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Among fractures of the carpal bones the (International Journal of Surgery.)

scaphod is the one most liable to be involved.

This injury is often overlooked on account To obtain the best results of Colle's frao.

of the absence of the ordinary signs of fracture the patient should be placed under an

ture, but should be suspected in the presence anesthetic during reduction.

of localized pain, tenderness and swelling over In septio conditions of uncertain origin, the region of the bone. the presence of localized pain will sometimes

Inflammation of the pleura are so often of afford a clue to the portal infection.

tuberculous origin that it is well to treat all To operate and find that a suspected osteo. these cases as if they were acturally tubercumyelitis is actually an acute rheumatism is losis. Hence after operations upon the pleufar preferable to deferring operation until an

ral cavity an antituberculous plan of treatexaot diagnosis can be made.

ment should be pursued and the patient kept

under observation for some time. In operations on alcoholic subjects it should always be remembered that the vital. For the control of nasal bemorrhage tamity of the tissues is often so low that the ap- pons can be readily prepared as follows: A plication of even moderate degrees of heat layer of cotton is wound around a pen holder may give rise to sloughing.

or similar object until the desired thickness

is obtained and then withdrawn. The cotton The transformation of uterine fibromata cylinder is then moistened, squeezed dry into malingant growths is comparatively com- and inserted into the nasal cavity. If the mon, and hence the possibility of such an

projecting end of the tampon is now moistoccurrence should always be taken into con- ened it will swell up and thus produce suf. sideration in the prognosis and treatment. ficient compression. Patients with long and thick foreskins

An excellent ointment for the treatment of when suffering from gonorrhea are rather un- boils is that recommended by Bulkley. favorable subjects for a speedy cure. The consists of carbolic acid, 5-10 grains; A. exprepuce seems to keep the urethra in an ab

tract of ergot, i dr.; starch, 2 dr.; zinc oxide, normally hyperemic condition, thus favoring 2 dr. ; and ung. aquae rosae, 2 oz.

It is microbal growth.

spread upon the center of a moderately thick A condition sometimes simulating inguinal layer of absorbent cotton; several times the hernia is the protrusion of masses of fat

size of the inflamed area, and secured with through the canal in front of the peritoneum.

strips of adhesive plaster. This dressing can

be left on for ten or twelve hours. If this fat be later absorbed a true hernia may result, owing to the dilated condition of the

Injuries to the elbow-joint the rapid decanal which remains.

velopment of marked swelling frequently Fecal fistula, if uncomplicated, small and prevents the diagnosis of a suspected fracture situated in the vicinity of the ileocecal valve,

or dislocation. Under these circumstances will often close spontaneously. Operation the plan suggested by Gerster and described should therefore be postponed until it seems

by Dawbarn will prove of value when the certain that a cure cannot be hoped for by X-ray is not available. The patient having nature's unaided efforts.

been anesthetized, an Esmarch elastic band

age is slowly and firmly applied from the In the treatment of intussusception the ir, hand up the forearm and over the elbow to rigation method should not be persisted in

the arm-pit. This is left on for about fifteen for too long a period, 48 hours being the

minutes and then removed from below upmaximum limit. The fluid should not be in- ward, the final turns upon the upper arm jected under high pressure, the irrigator not being allowed to remain. The removal of the being suspended more than one and one-half edema in this manner permits of the recogni. or two feet above the patient.

tion of a fracture or dislocation, and this bav. The possibility of urethral stricture in

ing been accomplished, the upper turns of young children suffering from urinary dis

the bandages are removed. turbances (frequent micturition, vesical tenesmus, retention of urine, etc.) should always BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.—The sev. be considered even in the absence of a trau- enty-fourth annual meeting of the British matio cause or gonorrheal infecton. Internal Medical Association will be held at Toronto, uretbrotomy followed by systemic dilatation Canada, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, is as successful in these cases as in older per- Friday and Saturday, August 21, 22, 23, 24 Sons.

and 25, 1906.


and wake without experiencing any incon. venience. In some cases the ipecacuanba

does produce sickness in spite of the chloral A Cosmopolitan Blweekly for the General Practitioner

draft, but in these the author has not known The Medical Fortnightly is devoted to the progress of the Practice and Science of Medicine and Surgery. Its aim is to pre

it to come on in less than one and a half sent topics of interest and importance to physicians, and to this bours, and in no case did the vomit contain end, in addition to a well-selected corps of Department Editors, it has secured correspondents in the leading medical centers of ipecacuanba, showing that it had already Europe and America. Contributions of a scientific nature, and original in character, solicited. News of Societies, and of inter

been absorbed.-Jour. of the Royal Army esting medical topics, cordially invited.

Medical Corps.
Advertising forms close on the first and fifteenth of each
month. Time should be allowed to submit proof for correction
Advertising rates on application.

BASEDOW'S DISEASE. -That the antithy. Remittances and business communications should be addressed to the Fortnightly Press Co.

roidin of Mobius seems to have acquired a Subscription,

$2.00 a year, in advance, including postage to any part of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Postage to

lasting place in the treatment of exophthal. foreign countries in the Universal Postal Union, including New- mic goiter, is evident from two articles con. foundland, $1.00 a year additional. Entered at the St. Joseph post-office as second-class matter.

tained in the Muench. Med. Woch. Glomer The Medical Fortnightly will not be discontinued at expirstion of subscription, as ma of our readers prefer not to have

gave the serum internally (0.5 c.c.) three their files broken on account of failure to remit. Unless we re times daily, to a patient suffering from genceive a distinct request to discontinue, and payment for all arrearages, this magazine will not be discontinued.

eral paresis, complicated by Basedow's disSubscriptions may begin at any time: volumes end with June and December.

ease, The pulse improved at once and beContributors should understand that corrected typewritten came slower, the goiter and the exophthalmos copy is essential to clean proof and prompt publication, and is much more satisfactory than manuscript. Original articles

were less marked after eleven days, and the should be as condensed as justice to the subject will allow. Editorial offices in St. Louis, Jacksonville, and St. Joseph,

tremor and Graefe's sign disappeared almost where specimen copies may be obtained, and subscriptions will completely. As soon as the treatment was be received.

Contributions and books for review should be addressed to stopped the symptoms reappeared. R. Darig the editors, 319 and 320 Century Building, St. Louis, Mo.

recommends much larger doses (up to 150-210

drops daily), even though slight after-effeots FAVORITE PRESCRIPTIONS (headache, apathy) may appear.

The rectal

application is indicated where the serum is SEVERE DIARRHEA IN TYPHOID FEVER. -

not well tolerated by mouth, but somewhat Osler employs a starch and opium enema; or larger doses are then necessary.-Medical bismuth in large doses and Dover's powder News. by the mouth; or a mixture of lead acetate, two grains, dilute acetic acid, fifteen to twenty CARDIAC DYSPNEA.-Satterthwaite ("Dis. minims, and morphine acetate, 1-8 to 1.6 grain. -Denver Med. Times,

severe attacks of dyspnea due to cardiac fail. ENLARGED SPLEEN.-The following is of

ure he gives nitroglycerine in doses of 1-100 much value in cases of enlarged spleen:

to 1-25 of a grain. In sudden and violent at.

tacks he gives a capsule containing: B Specific polymnia..

3 x

Ro Nitroglycerin.. Specific chionanthus...

gr. ido FI. ext. grindelia squarrosa..aa 3 v

Amyl nitrite.

gr. 1

Menthol.... M. Sig.: Twenty drops three to five times

gr. oo

Oleoresin of capsioum. a day.-Ex.

gr. Too

Sig. One capsule every four hours. — The ACUTE DYSENTERY.-R. J. Windle recom

Med. Bull. mends the following combination :


ORRHEAL SECRETIONS.-Max Joseph and M. B Chloral hydrat..

gr. XX-XXX E. Polano, having made many examinations Liq. opii. sed.

of this nature (American Journal of Urology), Aq. ad...


conclude with Pappenheim, that mononuclear Syr. aurant.

3 ij

cells are always the first sign of the extension No. 2.

of the catarrhal, epithelial process to the subR Pulv. ipecac...

mucosa, and their appearance gives distinct gr. XX-XXX

indications for prognosis and therapy.-DenAq. obloroformi.. .... 3j


ver Med. Times. Mucilag. tragacanth., q. s. No. 1 draught is given, and usually takes EARLY STAGE OF INTERSTITIAL NEPHRIeffect in from ten to fifteen minutes. When TIS.-Hugbes prescribed : the patient is just asleep he is sufficiently B Hydrarg. chloridi corros... aroused to take No. 2. It must be shaken up Auri et sodii ohloridi.... gr. 30 in a phial and poured out just before being Ferri reducti... taken. In many cases the patient will, after Spir. glonoini. this treatment, sleep from three to six hours, One pill after meals.- Denver Med. Times.

eases of the Heart and Aorta', na

says that in

m XX

gr. 1 m 1


Look well to your prescriptions-a careless or dishonest pharmacist may r ain your reputation.

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A negro had made several ineffeotual efforts A barber was busy trimming the heavy

to propose to the object of his affections, but thicket of white hair by wbioh Mark Twain

on each occasion bis courage failed him at

the last moment. After thinking the matter is known, when the humorist's attention was

over he finally decided to telephone, which drawn to a very small boy in buttons stand

he did. "Is that you, Samantha ?” he ining beside his obair. 'Hello, what are you,”asked the humorist.

quired upon being given the proper number.

"Yes, it's me," returned the lady. “Will "A page, sir," replied the atom, swelling

you marry me, Samantha, and marry me visibly.

" was the reply; “A page!” 'exclaimed Mark in assumed quiok?" "Yes, I will,

'who's speaking ?” scorn, "Why you aren't big enough for a paragraph !!!

"That dog of mine," said a neighbor of “I say,” said the traveling man in the fly; N. H., "has the keenest scent of any dog I

Jim Spaulding, the witty farmer of Suncook, infested dining room of the little hotel, “I'll take a piece of that blueberry pie, please.”

ever saw. Why yesterday he traced me after

I had gone seven miles from home. What “That?” said the fair waitress. "That

do you think of that?" ain't blueberry pie—shoo!"—with a wave of

"I think,” said Jim, "that you need a her napkin- that's custard.

bath." Waiter (approoaching guest): I have dev- His automobile had balked, as automobiles iled kidneys, pigs' feet and calves' brains.

will. Fruitlessly be labored, with oil can and Guest: Well, what are your ailments to monkey wrench, until he was bot, dirty and me? I came here to eat.

disgusted, and only the presence of a crowd "I have called to get some of the details of

of obildren prevented him from expressing the wedding," said the reporter.

himself as the situation demanded. But at

last he must speak or explode. Near bim An expression of intense regret came to the dusky countenance of the servant.

was a sweet little maiden with golden hair "I'se awful sorry, miss!' she exolaimed,

and deep blue eyes. "but dey is all gone. You oughter oome last

“Run away, little girl,” he said, "there night. De company eat up every scrap!''

are a few things I would like to say.”

Go right ahead," said the child, “my pa "That old codger,” remarked the traveling has an auto too." man "seems to be quite an independent old party.

There is a little railway in Colordo on "Waal,” replied the village wit, "it's no

which no train was ever known to be on wonder. He op'rated a purty successful

sobedule time. But a few weeks ago the uncorner in wheat this year.'

expected seemed about to happen, and the "What?!

citizens of the terminal town assembled at "Yes, siree! that corner lot o'bis'n yon

the station with rockets, red fire and a brass der. It yielded 950 bushels.”—Philadelphia

band to weloome the punctual train. Press.

What's the celebration ?" asked the con

ductor as be jumped off at the station. The little girl was on her first trans-atlantic “Train on time,” explained the crowd in trip. She refused all substantial food but chorus. "Put out your fires, you--fools," drank great quantities of lemonade.

the conductor snorted; "we're just twenty"My dear cbild,''remonstrated her anxious four hours late." mother, "why don't you eat something insteud of drinking all that stuff?":

BUNIONS.— Plummer treats bunions by "Because," said the little girl, "lemonade making his patient wear right and left stockis the only thing that tastes the same coming ings and a shoe which has the inner edge perup as it does going down.”

fectly straight. The bunion is bathed night Nurse: "Tommy, dear, don't you want to

and morning in a four per cent solution of come and see the sweet little sister a stork

carbolic acid for a few minutes, followed by brought you?”

plain water. If after several weeks the bursa Tommy: "No. I want to see the stork."

is still distended with fluid it is aspirated. If

the bunion is due to flatfoot, the arch of the "Isn't it nice,” exclaimed the dear old foot must be restored by a plate. When the lady who gets things all mixed, “that you joints are enlarged because of gout or rheucan have some one look up your gynecologi. matism the constitutional conditions must be cal tree for you and tell you about what you treated. In other cases osteotomy and tencome from?!

otomy are required. - The Southern Clinic.

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