of the members for Kent. He was rechosen at the general elections of 1820, 1826, and 1830: but during the Reform fever of 1831 gave way without a poll to Mr. Rider.

At the first election for the East Division of the county in 1832 he stood on the Conservative interest, in conjunction with Mr. Plumptre, and they were both returned, the polling being for

J. P. Plumptre, esq.
Sir Edw. Knatchbull

Sir W. Cosway.

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it difficult to reconcile their views of policy to the exigencies of the times. He had however, on accepting office in 1834, declared himself willing to stand by the provisions of the Reform Act, promising that he never would he a party to any attempt to impair its efficiency, or to contract the privileges which it conferred. At the same time he avowed that his principles were "to preserve to every order in the state the rights which belong to it, to maintain the laws by which those rights are recognised and secured, and to improve, by every practicable means, the happiness and comfort of the people."

Sir Edward Knatchbull was twice married: first, on the 25th Aug. 1806, to Annabella-Christiana, daughter of Sir John Honywood, Bart. She died in 1814. He married secondly, Oct. 24, 1820, Fanny-Catharine, eldest daughter of Edward Knight, Esq. of Godmersham Park, Kent, and Chawton House, Hamp. shire (who was sister to the husband of his eldest daughter).

By the first marriage he had issue one daughter, and five sons: 1. Mary-Dorothea, married in 1826 to Edward Knight, jun. esq. and died in 1838; 2. Sir NortonJoseph Knatchbull, the present Baronet; 3. Edward, who died in 1818, in his 9th year; 4. Charles-Henry, who died in 1837, in his 16th year; 5. Wyndham, who died in 1833, in his 21st year; 6. John, born in 1814.

By the second marriage he had further issue four daughters and five sons: 7. Fanny-Elizabeth, died 1845; 8. MatildaCatharine; 9. Alice-Sophia, who died on the 12th April last, six weeks before her father; 10. Edward-Hugessen; 11. LouisaSusanna; 12. Reginald-Bridges; 13. Richard-Astley; 14. Herbert-Thomas; and 15. William-Western, born in 1837.

The present Baronet was born in 1808, and married, in 1831, Mary, eldest daughter of Jesse Watts Russell, esq. of Ilam hall, co. Stafford, and Biggin hall, co. Northampton, and has issue.

SIR E. C. HARTOPP, BART. April 3. At Knighton Lodge, Leicestershire, aged 60, Sir Edmund Cradock Hartopp, the second Bart. (1796) of Freathby, co. Leic. and Oaks hall, co. Warwick.

Sir Edmund was the third but eldest surviving son of Sir Edmund Cradock Hartopp, the first Bart. by Mary daughter of Edmund Cradock, esq.

He succeeded to the title on the death of his father June 10, 1833; and served the office of High Sheriff of Leicestershire in 1838.

Sir Edmund married, in 1824, the Hon. Mary-Jane Eden, only daughter of Morton


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