Decisions of the Pennsylvania Workmen's Compensation Board, Volume 5

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Wm. Stanley Ray, state printer, 1921

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Page 221 - ... (4) If any judgment shall be rendered in any action or proceeding governed by this section against any person in military service during the period of such service or within thirty days thereafter, and it appears that such person was prejudiced by reason of his military service in making his defense thereto, such judgment may, upon application, made by such person or his legal representative, not later than ninety days after the termination of such service, be opened by the court rendering the...
Page 187 - So it is said that an independent contractor is one who, exercising an independent employment, contracts to do a piece of work according to his own methods, and without being subject to the control of his employer, except as to the result of the work.
Page 287 - If the employe shall refuse reasonable surgical, medical, and hospital services, medicines and supplies, tendered to him by his employer, he shall forfeit all right to compensation for any injury or any increase in his incapacity shown to have resulted from such refusal.
Page 221 - If an affidavit is not filed showing that the defendant is not in the military service, no judgment shall be entered without first securing an order of court directing such entry and no such order shall be made if the defendant is in such service until after the court shall have appointed an attorney to represent defendant and protect his interest and the court shall on application make such appointment.
Page 164 - ... but shall include all other injuries sustained while the employee is actually engaged in the furtherance of the business or affairs of the employer, whether upon the employer's premises or elsewhere, and shall include all injuries caused by the condition of the premises or by the operation of the employer's business or affairs thereon...
Page 275 - ... is no widow and no such child, an annuity not exceeding one thousand dollars to or for the benefit of the father or mother of the deceased, or to or for the benefit of an unmarried or widowed sister of the deceased with whom he was living at the time of his death, if such father, mother or sister was dependent upon him for support at the time of his death, during such time as such beneficiary is unable to support himself or herself and does not marry.
Page 398 - principal" shall be defined as any person who undertakes to execute any work which is a part of his trade, business or occupation in which he was engaged at the time of the injury, or which he had contracted to perform and contracts with any person for the execution thereof.
Page 149 - ... dollars. If the employer shall, upon application made to him, refuse to furnish such services, medicines, and supplies, the employe may procure the same, and shall receive from the employer the reasonable cost thereof within the above limitations.
Page 424 - ... unless, within one year after the accident, the parties shall have agreed upon the compensation payable under this article; or unless, within one year after the accident, one of the parties shall have filed a petition as provided in article four hereof.
Page 220 - In any action or proceeding commenced in any court, if there shall be a default of any appearance by the defendant, the plaintiff, before entering judgment shall file in the court an affidavit setting forth facts showing that the defendant is not in military service.

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