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Voted in the Affirmative. And then it was proposed & seconded, that the following Question may be put Wiz". Whether the said Draft of a Vote as prepared by the Committee be Accepted, Whereupon, it was Moved, that the Vote of Aeceptance of said Draft may be Determined by a written Vote and that those persons that are for Accepting said Draft & passing it as the Vote of the Town be directed to write Yea, and those that are not for it write Nay and the Question being put, Whether it should be thus determined by a written Vote, – It passed in the Affirmative — And thereupon the Inhabitants were directed to bring in their Votes in writing, and such of 'em as were for Accepting of Said Draft of a Vote as prepared by the committee and passing the same as the Vote of the Town in Answer to said Petition were desired to write Yea, and such as were not for Accepting it to write Nay, And the Inhabitants proceeded to bring in their Votes, & when the Selectmen were Receiving 'em at the Door of the Hall they observed one of the Inhabitants Viz'. John Pigeon to put in about a dozen with the word Yea wrote on all of 'em and being charged with so doing he acknowledged it, & was thereupon ordered by the Moderator to pay a Fine of Five Pounds for putting in more than one Vote according to Law, and the Moderator thereupon Declared to the Inhabitants that they must withdraw and bring in their Votes again in manner as before directed, and the Inhabitants accordingly withdrew and the Votes being brought in and Sorted it appeared that there was Four hundred and two Voters and that there was, Two hundred and five Yeas & One hundred & Ninety-seven Nays Whereupon, it was declared by the Moderator, that the said Form of Vote was Accepted and Passed by the Town accordingly. Then the Meeting was Dismissed.

April 22d. 1748.

This Day, Charles Apthorp Esq". Treasurer of Kings Chappel in Boston, George Cradock, Eliakim Hutchinson Esq., Dr. John Gibbins, Dr. Silvester Gardiner and mr. Thomas Hawding a Committee of said Chappel attended the Select men and informed that they were appointed a Committee by the Proprietors &c., of Kings Chappel to wait on the Select men in order to Comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Grant of a peice of Land on part whereof the Latin School now stands, made to the said Chappel by the Town at their Meeting the Eighteenth instant, for to Enlarge said Chappel, and presented the Select men with a Vote pass'd by said Proprietors relating to the same which is as follows, Viz'. At a Meeting of the Proprietors and Subscribers for rebuilding King's Chappel in Boston on 22°, April, 1748. Voted Unaminously. That they Accept of the Towns Land Voted to them on Monday the Eighteenth instant, also Voted, That Charles Apthorp Esqs. Treasurer to the said Subscribers George Cradock, Esq. Eliakim Hutchinson Esq.". Dr. John Gibbins, Dr. Silvester Gardiner and Mr. Thomas Hawding be a Committee and they are hereby impowered to do an Act everything necessary towards Compleating the Agreement between the Select men and the Petitioners of Kings Chappel, relating to said Chappel. To the Select men of Boston now sitting at Faneuil Hall Pursuant to the above Vote we the Subscribers do hereby Promise to Comply with, and Execute the Conditions contained in the Vote or Grant of the Town, at their meeting. held on the 18th day of this instant April in favour of the Petitioners. Witnes our hands CHA APTHORP, Treasurer April 22d 1748 G. CRADOCK, E. HUTCHINson J. GIBBINS > Comtee. S. GARDINER | T. HAWDING J

And the Select men upon Considering of said Vote, Apprehended the said Proprietors of Kings Chappel and thereby Accepted said Grant from the Town and thereupon,

Voted, That the said Acceptance was fully satisfactory to the Select men, they performing the Conditions upon which said Grant was made, as are Expressed in said Town Vote.

May 10 1748

The Town entred upon the consideration of the Petition of several Freeholders that the Town would reconsider their Votes pass'd the 18th of April last; Relating to the Acceptance of the Report of a Committee then made for granting a Peice of Land to the Minister Church Wardens & Westry of King’s Chappel; and after a long Debate thereon the following Question was put Viz'. Whether the Town will Sustain the said Petition, and it pass'd in the negative by a great majority.

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George Cradock, Charles Apthorp Esq. & Dr. Sylvester Gardiner, Three of the Committee of King’s Chappel attended the Select men and informed them that they had prepared a Deed of the several Peices of Land, and Priviledge Granted to the said Chappel by the Town on the Eighteenth of April last, & desired the Select men to Execute the same, which Deed the Select men perused and Apprehend the same is drawn agreeable to the Vote of the Town. and all the Select men (except Mr. John Tyng, Signed Sealed, and acknowledged said Deed & then Delivered it to said Committee.

Note, Mr. John Tyng not being present was sent for and informed that the Select men desired he would come & Execute said Deed with them, but he answered m”. Savell that he was busy, that the Select men knew his mind about it, that he would not sign said Deed, till the Articles were Complied with.

Memo. The said Committee at signing said Deed, promised the Select men, that when they removed the Dead, they would send for the Select men, and not remove them but by their Directions tho’ they have obtained Liberty from the Relatives of the Deceased to remove them, as appears by a Writing under such Relatives hands.

NOTE. — Suffolk Deeds—76, E. 82. Thomas Hancock and others to Henry Caner and others. This is a deed made by the selectmen of Boston to the Wardens and lo. o King’s Chapel in 1748 for land taken from the burying-ground to enlarge the chapel.

May 3d 1749

Charles Athorp Esq. appeared in behalf of the Committee of King's Chappel, and informed the Select men that every thing was Compleated at the new School house, by them. Built for the use of the Town and therefore desired. that the Scholars may be removed out of the old School-house, into the New, that so the said Committee may go to Work in laying the Foundation of their Church.

July 19 1749

Charles Apthorp Esq. one of the Committee of Kings Chappel appeared. and informed the Select men that they were now Digging of the Trenches for the Foundation of their Church, and desire that the Selectmen will see the remains. of several of the Dead Bodys removed. Voted, That Mr. Williston be directed to Attend that Service & to acquaint the several Relations of the Deceased, as Occasion offers, and when no Relations are to be found to inform the Select-men of the SæIIl€.

Aug 10 1748

Whereas Messrs. Joshua Blanchard and William Fairfield have desired the Liberty to Build three new Tombs in the old Burying place next mr. Cook's Land, they having the Liberty of the Relations of those Buried where the said Tombs are to be built. Voted, that Liberty be accordingly granted them, they Building a Wall the breadth of said Tombs as usual and keep the same in repair forever.

Nov. 28 1748.

Whereas Liberty was granted to Messrs Joshua Blanchard & William Fairfield on the Tenth of August last. to Build Three Tombs in the Old Burying place, next to mr Cookes Land and mr Blanchard being since Dead. It is allowed. that Deacon Jacob Parker be joined with mr Fairfield in the room of said Blanchard to Build the said Tombs they conforming to the Rules and orders mentioned in the said Vote of the tenth of August last.

July 19 1749

Deacon Jacob. Parker and mr Fairfield appeared and desired Liberty to, Build a Line of Tombs in the old Burying place next to mr Cooke's Land on the same Terms that were granted for three new Tombs the 10th of August last. *. Voted, That Liberty be granted them accordingly, on the same terms that the said three Tombs were allowed to be Built—

May 15 1753

The Petition of the Committee of Kings Chappel, praying that Liberty may be granted them to Erect three Pillars of Stone on the Towns Land at the Easterly End of said Chappel — was Read, and thereupon., It was Voted that Thomas Hubbard, Esq.". Henry Atkins Esq.", Mr James Pitts Mr Stephen Greenleaf and Mr Jacob Parker be a Committee to View the place where it is propes'd said Pillars shall be Erected, and whether said Pillars will incommode or Obstruct a convenient Entrance into any of the Tombs near there, and make Report at the Adjournment of this Meeting.

May 28 1753

The Committee appointed by the Town the 15th instant, on the Petition of a Committee of Kings Chappel praying that Liberty may be granted them to Erect three Pillars of Stone on the Towns Land at the Easterly End of said Chappel now Reported that they had Attended that Service, and find that the three Pillars Petitioned for may be so placed as not to Incommode any Person, and that the Proprietors of the Tombs and Relatives of those buryed thereabouts are consenting to the same, also Report as their Opinion that the Prayer of said Petition be granted and that the Petitioners have Liberty to Erect said three Pillars. provided they set them in the places propos'd by the Committee, the Southermost of Which to be at least, Six feet from the first step leading down into Mr. Fairfield's Tomb, and the whole three not exceeding Ten feet. from the Body of the Church, and that when they proceed to build them, that they notify the Proprietors of the Tombs and the Persons who have their Relations buryed thereabouts to be present, which the Committee apprehend will be a proper Expedient to maintain Peace and give Satisfaction, provided also that if in breaking up the Ground, they find the Bones of any Deceased Persons, they put them into a distinct Box and bury them in some other place, provided also that the Land included between the Church and the three proposed Pillars, shall not be Inclosed — which Report being Read, after some Debate thereon, Voted, That said Report be and hereby is Accepted, and that the Petitioners have Liberty to Erect said three Pillars, in the manner. and on such Terms as are mentioned in said Report.

July 12 1758

Whereas the Gate of the Burying place by the King's Chappel is out of repair — Voted that Mr Oliver & Mr Cushing be a Committee to get the Same repaird.

Ap. 6 1761

Voted that Mr Thomas Williston have liberty to dig Graves &c, with Bond — and Roulston in the Common and Church Burying Ground —

May 18 1763.

Mr John Mico Wendell attended, and desired leave of the Selectmen to turn his Cow into the Church Burying Ground.

Oct. 6 1773

The Selectmen have appointed George Roulston a Grave Digger in the Chappel & Common Burying Grounds in the room of Mr Bond deceased—

Mar 10 1774

Mess". Austin & Pitts a Commee to see whether Major Dows may be accommodated with a peice of Ground in the Church Burying Ground in order to enlarge his Tomb.

May 4 1774

Mr. Elijah Adams Sexton of the New South Church was appointed to the care of the Old Burying Place & the Burying Ground near the Granary.

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Jan 18. 1775

Mr. George Roulston admitted to the care of the Old & Common Burying Ground in the room of Mr. Carter deceased.

Ap 16 1783

Mr. Nazro to acquaint Mr. Curtis, that he must lay before the Selectmen next Wednesday, a list of the Persons who own Tombs. in the Chappel Burying Grounds the Common & North Burial Grounds—

Mar 3d 1784

Upon the application of Mr. Henry Prentice for himself & Mr. Enoch Brown, he is informed that the Selectmen have no objection to their opening the Tomb antiently belonging to one Pool in the Church Burying Ground so called—

July 30 1788. Mr. Scollay a Committee to get the small Piece of Fence on School Street at the Chapel Burying Ground to be painted — Sep 30 1789 Liberty is granted to Mr. Samuel Salsbury, to build a Tomb in the Chapel Burying Ground — October 14 1789

Mr. Sever & Mr. Scollay a Committee to view the burying Ground near the Stone Chapel, and Report whither a spot can be had, for accommodating Capt. Ford with a Tomb —

NOTE. — The portico of King’s Chapel was completed in 1789, and the expense of con

struction was partly raised from holding an oratorio in the chapel, at which Gen. George Washington attended, “attired in a black velvet suit and gave five guineas.”


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