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The Use of Carbohydrates in Diabetes tion in a given case. The diet question in the Mellitus.—Lauistzen, (Med. Klinik, No. 39, case of tuberculous invalids is more than one 1905.) In recent years the use of carbohy- of calories. It cannot be solved merely by drates in diabetes has become more liberal, arriving at theoretical standard amounts and and it is now for us to decide which of the relations of proteids, fats, and carbohydrates. carbohydrates is most advisable.

The tastes, habits, and peculiarities of the tients tolerate one form of carbohydrates patients, and their heredity are important while others do better on anotber form. Milk, factors. Variety, preparation, and the mansugar, oatmeal and potatoes do less harm ner of serving foods are all important. Psythan any other carbohydrates. In compli- chotherapy is more important in diet precated cases (renal, cardiac, arterial) & milk scriptions perhaps than anywhere else. In diet is of great benefit to the patient. Many the study of these cases the food requirepatients are unable or unwilling to continue ments should be determined and met, if posa strict diet for any length of time and here sible, and the dangerous error of over feedwe must select the least injurious food sub- ing should be avoided. . stances.

Diet in Nephritis.-F. C. Shattuck, Boston The Importance of Anesthetics in Inflam

(Journal A.M.A., January 6), lays down the matory Processes. Spies (Munch. Med. Woch., No. 6, 1906) recommends local anes

following as the leading principles pertaining

to the dietetio treatment of nephritis: 1. thetics in inflammatory processes, wounds,

Such control as we may have to-day of nephand in superficial operations. Laryngeal tu



ritis lies in diet and mode of life rather than berculosis, coryza and similar inflammatory

in drugs. 2. Such drugs as are useful are diseases improve decidedly by using anes

so in their effect on the general organism tbetics. Orthcform powders often do much

and the heart rather than on the kidneys good, but at times more powerful anesthetics

directly. 3. In all cases of nephritis the are indicated. Opiutes should be used cau

main aim is to spare the kidneys unnecestiously in chronic processes, but in acute

sary work, remembering that the urinary cases where little danger of acquiring the

system is but one, of the many, making up habit need be feared it may be used advan.

the body. 4. In acute nephritis, as well tageously

as in the acute exacerbations of the obronic Abdominal Arteriosclerosis. – Rosengart, form, doctors, diet and quiet should work (Munch. Med. Woob., No. 20.) Very fre- together. Starvation for a few days, regulated quently arteriosclerosis first manifests itself by the intensity of the process and the by gastro-intestinal disturbances and not strength of the patient, is the keynote here. until we find other evidences of solerosis do 5. In the chronic forms the aim is to lighten we recognize the condition. It occurs most

and to lengthen life. Especially in the confrequently between the 30th and 40th years of

tracted form of kidney disease, many years of life. The patients complain of flatulence,

life and comfort may depend on the physislight pains especially in the right hypo

cian's skill in adapting sound principles to chondriac region, slight colic, belching, and the partioular case and in securing the coother vague symptoms. The patients are ir. operation of the patient in persistently carryritable, sleep is poor, appetite good, usually, ing out the directions given. Dietary restricand constipation as a rule. Eventually the

tion should, in the main, be quantitative palse become more frequent and hard, the rather than qualitative. Alcohol in moderaheart dullness increases, a slight systolio mur. tion is not necessarily a poison and may be mur and accentuated second aortic sound are

an aid to digestion.

6. The excess of proheard and the diagnosis is easily made. The teid, not proteid itself, is harmful to the gastrointestinal symptoms are due to faulty chronically sick kidney. 7. A varied diet is circulation on account of the sclerotio vessels. more likely, than a monotonous one, to proThe treatment is similar to that of arterio. mote the making of good blood and improvsclerosis affecting any organ of the body. ing the general nutrition, and that of the

myocardium in particular. 8. The amount Diet in Tuberculosis.— H. M. King of albumin is in itself no guide as to the ex. (Med. Rec., July 21, 1906) declares that dis- tent of dietary restriction. Shattuck remarks turbed metabolism is essential to the develop. the advisability of a relatively dry diet in ment of tuberculosis. If, in all respects, the dropsical cases, proportioned to the degree of cell is normally nourished, it will be suffi- dropsy. In cases of contracted kidney, even ciently resistant to the invasion of the tuber- without dropsy, he thinks physicians have ole bacillus. As a rule, one is able to trace erred in forcing water, and that the main errors in nutrition antedating by months and service von Noorden has rendered is in advooften by years the probable period of infec- cating the limitation of liquids.

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C. 0. Thienhaus, Milwaukee: "The Clini.

cal Picture of Volvulus of the Intestine, with MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE MISSOURI

a report of two operated cases.' VALLEY.

W. F. Milroy, Omaba: “Case of Graves'

Disease, treated by Diphtheria Antitoxin. The nineteenth annual meeting of this so. Alfred Scblek, Chicago: "Rational Treatciety will be held at Council Bluffs, uuder ment of Eczema." the presidency of Dr. John E. Summers, Emil Ries, Chicago: "Personal Experience ofOmaha, on September 6 and 7. Sessions with Scopolamine-Morphine Anesthesia.” will be held in the banquet hall of the Grand D. S. Fairchild, Des Moines, Iowa: “Some Hotel.

Observation on Pathology and Diagnosis of Following is the preliminary program: Gall Bladder Disease.

John E. Summers, Omaha: President's W. F. Waugh, Chicago: "Corn Nuclein." Address.

The Grand Hotel will be headquarters, Richard C. Moore, Omaha: Oration on and members should make reservations of Medicine.

rooms at once to secure good accommodations, S. Grover Burnett, Kansas City: “A Sec- as this will be “Carnival week" in Council ond Case of Dual Personality."

Bluffs. Reduced rates on all lines of rail. W. L. Kenney, St. Joseph : "Sarcoma of road within a radius of seventy-five miles of the Optic Nerve-Operation, X-Ray Treatment; Council Bluffs. Programs will be issued Recovery.

August 25, copies of which may be obtained 0. B. Campbell, St. Joseph: “Ectopic by addressing the secretary, Dr. Charles Pregnancy with Report of Cases."

Wood Fassett, St. Joseph, Mo. C. B. Hardin, Kansas City: "The Physi. cal Signs of Disease; their scope and what they reveal to the Modern Physician. Harry Everett, Lincoln, Neb.: "A Prelim.

In chronio ankylosing catarrh of middle inary Report on a Simplified Method of Preparing Catgut.

ear Dr. Bishop employs air massage of the W. T. Elam, St. Joseph: Paper.

drum bead, in alternation with injections of T. E. Potter, St. Joseph: "Tubercular alvolin into the middle ear. Joints."

LeRoy Crummer, Omaha: “The Use of THE HIGHEST HUMAN TEMPERATURE. Digitalis.

It is difficult to give a definite answer to your Mary Strong, Omaha: "Heart Disease in question. The London Lancet (June 2, 1906) Obstetric Cases.

reports the case of a woman in Bombay with A. C. Stokes, Omaba: "Operative Treat- a temperature of 112.4 deg. F. We believe ment in Chronic Gonorrhea of the Male." still higher cases have been reported, with

Geo. F. Butler, Chicago: "The Treatment recovery. Patients suffering with sunstroke of Chlorosis.

may have exceedingly high temperatures for J. P. Lord, Omaha: "A New Retention a brief time. Departure from the normal Suture in Operations for Cleft Palate.

temperature above the standard may be much Bernard A. McDermott, Omaba: "Some greater, without causing death, than a reducNotes on Peritoneal Adhesions, Post-Opera. tion in temperature. tive."

F. Damour, Bolokow, Mo.: "Old Time MORE TROUBLE IN STORE FOR THE RETreatment of Typhoid Fever."

TAIL DRUGGISTS. - It seems that the Depart. F. E. Coulter, Omaba: Clinio.

ment of Internal Revenue of the Government L. L. Uhls, Oesawatomie, Kan.: "The Re- is determined to make life a burden for the lation of the State to the Insane."

drug trade. The next move may class as re: Frank P. Norbury, Jacksonville: "The tail liquor dealers all druggists who sell Treatment of Sleep Disorders."

"non-intoxicating beverages” that contain a Leo M. Crafts, Minneapolis: "Observa- trace of aloobol. It is not generally undertions on the Morbid Physiology of the Duct- stood that some of the vario us summer drink less Glands.'

will sbow from a fraction of one to nearly Palmer Findley, Omåba: "The Clinical two per cent of alcohol. The manufacturer Significance of Latent Infections of the Pel. who sells these goods in lots of five gallons

or more must also pay the wholesale liquor Halsey M. Lyle, Kansas City: "Keratosis tax. Some of the St. Louis manufacturers Follicularis, or Darier's Disease."

have been notified that they must also pay D. C. Brockman, Ottumwa, la.: "Tumors back license for two or three years. — Meyer of the Breast.

Bros. Druggist.

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SWEATING OF FEET.— An ointment composed of one to two drachms of 40% formal

debyde to the ounce of lanolin applied once A Cosmopolitan Biweekly for the General Practitioner

or twice daily will usually control this disThe Medical Fortnightly is devoted to the progress of the Practice and Science of Medicine and Surgery. Its aim is to pre

agreeable condition. The same ointment may sent topics of interest and importance to physicians, and to this be used in the axillae. end, in addition to a well-selected corps of Department Editors, it has secured correspondents in the leading medical centers of

CHOLERA INFANTUM.Europe and America. Contributions of a scientific nature, and original in character, solicited. News of Societies, and of interesting medical topics, cordially invited.

Ro Hydrarg. oblor. mite...... Advertising forms close on the first and fifteenth of each

Cretae praep.. month. Time should be allowed to submit proof for correction Advertising rates on application.

Plumbi acetat.. Remittances and business communications should be ad

Pulv. ipecac. dressed to the Fortnightly Press Co.

Subscription, $2.00 a year, in advance, including postage to M. Ft chart. No. xii. any part of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Postage to foreign countries in the Universal Postal Union, including New- S. One every three hours.-Condie. foundland, $1.00 a year additional. Entered at the St. Josepb post-office as second-class matter. The Medical Fortnightly will not be discontinued at expira

DIARRHEA OF CHILDREN.tion of subscription, as many of our readers prefer not to have

B Tr. opii. their files broken on account of failure to remit. Unless we re

gtt. xvj ceive a distinct request to discontinue, and payment for all ar- Bismuthi subnitrat.

3 ij rearages, this magazine will not be discontinued. Subscriptions may begin at any time: volumes end with Syr. simp....

Z S8 June and December.

Mist, cretae..

3 iss Contributors should understand that corrected typewritten copy is essential to clean proof and prompt publication, and is M. Sig. Shake. A teaspoonful every three much more satisfactory than manuscript. Original articles should be as condensed as justice to the subject will allow.

or four hours for a child one year old.-J. Editorial offices in St. Louis and St. Joseph, where speci

Lewis Smith. men copies may be obtained, and subscriptions will be received.

Contributions and books for review should be addressed to the Managing Editor, 319 and 320 Century Building, St. Louis, PRICKLY HEAT.-In carrying out the proMo.

phylactic treatment of prickly heat, the Cy

clopedia of Medicine and Surgery recomSEASONABLE THERAPEUTICS mends that children be lightly clad in thin

woolens and exposed to beat as little as posHAY FEVER. -The insufflation of a small sible. Constipation should be avoided. The quantity of orthoform into the nostrils twice following is recommended, to be applied loa day, or oftener, will prove of great advan- cally: tage in many cases of hay fever.

B Acidi carbolici....

MXXX Acidi borici...

3 j HEATSTROKE. -Collapse from heatstroke

Zinci oxidi.

3 iss should be promptly combated with hot packs

The by

Glycerini and the application of stimulants.

3 ij Alcoholis.

3 ij podermio use of digitalis is effective. In by

Aquae, q. s. ad..

3 vj perpyrexia without collapse the cold pack or

M. ft. lotio. Sig.: To be applied looally to ioe bath and cold enemas should be used un

the skin. til the temperature is reduced to within the

As a dusting powder the following comsafety limit

, to 101 deg. or 100 deg. Prompt action is important in all these cases.

bination is of value:

R Magnesii carb.. DIARRHEA OF CHILDREN. ––After empty- Acidi borici.. ing the bowel give

Pulv. amyli..

..aa 3 ij RBismuth subnit.

3 ij

M. ft. pulvis. Salol.....

Sig.: To be dusted over the areas involved. Aq. cinnamon...

3 i

When the entire body is involved the paAq. q. s. ad...

3 ij

tient should receive bran, starch, or alkaline M. S. Shake. A teaspoonful in water

baths. every two hours.

Hyde recommends lotions of lead or of lead CURE FOR THE WHISKY HABIT.-It is and opium in some cases, or alcoholio and claimed that a person cannot take the follow. ethereal solutions containing camphor and ing and drink whisky at the same time, i.e.,

glycerine similar to the following: it will cure the whisky babit if a patient will R Acidi carbolici..

3 iss Glycerini.

3 ij B Apomorpbine


3j Strychnine...

Spts. vini rectif..
Fowler's solution.

Aquae, q. 8. ad....

3 viij Tinct. cinchona comp., zij

M. ft. lotio. M. Sig.: One teaspoonful every three Sig. : To be applied locally. hours.-Medical Summary.

Or the following:

gr. xvj

use it:

gr. ij
gr. 88


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aa 3i

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m. ii


M.ft. ungt.

B Olei lini.

Sodii cblor ..... Liq. petrolati..

au 3 ij

Tinct. card. comp.
Olei bergamii.

Z ss
Aquae dest

... Oss Aquae calcis, q. 6. ad..... Oj

Filtra. Sig.: A tablespoonful before M. Sig. : To be applied externally to the breakfast in a tumblerful of cool or hot water. body.

In case of renal derangement diuretics are The foregoing combination makes a creamy indicated, and in gouty cases, colchicum and solution which often is very grateful to the vichy water. skin. If desired, zinc oxide or carbolic acid When both diuretics and alkalies are indimay be added.

cated, the following may be used: The general treatment of the patient, ac- Magnesii sulph....

Zss cording to Hyde, should consist in with- Magnesii carb....

gi drawal from light and heat, the use of un

Tinct. colchici...

Jss stimulating food and drink, unirritating ap. Olei menth. pip... parel, and rest. The free use of lemonade or Aquae dest....

Zvi vichy water, or any reliable carbonated water, The following is a useful lotion : is of value in aiding elimination and in sup- Acidi carbolici.... plying the fluids demanded by the cutaneous Zinci oxidi...

3i Joss through evaporation. Lassar's paste is Glycerini....

3ii serviceable in some cases of pruritus. It is Aquae calcis, q. 8. ad..... 3 viii composed as follows:

In this formula, when carbolic acid does R Resorcini..

not act favorably, dilute hydrocyanic acid Zinci oxidi ..

may be substituted.

Tragacanth mucilage Pulv. amyli..

aa 3j may be used instead of glycerin, or both may Liq. petrolati...

3ij be omitted and half the amount of lime water

may be replaced by an equal quantity of Sig.: To be applied locally.

elder-flower water. Or resorcin may be used in the following Acidi hydrocyanic dil..... 3ss.ii combination:

Zinci oxidi.
B Resoroini....

gr. xxx

aa 3i Creosoti...


Aquae calois..

Aquae sambuoi.

aa ziv M.ft. ungt.

Sig.: To be applied locally to the affected Acidi carbolici.....

38s-ii areas.-Jour. A. M. A.

Bismuthi subpit.


Pulv. tragacanth. Rhus PoisoNING.-Rbus dermatitis often

Aquae oalcis

3 viii requires the most active treatment. To

--Merok's Archiv. quickly alleviate the suffering and remove the eruption, I have found the use of the fol. CHLOASMA.—Chloasma or liver spots may lowing lotion very efficient:

be caused by disorders of the liver, and also B Sodii thiosulphatis


be caused by disorders of other internal orAquae....


gans, as, for instance, the uterus and ovary. M. Sig. : Bathe the affected parts every

Ibis variety is not infrequent during preg. balf hour.

nancy, and is called chloasma uterinum. DisAnother good lotion that is often employed

eases of the blood and nervous system may is one drachm of the fluid extract of grindelia also bring on the trouble. To successfully in four ounces of water.

treat your patient, endeavor to locate the Decoctions of chestnut leaves, wbite or cause and remove it. A solution of five graips black oak-bark, black alder, or geranium will

of corrosive sublimate to two ounces of water also prove valuable. -Shoemaker.

is an efficient local remedy to destroy the pig.

mentation. The following ointments are also ACUTE ECZEMA.-In acute eczema-blue very beneficial local remedies : mass or compound cathartic pill, followed next B Oleati bydragyri.....

3iss morning by a saline laxative. Natural min- . Adipis, q. s. ad..

3j eral waters are useful, such as the Hathorn, M. ft. ungt. Carlsbad, Hunyadi Janos or Friedrichshall. Sig. : Apply to the affeoted area twice daily. When both iron and the sulphate of magnes- B Oluati cupri....

3j ium are indicated, the following may be used: Adipis, q. 8. ad....

3j Magnesii sulph ...


M.ft. ungt. Acidi sulphur dil.


Sig. : Apply to the affected areas twice Ferri sulph....

Oss daily. --Shoemaker.

gr. x]



Have used your resinol soap and ointment with much satisfaction. I have for years suffered at intervals with scalp itching, have used most everything with no avail until I tried a massage with the ointment. The result was great, scalp easy, no dandruff, and hair ceases to fall out. I try to keep it on hand.-C. D. Driscoll, D. D. S., Paoli, Ind.

X-Ray Burns. At the 337th regular meeting of the New York Dermatological Society held November 28, 1905, the subject of X-ray burns was taken up, and Dr. Henry G. Piffard, Emeritus Professor of Dermatology in New York University said, according to the Journal of Cutaneous Diseases, “that he had obtained the most benefit in treating these conditions from antiphlogistine, chloride of zinc, high frequency current and ultra violet rays

Let It Be Resolved.—That we strive to carry to every patient a more pronounced spirit of hopefulness and good cheer; to know more about disease, exhausting, so far as we may, every possibility of relief or cure ; to search for medical truths and accept them wherever they may be found, regardless of source ; to meet our defeats like men and fight our battles with undiminished courage; to hate evil and have no commerce with hypocrisy nor with those who fatten on the misfortunes, the ignorance and the appetites of the weak; to give every man a square deal and deniand the same for ourselves; to be kind to all but especially the unfortunate; and, finally, to dedicate our energies and our talents to the service of our fellow men, aiming to make medicine, as we practice it, so helpful, so efficient, so scientific, that there shall be no abiding place in the communities in which we work, for quackery in any of its many forms.

DR. W. C. ABBOTT. Anedemin (opposed to edema) is urgently indicated in valvular disease, cirrhosis and nephritis, with edema attendant, or inflammation of the peritoneum, pleurae or other serous cavities. It acts upon the circulation, accelerates the flow in the thoracic duct, rapidly returning the serum to the blood by the lymphatic channels, as well as by resorption into the blood by healthy arterial tone, from whence it is readily removed by diuresis and purgation. The collaborative effects of its components (apocynum, strophanthus, scillae, with sambucus as adjuvant) are marvel

They are so chemically treated and disposed as to form a definite compound. all objectionable features and properties of the components being positively eliminated, yet the full force and virtues, together with their potency, preserved. Anedemin diminishes the pulse frequency, and will hold it at 50 or 60 for months. It reduces dilatation, diminishes regurgitation, increases the arterial output, at the same time increasing the nutrition and power of the heart muscle. It is not a renal irritant. It is non-toxic, not cumulative, and patients have not to be watched nor kept recumbent as in digitalis administration. It will restore and maintain a perfect balance between the arterial and venous systems. It does not cause nausea, nor interfere with nutrition by prodlucing loss of appetite. A box of 75 tablets promptly mailed gratis to any physician upon request.

An Improved Therapeutic Agent in the Treatment of Diarrhea.—In the treatment of diarrhea, whether due to inflammation of the large or small intestines or to structural lesions, as incident in typhoid fever, tuberculosis of the intestines, or occurring as functional disorders, viz., indigestion, sporadic cholera, certain forms of colic, or whether the diarrhea be transient or chronic, the following is well to be considered. As is well known, each type of diarrhea requires special treatment aimed at eliminating the cause, for example, the use of a cathartic to remove offending substances from the bowels when the diarrhea is due to fermenting food. It is a fact, however, that every severe form of diarrhea invariably requires at some stage of its treatment the use of astringents in addition to any special treatment used. Tannic acid is universally acknowledged to be the best of all astringents, because it disturbs the stomach less than any other, but it is open to the objections that it constringes the walls of the stomach, therefore precipitating pepsin and interfering seriously with digestion. Our object is to call attention to a new astringent. This substance is a nucleo-proteid tannin, to which the manufacturers have given the distinctive name “protan" as a word-mark. Protan is a new form of tannic acid free from all the objectionable features because it passes through the stomach chemically unchanged and is not dissolved or changed the slightest until it is dissolved or split up in the alkaline secretions of the duodenum. Protan acts happily not only as a local astringent, allaying congestion and inflammation, but as a reliable disinfectant and antiseptic. In diarrhea of all kinds protan has been highly recommended by clinicians, particularly in the gastro-intestinal disorders of children, diarrhea of typhoid fever, phthisis enteritis and dysentery. Where it is advisable to supplement with other drugs, opium, bismuth betanaphthol, salol, zinc sulphocarbolate or calomel can be combined in powder form, or it may be added to cream of bismuth, milk of magnesia or the regular prescriptions ordered in liquid form, provided instructions are given to shake the mixture well before administering: To physicians desiring sufficient protan for clinical test a liberal quantity, with literature, will be forwarded by H. K Mulford Company, manufacturing chemists, Philadelphia, who are introducing this preparation to the medical profession.

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