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to Disease. The subject will be treated under

OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. the following beadings: (a) Physiological In.

President: A. H. Freeland Barbour, M.D., troduction, by Dr. Percy M. Dawson (Balti. more). (b) Clinical Methods of Investigat- ick Fenton, M.D., C.M., 75 Bloor street E.,

Edinburgh. Honorary Secretaries: Fredering Blood Pressure, by Dr. G. A. Gibson (Edinburgh). (c) Pathology and Therapeu.

Toronto; Kennedy Crawford McIlwraith, M. tios of Morbid Blood Pressure, by Sir Wm.

B., 54 Avenue Road, Toronto; Cuthbert Broadbent. (d) The Relation of Blood Lockyear, M. D., 1178 Harley street, LonPressure to Arterial Sclerosis, by Professor don, W. Clifford Allbutt. The following will also take It has been arranged that on August 21st, part: Dr. Mackenzie (Burnley), Sir James 22d and 23d the first part of the meeting be Barr, Dr. Theodore Janenway (New York), devoted to a disoussion on the following sub


DR. C. A. L. REED, of Cincinnati,

who will open the discussion on "Uterine Fibroids." Dr. Rudolf (Toronto), and others. Wednes. jects: Tuesday, August 21st. - Hyperemesis day, August 22d.-A joint discussion with Gravidarum. Wednesday, August 22d. - The the Physiology Section on Over-nutrition Changes in Uterine Fibroids after the Meoand Under-nutrition, with special reference opause, with Special Reference to Operation. to Proteid Metabolism, to be opened by Pro- Thursday, August 23d.—The Appendix Vermfessor Chittenden (Yale). Thursday, Augustiformis in Relation to Pelvio Inflammation. 23d. - Papers on Heart Block, by Dr. Mac- Friday, August 24th.- Papers, etc. Dr. J. kenize (Burnley), Dr. G. A. Gibson, Dr. Er- C. Cameron, of Montreal, will introduce the langer, Professor Osler, and others.

discussion on August 21st; Dr. Charles A. L. Reed will probably introduce that on ter), Dr. H. Knapp (New York), and Dr. C. August 22d, and Dr. Ť. Arthur Helme will Bull (New York). Wednesday, August 22d. introduce that on August 23d.

-Sympathetic Opbthalmia. To be opened

by Dr. G. H. Burnham (Toronto). The fol. OPHTHALMOLOGY.

lowing will also take part: Mr. Arnold LawPresident: Robert Marcus Gunn, F.R.C. son (London) and Dr. J. W. Stirling (MonS., London. Honorary Secretaries: James treal). Thursday, August 23d. - Affections Metcalf MacCallum, B.A., M.D., C.M., To- of the Lachrymal Passages. To be opened ronto; Duncan Neil McLennan, M.D., C.M., by Dr. Desjardines (Montreal). The follow


DR. C. H. HUGHES, of St. Louis,

who has been invited to take part in the Psychological Section. 126 Bloor street W., Toronto; Frank P. S. ing will take part in the discussion: Dr. RisCresswell, F.R.C.S., B.Sc., 24 Windsor ley (Philadelphia) and Dr. Theobald (Balti. Place, Cardiff.

more). Friday, August 24th. - Visual Tests The subjects which have been ohosen for for Public Services. (a) Marine and Raildiscussion are: Tuesday, August 21st.-Rare road Services. To be opened by Dr. T. H. Forms of Choroiditis. To be opened by Mr. Biokerton (Liverpool). Dr. Williams, Jr., J.B. Lawford (London). The following will (Boston), Dr. Thompson, Sr. (Pbiladelphia), also take part: Dr. Hill Griffith (Manches- and Dr.Allport (Chicago) will also take part.

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(b) Military Services. To be opened by Mr. Professor Adami and Dr. McCallum, and Arnold Lawson (London).

followed by Dr. Gustav Mann (Oxford), Professor E. Waoe Carlier (Birmingbam), Pro

fessor A. S. F. Grunbaum (Leeds), and Dr. President: George Alexander Sutherland, H. E. Roaf (Liverpool). Wednesday.- EtiM.D., London. Honorary Secretaries: Ed- ology and Life-bistory of Malignant_New ward Stanley Ryerson, M.D., C.M., 261 Col- Growths. To be opened by Professor H. R. lege street, Toronto; Joseph S. A. Graham, Gaylord (Buffalo); Professor Clowes (BuffaM.B., 102 College street, Toronto; Ralph lo) and Drs. Buxton and Beebie (New York), Vincent, M.D., 1 Harley street, London, W. Professor G. Sims Woodhead (Cambridge),

The section will meet on Tuesday, Wednes- Professor A S. F. Grunbaum (Leeds), Dr. day, Thursday and Friday (August 21st, 22d, Robert Muir (Glasgow) and others are ex23d and 24th), at 9:30 a. m., adjourning at pected to take part in the discussion. Thurs12:30 p.m. eacb day. The following prelim- day.—The Forms of Arteriosclerosis, their inary arrangements have been made: A dis- Classification and Experimental Production. cussion on Congenital Pylorio Stenosis. The To be opened by Professor W. H. Welch medioal aspects of the subject will be intro. (Jobns Hopkins University, Baltimore), Dr.

Klotz (Montreal), and Dr. J. J. MacKenzie (Toronto); and followed by Professor L. Aschoff (Freiburg), Professor Leith (Bir



mingham), Professor Clifford Allbutt (Camduced by Dr. Edmund Cautley (London), and bridge), Professor W. Osler (Oxford), Pro. the surgioal aspeots will be introduced by fessor Adami (Montreal), Dr. Pearce (Al. Mr. Harold J. Stiles (Edinburgb). A dis- bany), and Dr. Robert Muir (Glasgow). Fri. cussion on Pneumocoocal Infection. The day.--Papers upon Pathogenio Protozoa; by medical aspects of the subject will be intro- Dr. F. W. Mott (London), Acute and Chronic duced by Dr. Henry Ashby (Manchester). Changes in the Nervous System produced by

A Clinical Demonstration of interesting Trypanosoma Infections; Professor F. E. cases in one of the Toronto hospitals will be Novy (Ann Arbor), On the Nature of Spiroarranged.

chaetes and the Prevention and Cure of Re.

lapsing Fever, with lantern demonstrations; PATHOLOGY AND BACTERIOLOGY.

and Dr. J. Ballah (Montreal), On the Life President: Professor J. G. Adami, M.D., History and Cultivations of Certain Patho. F.R.S., Montreal. Honorary Secretaries: genic Protozoa. Gideon Silvertborn, M.B., M.D., C.M., 266

PHYSIOLOGY. College street, Toronto; Harold 6. Parsons, B.A., M.D., C.M., 72 Bloor street W., To- President: Professor Wm. Dobinson Hal. ronto; Frank George Bushnell, M.D., Sussex libuton, M.D., F.S.R., London. Honorary County Hospital, Brighton.

Secretaries: Herbert E. Roaf, M.D., The The following preliminary arrangements Bio Chemical Department, The University, have been made: Tuesday.--On Nuclear Liverpool; Gustav Mann, M.D., 25 BeechPathology and Physiology, to be opened by croft Road, Oxford.

A large number of prominent American Surgical Treatment of_Ascites Secondary to physiologists have accepted invitations to at. Chronio Hepatitis. Prostatectomy.

Duo. tend, and British physiologists will thus have denal Ulcer.

denal Ulcer. Peritonitis. the opportunity of making the personal acquaintance of their Amercian colleagues.

THERAPEUTICS. Several Frenoh pbysiologists have also signi. President: Donald MacAlister, M.D., Camfied their intention to be present, and it is bridge. Honorary Secretaries: Velyien E. koped that other foreigners may also accept Henderson, M.A., M.B., University of Tothe invitations sent to them. A joint dis

ronto; Charles Potter Lusk, M.D., C.M., 99 cussion on the Role of the Nucleus in Nutri

Bloor street W., Toronto; E. R. Morton, M. tion with the Section of Pathology has been D., 22 Queen Anne street, London, W. arranged, and another joint discussion with

The following subjects have been selected the Section of Medicine will also take place, for discussion: Tuesday, August 21st. - The the subject being Over-nutrition and Under: Kidney, its Pharmacology and Therapeutics. nutrition, with special relation to Proteid Wednesday, August 22d.-Serumtberapy, Metabolism in Heatlh and Disease.

This Thursday, August 23d.-Joint Sessions with will be opened by Professor Chittenden. the Section of Medicine on the subject of

Heart-blook. Friday, August 24th.-The PSYCHOLOGY,

Place of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in President: Wm. Julius Mickle, M. D., the Medical Curriculum. The Secretaries London. Honorary Secretaries : Alfred will be glad to receive specimens, drawings, Thomas Hobbs, M.D., Guelph, Ontario; tracings, or preparations for exhibition durGoldwin Howland, B.A., M.B., 540 Spadina ing the session. Avenue, Toronto; John Turner, M.B., Essex County Asylum, Brentwood.

HONORARY LOCAL SECRETARIES. The following subjects have been selected

Frederic Newton Gisborne Starr, M.B., for special discussion in the Section of Psy- Medical Building, Toronto. Professor John ohology: General Paralysis. Epilepsy. De. Josepb Mackenzie, B.A., M.B., Medioal mentia Praecox. Psychology and Medicine. Building, Toronto. David James Gibb

Wishart, B.A., M.D., L.R.C.P., Medical

Building Toronto.
President: Frederick Montizambert, D. S.
PO., F.R.C.S.E., D.C.L., M.D, Ottawa.

TORONTO ARRANGEMENTS COMMITTEE. Honorary Secretaries: Joseph D. Page, M. Dr. Geo. A. Bingham, 68 Isabelle street, D., Quebec; F. G. E. Pearson, M.D., Brant. Toronto, Dr. C. J. C. 0. Hastings, 258 ford, Ontario; Edward Sergent, L.R.O.P., Wellesley street, Toronto. Dr. A. A. Mao. County Offices, Preston; Arthur A. Mussen, donald, 341 Bloor street West, Toronto. ProM.D., Municipal Offices, Liverpool.

fessor J. J. Mackenzie, Medical Laboratories The following special subjects have been Toronto. Dr. Alex. McPhedran, 151 Bloor suggested for discussion: Protection and street West, Toronto. Dr. R. A. Reeve, Control of Milk Supply. Prevention of Tu- President-elect, 48 Bloor street E., Toronto. beroulosis. Training and Supervision of Dr. F. N. G. Starr, 112 College street, ToMidwives. Notification of Phthisis. Pro. ronto. Dr. J. Algernon Temple, 333 Bloor vision and Administration of Isolation Hospi- street W., Toronto. Dr. D. J. Gibb Wishtals. Isolation Hospitals and “Return art, 47 Grosvenor street, Toronto. Cases. Medical Inspection of Children attend. ing Elementary Schools. Quarantine and

THE LOCAL DELEGATION, Inspection of Shipping. Medical Examina

Arrangements have been made for the tion of Immigrants. Supyly of "Water Gas"

party from St. Louis for through service and Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

from this city tu Toronto over the Illi

nois Central and Grand Trunk systems. SURGERY.

Those who took this route to the recent President: Sir Hector Clare Cameron, M. meeting of the A. M. A. will appreciate D., Professor of Clinical Surgery, Glasgow. the wisdom of its selection. A rate of $21.60 Honorary Secretaries: Harry A. Beatty, M. with a return limit of fifteen days is made B., 207 Simcoe Street, Toronto; Frederick from August 1st to September 1st, giving William Marlow, M.D., C.M., F.R.C.S., 699 ample time for the many side trips which Spadina Avenue, Toronto; Sinclaire White, will be offered. Reservations may be made F.R.C.S., Ranmoor, Sheffield.

through the editor of the Fortnightly or at Arrangements bave been made for special the office of the Illinois Central, 707 Olive discussions on the following subjects: The St., St. Louis.

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