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Feb. 11, 1711.

Voted That a convenient number of Trees be provided to plant on the sides of each burying place where it Shall be thought proper, and that Mo. Dan!. Oliver Speak to Mr. Oliver Wiswell to provide ye Same.

Aprill 16, 1711.

Liberty is granted too Mr. John Pool to make a Toomb in the Old burying place there where his Relations are buryed.

Sept. 26, 1711.

Liberty is granted to Isaac Adington Esq.r to the children of Cap'. Nath". Green, deceased, and to Mr. John Colman, to break ground in to Old burying place to make three Tombs Vizt. one for each family.

Nov. 16, 1714.

Liberty is granted by ye Sel. men, unto Jona Waldo to Make a Toomb for his family in the Old burying place to Stand next to Doct". Cooks fence.

16 May, 1715.

Liberty is granted to Major Thomas Fitch, to make a Toomb for his family in thee Old burying place on ye Easterly Side, Next to Docto Cooks Land, & next adjoyning to ye Toomb of Isaack Addington Esq. Deceaced.

June 21, 1715.

Liberty is granted to Mr. Thomas Walker to make a Tomb in the Old burying place, at the Easterly Side there of between the Tombs of Major Thoms Fitch Mr Jona Waldo.

At a meeting of the Sel-men ye 14th of May 1717.

At a motion of Mesurs Abraham Francis and —— Fairwether for Liberty to Erect a Toomb in the Old Burying place. Liberty is granted to them the So Francis & Fairwether to make and erect a Toomb at the Easterly Side of ye Sol burying place next unto that of my Jonatha Waldo". Provided they carry up the Easterly end thereof wth a Brick Wall in conformity to those Toombs there of Mesurs Davenports Fitch's & Walkers there.

At a meeting of ye Select men Octor 28th 1717.

Liberty is granted to mo Elias Callender to make a Vault in the Old burying place in the Spot of grownd where his relations are buryed, Provided no Monument above ground over the Same be there raised.

26 May 1718.

Agreed that William Yong is to pay fifteen Shillings for his Cows grazeing in the Old Burying place the Last Summer.

At a Meeting of the Sel-men Octor 26, 1719.

Liberty is granted to Willin Hutchinson Esq.r & Mr. Fr Brinley to Make a Toomb in ye Old burying place in that Spot where m'. Brinley's Relations were formerly buryed for. ye Interring ye Seigneur of ye family there. .

At a Meeting of the Select men the 29th of Febo 1710/20.

Liberty is granted to m'. Thomas Dawes to Erect a Toomb in the Spot of ground where his Relations wo buryed in ye Old burying place.

29 Feb. 1719/20.

M*. Susanna Jacobs hath liberty granted to her to Erect a Toomb in ye Old burying place nigh the School House.

Feb. 23 1736.

John Jeffries Esq. desires to hire the Herbage of the Old burying place, Capt. Armitage Signifying his Willingness to resign it in May In eXt. June 22 1737.

Upon a motion of mo. James Townsend Praying for Liberty to Erect a Tomb in the Old burying place where, are two brick Graves belonging to his Family.

Voted, That Capt. Armitage and Capt. Lyman be desired in View the Place, consider the Motion and Report thereon.

June 27 1737.

Capt. Armitage and Capt. Lyman Reporting upon the Motion and desire of mo. James Townsend as Entre’d the 224 of June instant. It was Accordingly

Voted, That Liberty be Granted to mr. James Townsend to Erect a Tomb in the Old Burying place, where there are Two Brick Graves belonging to the Family of Townsend and Davenport.

Mar. 12 1738.

The Petition of Sundry Inhabitants for Liberty, at their own Cost and Charge to Erect and Build a Row of Tombs, and to Raise a good Brick Fence in Front of the Old Burying Place, abutting on Tremount Street they and their Heirs or Assigns Always keeping the same in Sufficient Repair.

Read— After some Debate thereon

Voted, That the Prayer of the Petition be Granted, Upon Condition that the said Work be carried on, and perform'd in a way and manner agreeable to, and according to the Orders and Directions of the Select Men who are also hereby Impowered to Grant and Assign the Tombs when Erected to the several Grantees they giving sufficent Assurance to the satisfaction of the Select Men, that they, their Heirs or Assigns Shall keep, uphold and maintain the said Brick Wall and Tombs in good, and sufficient Repair, from time to time, and at all times hereafter to the approbation of the Select Men of the Town for the Time being.


March 21, 1738.

Whereas a Petition of sundry Inhabitants was presented to the Town, at their Annual Meeting the 12th of March current—Praying for Liberty at their own Cost and Charge to Erect and Build a Row of Tombs and raise a good Brick Fence in the Front of the Old Burying place, abutting on Treamount Street — they and their Heirs or Assigns always keeping the Tombs and Brick fence in sufficent Repair. The Prayer whereof was accordingly Granted, Upon Condition that the said Work, be carried on and Effected in a Way and manner agreeable to the Select men. Who are also to Assign the Tombs when Erected to the Grantees taking Caution, for their performance as above — And mess”. Blanchard, Parker, and Kneeland, Appearing desire the Select men would please to give them Directions for their proceeding in the said Work that it may be began as soon as may be, The Select men taking the Motion under Consideration, They direct and order as follows — Vizt.— That the Street be not broken up, or dug, for carrying on the Work more than One half of the length of the Brick Wall proposed, at One time, the Work of which half shall be finished and the Street made good again before the other half be dug up. That the same be inclosed with a Fence while the said Work is doing. That the Dirt or Earth dug up every Day shall be Carryed away the same Day. That the Bricks and Lime be laid so as not to incumber or incommode the Street. That a sufficient Number of Hands shall be employ'd in the Work so as to Compleat and finish the said half within Four Weeks, and the whole within Two months from the Time When the Work shall be begun. And When the Work shall be begun, it shall not be left until the whole of it be finished to the Satisfaction of the Select men. That the Foundation of the Brick Wall or Fence be laid with Stone, and continued One Course above the Pavement of the Street, the said Brick Wall to be Thirteen Inches thick with Pillars on the inside thereof between every Tomb. That a good Stone Wall be made on the back of the Tombs the Arches of the Tombs to be turn'd with a Wall of Thirteen Inches thick, the top whereof is to lye One foot at the least below the Top of the Pavement. The Heighth of the Wall to be as the Committee of the Select men shall direct. Voted, That the Hon. John Jeffries, Esqs. Capt. Armitage and mo. Clarke be a Committee to take the Oversight of the said Work, until the same shall be Compleated and finished.

May 24 1738

The Hon. John Jeffries Esq., Desires he may have the Herbage of the Old Burying place for the Year Current.

May 29 1738

Voted, That the Herbage of the Old Burying place be, and hereby is Let, to the said John Jeffries Esq. at the rent of Thirty Shillings p Annum.

Sept. 20 1738.

Mr Daniel Bell Desires Liberty of a Tomb in the Old Burying place, amongst the New Tombs there to be made and also that he may have liberty of Building it himself.

Jan. 28 1739.

Voted, That the Herbage of the Old Burying place be Let to the Hon. John Jeffries Esq. for the year ensuing, Viz'. 1740. At the price it was let for the last year, Vizt. Thirty Shillings.

July 51 739.

Messrs, Parker & Blanchard appear'd and Informs That, Deacon Samuel Bridgham desires Liberty to Erect a Tomb within the Old Burying place, in Order to Interr therein his Relatives which now lye buried near together in said Burying place.

Voted, That the Hon. John Jeffries Esqs. Capt Armitage, m* Collson and mo Clarke be a Committee to Consider of this affair, to View the place, and to give Liberty therefor, Provided they do not see any inconvenience therein.

March 10 1739

A, Petition of John Chambers, and Others, Grave Diggers, presented to the Select Men, Representing that the Old and South Burying Places, are so filld with Dead Bodies they are Obliged Oft times to Bury them four deep.–Praying it may be laid before the Town, for their Consideration — Read.

Voted, That the Consideration of this Affair be Referr'd to the Select Men, Who are Desired to Report to the Town at the next General Town Meeting, What they may think proper for to be done thereon.

April 8 1741

Ordered, That mo Savell, desire mo Joshua Blanchard & Company, who Undertook the Building of the Tombs in the Old Burying place, in Treamount Street. to be here next Wednesday in Order to the Settling and disposition of the Tombs.

NOTE.-The third King's Chapel was built between the years 1749 and 1753, and the corner-stone was laid by Governor Shirley. The roof of the new chapel was built over the second chapel, and services were continued in the second chapel until the walls and roof were all up, when the congregation attended Trinity Church until the wooden church was taken down and out of the stone chapel, when the chapel was completed and the first service was held there on August 21, 1754.

On March 14, 1747, the officers of King’s Chapel asked the town for more land on the north and east of the chapel from the old burying place. But it was not until 1749 that, after considerable controversy between the wardens of the chapel and selectmen, more land was granted to them from the old burying place on the north and east from the chapel, and the site of the first Latin school-house on the east. More graves and tombs were disturbed, and the remains and monuments were removed. The following record from the town records gives the history of building the present King’s Chapel:

March 15 1747.

The Petition of the Minister, Church Wardens & Vestry of King's Chappel in Boston, in behalf of themselves, and the Congregation that usually Attend the Publick Worship of God there, Setting forth that said Chappel, which has been constantly Improved for the Public Worship of God, for about Sixty Years past is in many parts of it Rotten and greatly decayed, and almost rendered unfit for that Service any longer, and said Congregation out of Regard to the Honour of God and for their own Edification being very desirous than the Public worship of God should be still supported and carryed on in said Place, have determin'd to Rebuild said Charg, and make it some what larger. and more Commodious than it now is, but apprehend they shall be greatly Streightened for want of a little Ground at the east End of said Church that leads into the Burial place, the Pet” pray the Town will be pleas'd to Grant to said Church so much of their Land Eastward as will make the same Regular & Commodious, or if the Town think best that they would Appoint a Committee to consider of this Petition, View the premises & Report to the Town what is best to be done as to granting the Prayer thereof, was Read — And after some Debate thereon, it was Voted that the Hombie Andrew Oliver Esqr. Thomas Hancock Esq.", Mr. Jeremiah Allen, Mr. Middlecott Cooke, the Hono Jacob Wendell Esqr Mr. Thomas Greene & Mr John Tyng be & hereby. they are appointed a Committee to consider of said Petition, View the Premises Consider the Circumstances of the same and Report to the Town at the Adjournment of this Meeting whether it will be best, for the Town to Grant the Prayer thereof.

Monday March 28 1747

The Committee appointed the 14th. Instant to Consider of the Petition of the Minister Church Wardens and Vestry of Kings Chappel in Boston, for Granting 'em. a peice of Land to enlarge said Chappel, Reported, - That they had met the Petos. but done nothing thereon, they being desirous to withdraw their Petition, and several of the Petrs being now present and moving that they may have. Liberty to withdraw their Petition, It was Woted that they have Liberty to with draw their Petition accordingly.

March 31st, 1748.

The Petition of a Number of the Congregation of Kings Chappel, praying the Select men would call a Town Meeting as soon as conveniently may be for the Grant of a peice of Land at the East end of the said Chappel to Enlarge the same &c. was read and is as follows, Vizt.

Boston, March 29th, 1748. Gentle men

You may remember that at the General Town Meeting of the Inhabitants of Boston the third Tuesday of March instant, we preferr'd a Petition, praying for the Grant of a peice of Land belonging to the Town to the East-ward of Kings Chappel, in order to enlarge the same, and the Town so favourably received it as to appoint a Committee to View the premises & Report to the Town whether it would be best to grant the same, and they accordingly met, Viewed the Land petitioned for, and heard us upon our Petition, and in general apprehend it would be no prejudice to the Town to grant us what we desired, but judged we had not sufficiently Express'd in said Petition, and prefer another which by leave of the Town we accordingly did & have now another ready to present to the Town that fully Expresses the Contents of the Land we desire to have granted us. We would therefore pray you, Gentlemen will be pleased to call a Town Meeting as soon as conveniently may be, in Order to Consider, of our Petition, and we are Sorry we should give the Town this Trouble of having a Meeting on Purpose for this affair but as there is an absolute Necessity for it, said Chappel being much gone to decay, & must be rebuilt or repaired this Summer and materials must soon be provided for it, & were we to tarry till May Meeting it would be too late, We there fore hope you’l grant the request of Gento. your Humble Servants



The Select men taking the same into Consideration and thereupon,

Ordered, That the Town Clerk issue forth a Warrant directed to the Constables of Boston In His Majesty's Name requiring them forwith to Warn all the Freeholders & other Inhabitants of the said Town duly Qualified, rateable at Twenty Pounds Estate to a single Rate (beside the Poll) to Convene at Faneuil Hall on Monday the fourth day of April next at nine o’Clock in the forenoon, then & there to Consider if a Petition of the Minister, Church Wardens and Vestry of Kings Chappel for granting them a peice of Land at the East end of said Chappel on part whereof the Latin School now stands, in order to enlarge the same, and also to Consider if the Proposals that may be made by the Petitioners for Purchasing a peice of Land, and Erecting a new School house at their Expense, in Consideration of said Grant.

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