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Monday the fourth day of April A D 1748

This Meeting being called to consider of the Petition of the Minister, Church wardens & Westry of Kings Chappel for granting 'em a peice of Land at the East end of said Chappel on part whereof the Latin School now stands in order to Enlarge the same, and of the proposals of said Peto. for Purchasing a peice of Land & Erecting a New School house at their Expence in consideration of said Grant: — The Gentom who Petitioned for this Meeting being present, desired the Town would not at this time proceed thereupon, but prayed they might have Liberty to withdraw their said Petition for the Grant of said Land &ca where upon. It was Voted, that the Petitioners have Liberty to withdraw their said Petition and they accordingly withdrew the same. —

April 6th 1748.

The Petition of the Hon'ble Eliakim Hutchinson Esq. and others a Number of the Congregation of Kings Chappel praying the Selectmen would call a Town Meeting as soon as conveniently may be for the Grant of a piece of Land at the East end of the said Chappel to Enlarge the same &c, as Enter'd the 31st of March last: — Read and the former Order for a Town Meeting be set aside.

Ordered. That the Town Clerk issue forth a Warrant directed to the Constables of Boston, In His Majesty's Name requiring them forthwith to Warn all the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the said Town, duly Qualified rateable at Twenty Pounds Estate to a single Rate (beside the Poll) to Convene at Faneuil Hall on Monday the eleventh day of April instant, at nine o’Clock in the forenoon then and there to Consider what is necessary further to be done for the Regulation of Faneuil Hall Market. Also to consider the petition of the Minister, Church Wardens, & Vestry of Kings Chappel, for granting 'em a piece of Land at the East end of said Chappel, in order to enlarge the same (the Latin School standing on part thereof) and of the Proposals that may be made by the Petitioners for Purchasing a peice of Land, and Erecting a New School house at their Expence, in Consideration of said Grant.

Monday the Eleventh day of April A. D. 1748.

The Petition of the Minister Wardens and Vestry of Kings Chapple in Boston in behalf of themselves and the Congregation that usually attend the Publick Worship of God there, setting Forth That said Chapel which has constantly been Improved for the Public Worship of God for about Sixty Years past is in many Parts of it Rotten & greatly decayed, & almost rendered uncapable for that Service any longer, and said congregation out of Regard to the Honour of God and for their Edification being very desirous that the Public worship of God should be still Supported and Carried on in said Place, have determined to Rebuild said Church and make it some what larger more Comodious and Regular than it now is but apprehend they shall be greatly Straitened for want of Ground at the East End of said Church to Effect the same —Your Petitioners therefore pray the Town would be pleased to Grant to said Church 34 foot Eastward for the Body of said chapel at 10 foot for a Chancel in order to enlarge the same into a Regular and Commodious Building and whereas the Town has a School house upon part of the Land which your Petos Request, It is therefore humbly proposed in consideration of the Grant hereby Request, that the Petro. do Purchase and make over to the Town a Peice of Ground at the upper End of the Lane or Passage fronting the present School house of like Dimensions with the present, the said Petitioners not to dig or open any Ground which the Additional Building shall cover, excepting to lay the Foundation, nor at any time to exclude those who have vaults or Tombs within the requested Limits to have free access to them — Your PetrS. apprehend that the said Grant will be no detriment to the Town as the present School house is much decayed in many parts defec


tive, and will in a Short Space of time require to be New Built, and as the place now proposed for the School neither has nor can possibly have any Contiguous Building being Eighty eight foot and Seventy seven foot wide, has a free Air a pleasant Assent & Capable of a Southerly Highway to it from Bromfields Lane which if it be thought necessary the Petitioners have a reasonable Prospect of Obtaining, is very near to School Street, and yet agreeably Retired. The Town will have a larger Peice of Ground to Accomodate the School, The Chapel aforesaid and other Neighbouring houses will be less in danger from Fire and such accidents The Town Receive a New Ornament in the Buildings proposed, and all to be effected at the charge of the Petitrs and other such well disposed persons as shall think proper to contribute to the same, for a clearer View of what your Petos hereby Request we Refer to the Platts of the Ground and the Buildings annexed, Hoping the Town upon the considerations abovesaid will grant the said Petition — was Read, and after some Debate thereon — It was Moved Seconded & Voted that

The Hon'ble ANDREw OLIVER Esq."
John STEEL Esq."
THOMAS HANcock Esq."
John FAYERw EATHER Esq.r &

be and they hereby are appointed a Committee to prepare the form of a Vote in answer to the said Petition with such Conditions and Reservations annexed to it as said Committee shall think necessary and proper and they are desired to Report hereon at the intended Adjournment of this Meeting.

Voted that this meeting be adjourned to Monday the 18th Inst at nine O'Clock in the forenoon.

Meeting, 18th April 1748

The Town Mett according to their Adjournment

The Committee appointed the 11th instant to prepare the form of a Vote, in answer to the Petition of the Wardens & Vestry of King's Chapel, - praying for a peice of Ground in order to Enlarge the Church, Reported that they had Maturely considered the Affair and agreed to Offer the following Draft to the Town, Viz'.

That the Selectmen be Impowered to make a legal Conveyance in behalf of the Town to the Petitioners of the several Peices of Land and of the Priviledge, hereafter mentioned upon their first Complying with or Satisfying the Selectmen with Respect unto the Terms and Conditions herin Required of them Viz'. a Peice of Land Fronting on School Street extending Thirty feet on said Street from the East end of King's Chappel and includes the Passage way into the Burying Ground, and the westerly part of the School house and of the Yard thereto belonging measuring Thirty Seven feet back from the said Street together with the old School house and other Buildings belonging to it, being partly on the premisses and partly on the Towns I,and Adjoyning to be Removed when the Town shall Require it at the Expence of the Petos., Also a Strip of Land Thirty feet in Length and four feet wide. extending from the Northeast Corner of the old Chappel upon a Line with the North Side of said Chappel in order to Erect thereon part of the Walls of the proposed New Church, also another Strip of Land of said Wedth Adjoyning to and turning upon a Right Angle with the former, thence running until it meets the larger Peice herein first proposed to be granted. Saving a passage way of Six feet wide in the last mentioned Strip thro the Walls of the New Church in some convenient Place between the Northeast Corner and the Chancel herein after mentioned which Entrance shall be at least Six feet high leading into a Peice of Burying Ground belonging to the

Town, which Peice measures twenty five feet North and South and twenty feet East & west, also another Peice of Land in form of half Oval Adjoyning Easterly upon the beforementioned proposed Grants and extending fifteen feet North, and as much South from the Middle of the Eastermost Line thereof, and to extend ten feet further East in its extreme distance from said Middle Point being for the proposed Chancel, provided there shall be Still left a Passage way of at least Eleven feet in the Narrowest part between said Chancel & Mr Cookes line into the Burying Ground; provided also that the Bodys of those who shall be known to lye in the said Strips of Land or within the said half oval Peice shall be decently taken up and buryed in some other part of the Burying Ground with the consent of their Friends, and in such manner as they with the Selectmen shall agree to and direct or where no Friends shall appear. they shall be Removed. as they shall be removed as the said selectmen shall direct at the charge of the Petitioners. Also a priviledge to Extend their New Building over the aforesaid peice of Burying Ground lying to the Northward of the present School house and measuring 25 feet by 20 as before Expressed : provided they do not carry the floor of the Church or otherwise Incumber the same within eight feet of the Surface of the Earth as it now lyes, and that no Monuments or Grave Stones either within or without the Building be destroyed or if accidently broken in carrying on the work be repaired at the charge of the Petitioners : unless they shall agree with the Friends of those who may lye Buryed in said Peice of Ground, or where no Friends Appear with the Selectmen to Remove the Bodys in manner as is herein provided for the other IDead Body’s before mentioned then and in such case the Selectmen. be Impowered likewise to convey to the Pet”. said Peice of Burying Ground and the Entrance into it herein before Reserved. That in consideration of the proposed Grants before mentioned the Petitioners shall procure and cause a legal Title to be made to the Town of a Certain Peice of Land over against the present Grammar School now in the Occupation of the Widow Green and others measuring 34% feet or thereabouts on School Street and running 97 feet back more or less, bounded on the West by Colo Wendells Land, and Easterly on a passage way leading to the house where Mr Guntor now dwells, together with the priviledge of said Passage way forever, saving to the Petitioners a Liberty of Removing if they see good the Buildings now upon said Land, when Required by the Selectmen — said Petitioners likewise to Erect upon said Land a New School house of like Dimensions and accomodations with the present and finish the same in like decent manner to the Satisfaction of the Selectmen unless the Petos should propose a Sum of money to the Acceptance of the Town, instead of Erecting the said Building. All of which is humbly Submitted in the Name and by order of the Committee. Boston 18th April 1748 ANDR OLIVER,

Which Report being Read and a long Debate had thereon, It was Moved and Seconded that the following Question may be put vizo, whether the Town have Power in this Meeting to Appropriate or Dispose of the Land on which the South Latin School stands to any other use than for a School, the Vote of the Town of the 14th 1 mo. 1655 as Entered in the Town Records notwithstanding, and the same being accordingly put, — It was Voted in the Affirmative —

And then on a Motion made and Seconded the following Question was put vizt. Whether the Town have power to Accept of the said Report of the Committee, the province Laws of the fourth William and Mary, Entitled an act for Regulating Townships, choice of Town officers and setting forth their Power the Twelfth of Queen Ann, Entitled an act directing how Meetings of proprietors of Lands lying in common may be called, which have been now Read notwithstanding, and it was

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