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THE thirty-second annual meeting of the it bas never been in a more flourishing con. Mississippi Valley Medical Association will dition than at present, and the accentuation

convene at Hot Springs, of the American Association of the desirabil.

Ark., on November 6th ity of distriot bodies strikes most of us as The Mississippi

next and continue three meaning approval of just such an institution Valley Medical days. The

meeting as the M. V. M. A., for isn't she just a gi. Association. promises to be one of gantic district medical association ?

more than usual in. The Iron Mountain will carry delegations

terest. The principal to Springs from this section, and will do the addresses will be delivered by Drs. Frank P. Norbury and Dr. Florus F. Lawrence; Dr. Norbury delivering the address in Medicine and speaking on Clinical Psychology,” Dr. Lawrence delivering the address in Surgery, his subject being “Surgical Principles aud Theories." Aside from these the program gives promise of better than seventy-five



Jacksonville, Ill.

courtesies with tbat intentness that our com. fort be absolute that bas made the route so popular with the traveling public. Reservations should be made at once. A rate of one and one-third fare on the certificate plan will be in effect.

Hot Springs, the great "National Sanitari. DR. F. F. LAWRENCE,

um," as it is oalled, is owned and controlled Columbus, Ohio.

by the U. S. Government, baving been set

apart for the treatment of its people in 1832. papers, a large proportion being from the au

The government scheme of improvements thorities, and the range of subjeots being so at Hot Springs bas been going on for years. wide as to insure a constant and deep interest Its income from the water and other rentals in the program

has all been spent on the reservation, until Of course the meeting being at the Springs now it is one of the most beautiful spots beit is hardly necessary to say that the social longing to Uncle Sam, as the accompanying features of the meeting will be strongly ac

pictures will show. centuated; we all know what the Hot Springs profession does to us when it sets out to give

Following is the preliminary program: us a good time, and they have all the facili. Charles E. Barnett, Fort Wayne, Ind., ties for successfully doing this, and they are Operative Necessities for Cure in Tubercupast masters at the game. Science is the ob- lous Orchitis. ject of the meeting, but every man has to J.H.Barnett, Pikeville, Tenn., Gall Stones; breathe so muob Arkansas ozone that he will Reports of Two Cases. return considerably exhilarated.


M. Battan, Downington, Pa., Present indications are that the meeting is Strength. to be liberally attended, the society is one of H. M. Beaver, Ocheltree, Kan., Tuberculo. the largest of American medical bodies, and sis, its Prevention and Treatment as viewed

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by the Medical Profession and the Laity-A W. A. Spitzley, Detroit, Mich., Reasons Special Study.

for the More General Use of Local Anesthet. G. G. Buford, Memphis, Tenn., True ics and the Methods of Employing Them. Cause of Functional Neuroses. James B. Bullitt, Louisville, Ky., Appen- orrhoids, Post of Treatment.

Sterling B. Taylor, Columbus Obio., Hemdicitis, the Imperative and the Alterative.

Madison J. Walton, Memphis, Tenn., ReV. P. Blair, St. Louis, Mo., Etiology, Path. port of Cases of Probable Maternal Impres. ology, and Operative Treatment of Deformi. sions. ties of the Face and Mouth Due to Mal-rela. Willis Walley, Richton, Miss., Typhoid tions of the Jaws.

Fever, with Treatment. J. B. Bolton, Eureka Springs, Ark., Some W. H. Wathen, Louisville, Ky., Drainage Suggestions of Importance to Organized in Surgery of the Gall Bladder and Bile Medicine.

Ducts. Geo. F. Butler, Chicago, Ill., Constipation T. J. Watkins, Chicago, Ill., Blunt Dissecand its Treatnient.

tion in Plastic Gynecologio Operations. A. H. Cordier, Kansas City, Mo., Non. R. W. Webster, Chicago, II., Indications Lithogenous Obstruction of Biliary Duots. for and Effects of Over-feeding and Under

Geo. C. Flippin, Pine Bluff, Ark., Sur. feeding. gery of the Gall Bladder.

T. C. Witherspoon, St. Louis, Mo., Bowel R. D. Garcin, Richmond, Va., The Ob. Obstruction. stetrical Forceps; their Indications and C. M. Capps, Knoxville, Tenn., Foreign Contraindications.

Bodies in the Throat, with Report of Cases. W. Gavis, Canton, Obio, Litbemia.

Wm. Britt Burns, Memphis, Tenn., Head Frank W. Glenn, Nashville, Tenn., Pre. Injuries. vention and Treatment of Gonorrhea.

Maynard A. Austin, Anderson, Ind., The Howell B. Gwin, Nashville, Tenn., Epi.

Personal Element in Successful Surgery, didymitis in Patient Presenting Three Testes W. W. Robertson, McComb, Miss., Peri. and Double Penis-Showing Patient. ostitis, Surgical Treatment. D. M. Hall, Memphis, Tenn., Report o

Florus F. Lawrence, Columbus, O., Sur. Case of Acute Toxemia of Pregnancy.

gical Principles and Theories. Earl Harlan, Cincinnati, O., Partial In

C. N. Harrison, Little Rock, Ark., Modern testinal Obstruction; Its Causes, Symptoms,

Medicine and Surgical Treatment.

I. H.C. Cook, Hattiesburg, Miss., Typhoid

Fever. M. L. Heidingsfeld, Cincinnati, O., Paraffin Prothesis; its Histology and other Consid

Richard A. Bari, Nashville, Tenn., Undeerations.

scended Testicles. Marc Ray Hughes, St. Louis, Mo., Epi.

A. A. McClendon, Marianna, Ark., Report lepsy.

of Case of Amebic Dysentery: Abscess of

Liver and Arpendicitis. C. H. Hughes, St. Louis, Mo., The Enton. ing of the Psychic Neurones in Neurotherapy

W. A. McKinley, Columbus, O., Deep Ab. and in General Therapeutics.

scesses following Furunculosis. J.E. Johnson, Memphis, Tenn., Prosthetio

M. Goltman, Menipbis, Tenn., Gall Blad

der Diseases and Floating Kidney. Surgery of the Face. J. L. MoGehee, Memphis, Tenn., Stones


Channing W. Barrett, Chicago, Ill., A of the Common Bile Duct.

Consideration of Retro-versio-flexions in

their Relation to Pregnancy. E. H. Miller, Liberty, Mo., Masked Ty. phoid fever.

Geo. F. Suker, Chicago, Ill., Clinical Data Frank Parsons Norbury, Jacksonville, Ill.,

-Diagnostio-Concerning Ocular Tumors. Clinical Psychology.

Quitman Kohnke, New Orleans, La., Yel. Wm. Porter, St. Louis, Mo., Tuberculosis;

low Fever and Mosquitoes in New Orleans A Personal Appeal.

in 1905. H. A. Rodebaugh, Columbus, Ohio, An

E. G. Epler, Fort Smith, Ark., Specific Explanation of the the Formation of Drug

Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Habits.

Geo. Homan, St. Louis, Mo., The Danger H. J. Scherck, St. Louis, Mo., Bladder Sur- of Dust as a Cause of Tuberculosis. gery.

Wm. Porter, St. Louis, Mo., The Tubercu. John N. Sluss, Indianapolis, Ind., The losis Question Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Trauma- C. O. Stephenson, Little Rock, Ark., Tratisms.

choma. F. D. Smythe, Memphis, Tenn., Volvulus John W Selman, Greenfield, Ind., Idio

. of the Omentum, Intra-abdominal.

patbio Epilepsy, its Course, eto.

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Secretary, Henry Enos Tuley, Louisville, Ky.

Assistant Secretary, J. 0. Minor, Hot Springs, Ark. Treasurer, S. C. Stanton, Chicago, Ill.

Chairman Committee of Arrangements, G. A. Hebert, Hot Springs, Ark.

The next issue of the MEDICAL FORTNIGHTLY will contain the principal addresses, a number of the best papers, and a full record of the transactions.

Alex. Weiner, Chicago, Ill., Modern Treatment of Surgical Tuberculosis. Hugh T. Patrick, Chicago, Ill.,

Remarks on Combined Degeneration of the Spinal Cord.

M. Rosenthal, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Ma. laria; its Bearing on Life Insurance in the Mississippi Valley.

Emory Lanphear, St. Louis, Mo., HyosoineMorphine-Cactin Anesthesia as a Substitute for Ether and Chloroform in Major Surgery.

E. B. Montgomery, Quinoy, III., Pubintomy and its Relative Indications.

S. T. Rucker, Memphis, Tenn., Hysteria; with Report of Case of Hysteria Major in Woman Sixty-four Years Old.

The following have also promised papers :

Spencer Graves, St. Louis; T. M. D. Clarke, New Orleans, La.; B. G. Henning, Memphis, Tenn.; Bransford Lewis, St. Louis; F. D. Kendall, Coluumbia, S. O.; J. H Stucky, Lexington, Ky. ; Curran Pope, Louisville, Ky.; Robert Wallace Hendon, Chicago, Ill. ; D. A. Ledbetter, New Orleans, La.; Wm. N. Wishard, Indianapolis, Ind.; E. D. Fenner, New Orleans, La.; 0. H. Elbrecht, St. Louis; Francis Reder, St. Louis; Morgan Smith, Little Rock; Ark.; S. C. Stanton, Chicago, Ill.

The officers of the Association are lows:

President, J. H. Carstens, Detroit, Mich.

First Vice-President, J. Rilus Eastman, Indianapolis, Ind.

Second VicePresident, H. Horace Grant, Louisville, Ky.


as fol

DR. G. A. HEBERT, Hot Springs, Ark,

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