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SIR, - In compliance with chapter 3, section 24, of the Revised Ordinances of 1898, I here with submit the annual report of this department for the year ending January 31,


The general work performed during the past year has been the attendance at meetings of both branches of the City Council and the committees thereof; the care, custody, delivery, and filing of all city documents, minutes, books, and pamphlets of the City Council; the care of the city flagstaffs, flags, ropes, and stakes ; the care and cleaning of the City Hall; also special work performed at the request of the Mayor, both branches of the City Council, and some of the city departments.



The total number of meetings called the past year which required attendance by this department, not including committees, were:

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There were received and delivered, the past year, documents, bound publications, etc., as follows:

Bound publications received and delivered . . 7,740

City documents received and partly distributed . 64,900 City Council Minutes received and partly distrib

uted e e o . . e e . 51,600 Daily “Advertisers” received and delivered . wo 9,460 Binders received and distributed . e e e 255 Photographs received and distributed . e to 90 Seat plans, Common Council chamber . e e 200 Orders of business for City Council meeting re

ceived and distributed o e ę e . 13,700


The flag on City Hall was displayed every day during the past year, Sundays excepted. .* The flags were displayed during the past year as follows:

Lincoln's Birthday . & to & & February 12 Washington's Birthday . e e g February 22 Evacuation Day e - e. * o . . March 17 Patriots' Day . * e (* • o April 19 Grant's Birthday . & © te © April 28 Memorial Day . e Q o © May 30 Anniversary of adoption of National Colors, June 14 Bunker Hill Day . go e † * June 17 Independence Day . to e o g July 4 Labor Day e © & o te to September 1 Franklin's Birthday . so t to e January 17

: As the topmast of the Lewis-park flagstaff is very much décayed, is will be necessary to replace it by a new one during

the coming year, and as soon as the weather will permit all flagstaffs are to be thoroughly repainted. There are twenty-six flagstaffs located as follows:

Andrews square. Madison park.
Belmont square. Massachusetts avenue.
Boston Common. Maverick square.
Central square. Meeting House Hill.
City Hall. Monmouth square.
City square. Mt. Bowdoin green.
Commonwealth park. Orchard park.
Dorchester Heights. Peabody square.
Fellows-street playground. Public Garden.
Hayes square. Sullivan square.
Independence square. Union park.
Jamaica Plain. Washington park.
Lewis park. Wilson square.

An unusual amount of roping and staking was required by this department last year on the occasion of the visits of the representatives of the French Republic and Prince Henry of Prussia to this city; and also on Evacuation, Patriots', Memorial, Bunker Hill, Independence and Labor Days, as well as for a number of reviews by the Mayor in front of City Hall.


In accordance with a vote of the City Council, arrangements were made last year to open the Council chamber for the announcement of the State and City election returns to the members of the City Government and press. To per

form this duty required the services of about eighteen extra clerks and messengers, four extra telephones, and four large

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blackboards; about twenty police officers were detailed to preserve order in the building.


I desire to hereby express my thanks to the Board of Police for the very valuable assistance rendered in furnishing details of police during the past year on ordinary and special occasions; to the Superintendent of Public Grounds for the excellent care and maintenance of the grounds in front of City Hall, and to the Superintendent of Public Buildings for his prompt action in attending to the general repairs in City Hall.


The total number of persons employed and paid from the department appropriation, including the City Messenger and two police officers who attend the meetings of the Common Council, is twenty-six.

There is a sergeant and nine police officers at present assigned to City Hall, under the direction of this department, to protect the building and preserve order therein, who receive a salary from the Police Department; the night men are required to patrol the building each hour of the night, also on Sundays and holidays, in order to discover any fires or any leaks in the water and gas pipes; they are obliged to visit forty-three signal stations in different parts of the building during their tour of duty, the same being recorded on a watchman's clock located in this office.

Receipts. For sale of old paper . e e o e $8 55 EXPENDITURES. From February 1, 1902, to January 31, 1903, Were . e o o g o $34,985 45


The condition of the department appropriation at the

close of the financial year of 1902, was as follows:

Amount of appropriation * o * > . $35,000 00 Amount expended to January 31, 1903. . 34,985 45

Balance. & o o . . . o $14 55

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