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ard to which everything must submit. If SOCIETY PROCEEDINGS
vinegar* should be chosen as the standard sub-
stance it is safe to assume that there would

MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE NEW YORK be no desire on the part of any one to exceed

POLYCLINIC MEDICAL SCHOOL AND the standard. It is without doubt the most

HOSPITAL. dangerous and most poisonous of all preserv. atives. Its dose, as fixed by all authorities, is considerably smaller than any of the or- Stated meeting held December 4, 1905. dinary preservatives. Let us have a scientific, The President, Dr. J. J. MacPhee, in the and not a whimsical standard. Let it apply chair. with absolute impartiality to everything. The

ATRESIA OF THE BOWEL. United States Pharmacopoeia now gives the doses of all the substances under consider. Dr. J. E. Fuld showed this specimen. The ation. Make its doses the representative po. child was born normally, at full term, and tency of each article and fix a definite frac

on the morning of the third day vomited mation of these doses as the maximum amount

terial which looked like meconium. It had that the law will perwit to be used. Make

not defecated since birth, and refused the the users of salt, of mustard, of vinegar, of breast. Physical examiuation showed a wellspices, of sugar, of alcohol, of creosote in

formed, healthy baby, with no outward desiooke, of benzoic acid, of salicylic acid, of formities. The abdomen presented marked formaldehyde, of borio acid, adhere to the lateral and median distention, but no signs same fraction of their respective doses in each

of bernia. Examination with a large sized pound of food. To condemn one preserva- Kelly cystoscope showed a distinct narrowtive and permit another is to force manu- ing of the lumen of the bowel between 1} and facturers to either seek to evade the law or

14 inches from the anus. In the center cf buy up legislators to favor their product and

the narrowest part a small dimple was discondemn that of some one else. Permit both

tinctly visible, and through this a uterine perserved and unpreserved food to be sold,

sound was introduced with some difficulty side by side, in open market. Label each

for about 14 inches. No mass could be felt true to its composition. Let the best one in the pelvis. A diagnosis of atresia recti win on its own merits. Stop the criminal

was made, and iliostomy was performed lying about poisoning. Let the public know

under cbloroform anesthesia. A median inci. that the benzoated, salicylated, salted, sugared, sion two inches long was made below the alcoholized, and acetacised foods are all

umbilicus, and in trying to get into the periequally poisonous with the salted and

toneal cavity the much distended bladder, smoked ones and no more. What right has which resembled the parietal peritoneum, was any set of men to keep out of the market for- nicked and considerable urine escaped. An maldehyded or salicylated goods when I want

artificial anus was made in the lowest part of and prefer them to the salted, smoked, or the ileum, which was packed off and suracetacized ? Is my liberty to the pursuit of rounded with gauze. The patient left the happiness and the enjoyment of life not as

table in a fair condition, but was not relieved precious to as to those who seek to

by the operation, and died thirteen hours com pel me to eat only wbat they allow? later.

R. G. ECCLES, M.D. Brooklyn, N. Y., December 23, 1905.

Post-mortem examination showed the small intestine to be full of meconium and considerably distended. The pylorus was distinctly thickened for a distance of about three

fourths of an inch, making a firm ring, and If an incised wound in the soft parts does producing a slight stenosis. Section through not heal as rapidly as it should, examine the the thickened tissue showed very marked in. urine for sugar.

crease of the muscular layer. At the normal

end of the ileum, instead of the normal valve TUBERCULAR NASAL ULCERS.—These are

there was complete closure. Beyond this the usually on the septum, are whitish-gray and

large bowel was patent throughout, communi. shallow, bleeding readily. They are accom. cating below with the rectum. In the cen. panied by infiltrated elevations. Tubercle

ter of the septum was a dimple, correspondbacilli can be found in the scrapings. For ing to the ileocecal valve. The large bowel these, as well as for lupous ulcers extending

was the size of an adult ureter, and the ce. from the exterior, Levy advises curetting and cum was about three-fourths of an inch in the application of concentrated lactic acid.

length and about twice the size of the sigmoid colon.


As acetic acid


reminded him of an instance in which he Dr. L. J. Ladinski showed a uterus and

made a diagnosis of abdominal rupture of advexa which he had removed from a pa

pregnancy, even going so far as to determine

the position of the fetus. There was some tient about a week before. The history given was that pregnanuy followed four years after bleeding from the uterus, which was enlarged operation at the Polyclinic Hospital, and

and quite soft. The abdomen, when opened, just prior to impregnation there was chronic allowed the escape of a very great amount of endometritis with mattery discharge.

Ex: bloody material, and this being removed, it amination through the vagina during the

was seen that all of the viscera, the bowels fourth month of pregnancy showed the uterus especially were covered with a new growth to be adherent, but there was no deformity which proved to be sarcoma, the largest clump in size, form or position. Three days before of which had been mistaken for the fetus. operation a small blood spot was noticed, and the speaker advised absolute rest in bed and

DERMOID CYST. morphin. There was no further showing of blood, but the following day the patient com

Dr. Dawbarn showed a dermoid cyst which plained of pain in her back, and two days he bad removed a week previously from a later she collapsed. Her pulse was rapid and girl nine years of age. The dermoid was much almost imperceptible at times, and she had larger than the average specimen of its kind. intense pallor and rapid respiration. Her There was a bistory of half a dozen paroxabdomen was distended, not in the shape of ysms of pain, and when the specimen was a dome, but over its entire surface. A diag. removed the pedicle was found to be twisted nosis of ruptured abdominal pregnancy was

upon itself a great many times. Apparently made, and immediate operation advised.

this had occurred coincidently with the pain, When the patient was placed on the operat.

and of course had occasioned hemorrhage of ing table the fetus was found in its sac, float.

the sac.

The solid portion of the cyst was ing about in the abdomen. There was a large about the size of a small egg and was filled rent in the uterus. The patient made a good

with teeth and bones. recovery. Uterine rutpure during pregnancy is rare,

TENDON TRANSPLANTATION IN THE FOREARM, and must not be confounded with rupture

This patient was presented by Dr. J. A. during labor. The most frequent cause for


a butcher by trade, and the former is the giving way of the scar of

was on the top of a high stepladder when he a previous Cesarean section, or of the conDective tissue formed after a deep curettage.

slipped and caught at a large meat hook on

the side of the wall. The hook penetrated In the case described, one portion of the

the forearm at the base of the thumb, pickposterior wall of the uterus was as thin as ing up the three tendons on the radial side paper. If a bistory of the operation per

--the two tendons forming the anatomical formed four years before could be obtaived

snuff box and that of the supernator longus. it would assist in determining the cause of

He swung from this hook with bis entire this condition.

weight of 170 pounds. The tendons did not Dr. B. Torrens said that possibly the pa- break, but pulled loose from their attach- . tient was the same as one on whom he had ments to the muscles in the forearm, one of operated about four years ago at the Poly. them hanging down for twelve inches. He clinic Hospital. On inserting the curette into wrapped his butcher apron around the forethe uterine cavity, it was found that the in- arm and tendons and in a few hours was strument entered the abdominal cavity the operating table. The tendons were identhrough an opening in the anterior uterine tified and two of them passed through the wall It was immediately withdrawn, and canal in the anterior ligament of the wrist digital examination showed two perforations and sutured in their proper positions. The of the wall, with about one inch of connective loose tendon of the supernator longus, howtissue separating them. Each of the open

ever, was so long that opening of the muscuings was large enough to admit the passage lar planes of the forearm, near the elbow, of two fingers. The uterus was packed with would have been necessary in order to stitch iodoform gauze, the cul-de-sac of Douglas it in place. It was, therefore, thought best was opened, and the small intestine was found to transplant it into the tendons of the exadherent to the anterior uterine wall at the tensor primi internodii pollicis. The wound site of perforation. This was detached and healed kindly and the patient can now do the pelvis packed with gauze. The patient with this thumb all that he can do with the made an uneventful recovery.

other one

He was



VARICOSE VEINS OF THE LOWER LIMB. This patient was also presented by Dr. Bodine. Of middle life, she presented for A Cosmopolitan Biweekly for the General Practitioner operation the worst type of this condition.

The Medical Fortnightly is devoted to the progress of the Great masses of infected thrombi were pres- Practice and Science of Medicine and Surgery. Its aim is to preent on the inner side of the leg.

sont topics of interest and importance to physicians, and to this Three

end, in addition to a well-selected corps of Department Editors, weeks' rest in bed, with ice bags, etc., was

it has secured correspondents in the leading medical centers of

Europe and America. Contributions of a scientific nature, and insisted upon; until all inflammation and original in character, solicited. News of Societies, and of inter

osting medical topics, cordially invited. sepsis bad disappeared. She was then oper- Advertising forms close on the first and fifteenth of each ated upon. It is the speaker's belief that month. Time should be allowed to submit proof for correction

Advertising rates on application. when the Trendelen berg operation cannot be Remittances and business communications should be ad

dressed to the Fortnightly Press Co. utilized the only other to be recommended

Subscription, $2.00 a year, in advance, including postage to is that of excision of the entire internal sa

any part of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Postage to
foreign countries
in the Universal Postal Union, including

Newphenous vein, because if the blood current foundland, $1.00 a year additional. Entered at the St. Joseph

post-office as second-class matter. in the vein is cut by any other operation, the The Medical Fortnightly will not be discontinued at expirawalls of the useless vein may becone a for

tion of subscription, as many of our readers prefer not to have

their files broken on account of failure to remit. Unless we reeign body and require removal. The opera-' ceive a distinct request to discontinue, and payment for all ar

rearages, this magazine will not be discontinued. tion recommended by the speaker is that of

Subscriptions may begin at any time; volumes end with Caseta in which the entire veip is removed

June and December.

Contributors should understand that corrected typewritten through three or four small cuts in the over- copy is essential to clean proof and prompt publication, and is

much more satisfactory than manuscript. Original articles lying skin, the vein being pulled out subcu.

should be as condensed as justice to the subject will allow. taneously, the numerous tributary vessels be. Editorial offices in St. Louis, Jacksonville, and St. Joseph,

where specimen copies may be obtained, and subscriptions will ing torn across, but not ligated. At the juno- be received.

Contributions and books for review should be addressed to tion of the middle with the lower third of

the editora, 319 and 320 Century Building, St. Louis, Mo. the leg, the skin and subcutaneous fascia are then cut through to the muscles, the cut en- is weighty prosthetic evidence that even this ciroling the entire limb. After this opera: point of amputation should be discarded in tion the patient is usually in the hospital favor of removal seven inches above the for two weeks. In every one of the twenty ground line. There is but one American firm cases in which the speaker had operated ac- of limb-makers which claims it can fit partial cording to this method the cure had been foot amputations with a satisfactory appli. perfected.

ance, and even it admits that the advantage The paper of the evening, entitled

is chiefly economio, the apparatus costing less

than in the case of higher amputations. SURGICAL HERESY,

After leaving the point seven inches above was read by Dr. John A. Bodine. He said the ground line, the rule of save every inch in part:

possible holds good until within two inches The first slipping away from the faith of of the knee-joint. In amputations of the our forefathers was in "Where and How to thigh above this point, one should save Amputate" No article in textual creed is every inch possible. stronger than, “Save all you can in amputa- In the event of future improvements in tions. The various and multiform ampu- artificial substitutes, nullifying the potency tations through the complex tarsus and meta- of the speaker's argument, he submitted that tarsus bones are the result of the necessity in partial foot amputations the technical for speed before the advent of anesthesia. and complicated textual amputations should This golden rule was also strengthened by be discarded and the foot treated as one the argument that in amputations the nearer bone, the rule then being, "Save all you can the trunk the greater the death rate, and still from toe to hip joint." further bed-rocked in the belief of the pa

Dr. F. M. Jeffries, in discussing the paper, tient that the less of his anatomy lost, the less said that so far as Dr. Bodine’s remarks cona cripple he was. The advent of skilled pros. cerned the laboratory, he must agree with thetic surgery has done away with peg legs him in the main, but some of his assertions and crutches for the unfortunate victims of he could not coincide with. With regard to amputations, and today instead of traditional cancer, he felt that if the pathologist's report anatomic and sentimental arguments, one is that of cancer, no matter what the clini. should be guided by a new article of faith: cal findings might be the surgeon should “Amputate where the limb maker can best proceed on the assumption that it is malig. supply the loss." Save all you can from tip nant in character. Regarding appendicitis, of toe to the tarso-metatarsal joint, and dis- it is generally known that hematology is not card every one of the many technical ampu. the useful diagnostic aid that at one time it tations through the tarsus in favor of the was hoped it would be, nevertheless, instances Syms' amputation at the ankle joint. There were on record in which it had been of service.

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