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ALLEGORIC Vision, by S. T. Coleridge, xxi. 207.
Association, use and abuse of, xxii. 233.
Australia (Grey's travels), xvi. 88.

Baptising and christening, a dialogue, xv. 56.
Benefit of Clergy, a scene at Guildhall in the reign
of Henry III. (Sir F. Palgrave), xxi. 206.

Catholicity of the Church of England, No. I., xxi.

No. II., xxii. 217.
Catlin on the North American Indians, xix. 152.
Christmas-boxes, xxiv. 265.

Church, parson, and people, xix. 160.
Church-service and its celebration, xv. 59; con-
cluded, xvi. 85.

Church-the Christian (Dr. Wolff), xiv. 36.

Civil war in Spain, scene of (Captain Henning-
sen), xv. 64.

Collingwood, Lord, life of, xxiii. 241.

Content and discontent, a parable, xxiii. 260.

Debt, its peril, pains, and penalties, xiv. 34.
Decrease of dissent, xxii. 223.

Doane, Bishop, his visit to the poet Wordsworth,
xx. 178.

Domestic matters, xv. 49.

English history, a series of letters on, No. I., xvi. 73.
No. II., xx. 169.
No. III., xxii. 228.

Exmouth, life of Viscount, xiv. 25; concluded, xv.

Falkland, Viscountess, life of, xx. 181.
Fanatic, the (Gresley's "Bernard Leslie"), xx. 186.
Geography of the Holy Land, xiii. 5.
Gibraltar and the new bishopric, xx. 179.
Gothic architecture, origin, progress, and decline
of (Bloxam), xviii. 130.

Hints for reading profitably, xxi. 193.

Intelligence, xiii. 22; xiv. 46; xv. 71; xvi. 94; xvii.
118; xviii. 142; xix. 167 ; xx. 191 ; xxi. 213; xxii.
236; xxiii. 263; xxiv. 281.
Johnson, Dr. Samuel, life of, xvii. 97.

[blocks in formation]

the Greeks (Potter); Theological books for lay-
men; the Press (Quarterly Review); Moral of
history; Common mistake (Clarendon)-xv. 69.

APRIL-Signs of the times, Wesleyan Tracts
for the Times; Invalidity of dissent; the En-
glish reformation (Heylin)-xvi. 94.

MAY-Monuments (Barr); the Church the
poor man's friend (Alison); Christian parents
(Bp. Taylor); the Liturgy (Heylin); the Church
of England (Rev. J. Milne); Quick and hard
wits (Ascham); Important truth (Dr. Goddard);
the strength of England (Bp. Doane); St. Al-
ban's Abbey; Apostolic communion (Falloon);
Order and discipline (Bp. Bilson)-xvii. 114.

JUNE-Church and State (Dr. Goddard); Wes-
leyanism; Prayers of the Puritans; a resident
Clergy (Quarterly Review); Lord Strafford and
Archbishop Laud (Book of Anecdotes); the
Church's cause God's cause (Abp. Laud); Ex-
tempore preaching (Book of Anecdotes); Church-
wardens (Archdn. Manning)-xviii. 140.

AUGUST-Almsgiving (Bp. Short); Praise and
blame; Humility (Sir T. More); House of Com-
mons in the fourteenth century-xx. 190.

SEPTEMBER-Wedding-ring; Bands; Testi-
mony of dissent to the Church; the Courtiers
of Constantius (Eusebius); Church-rate Mar-
tyrs (Church Magazine); Intolerance of dis-
sent; National education-xxi. 211.

NOVEMBER-Moral effects of the Great Rebel-
lion (Clarendon); Education (Rev. R. Hussey);
Church-decoration (British Magazine); Godfa-
thers and Godmothers; the Church our mother
(Newman); Popery (same); Attachment to the
Church (Archdn. R. I. Wilberforce); the Holy
Communion (same); Fit guests for a king; Phy-
sical facts (Whewell)-xxiii. 261.

DECEMBER - A popular work (Coleridge);
William of Wykeham's charities (Chandler);
Manufacturing system (Markland); State of
religion in America (Foster)-xxiv. 280.
Man of Ross, the, xiv. 37.
Madras, diocese of, xv. 61.
Mormonism, xxiii. 257.

New Zealand, xiii. 8.

Notes of the Church, xix. 149.
Notices of Books:-

JANUARY-Gresley's Forest of Arden; Child's
Christian Year; Schlegel's Lectures; Richard-
son's Dictionary; Cotton's Letters to Cottagers-
xiii. 20.

FEBRUARY-Jameson's New Zealand; Petit's
Church Architecture; the Fairy Bower, and Lost
Brooch; Magazine for the Young; Welsh Tra-
ditions; Anderson on Regeneration; Hook's Ser.
mon on the Church of England; Thoughts on
the Royal Christening-xiv. 44.

MARCH-Rutilius, by Archdn. R. I. Wilber-
force; History of Pews; Milford Malvoisin ;
Fraser's Mesopotamia; Evans' Sketch; Eden's

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