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A sudden pain was sent to take
The smiling babe away;
How did its little bosom shake,
As in a fit it lay!

Its little heart was quickly stopped,
And in the earth so cold

I saw its pretty coffin dropped,
And covered up with mould.

Dear little children, who may read
This mournful story through,
Remember, death may come with speed,
And also summon you.


SPRING is coming! spring is coming!Hark! the little bee is humming;

See, the lark is soaring high
In the blue and sunny sky.


Little children look around ye,
Green and flowery fields surround ye,
Every running stream is bright,
And the orchard trees are white.

Turn your eyes to earth and heaven,
God for us the spring has given;
Little children, gladly sing
Praise to Him who made the spring.


WHO taught the bird to build her nest
Of softest wool and hay and moss ;
Who taught her how to weave it best;
And lay the tiny twigs across?

Who taught the busy bee to fly,

Amongst the sweetest herbs and flowers, And lay her store of honey by, Providing food for winter hours?

Who taught the little ant the way,
Her narrow cell so well to bore,
And through the pleasant summer day,
To gather up her winter store?

'Twas God who taught them all the way,
And gave these little creatures skill;
And teaches children when they pray,
To know and do his heavenly will.


LITTLE children can you say
Why you're glad on Christmas day;
Little children can you tell

Why you hear the sweet church bell;
Can you tell me who was born
Early on the Christmas morn?

I hope you will at once reply
Yes, we are glad, and we know why;

This day is joyful upon earth
In honour of the Saviour's birth;
The Angels came from heaven to say,
That Christ was born on Christmas day.

Christ is our Saviour, and we know,
When little children to Him go
For all the good He gives, to pray,
He will not turn His face away;
His word in God's own book we see,
"Let little children come to me."

This is the birthday of our King,
And we our little offering bring:-
This is our Saviour's holiday,
And therefore we are glad and gay;
We'll sing and pray and read His word,
And keep the birthday of our Lord.


"GENTLE pilgrim, tell me why
Dost thou fold thy arms and sigh,
And wistful cast thy eyes around ?-
Whither pilgrim art thou bound?"

"The road to heaven I sorrowing seek; If thou canst inform me, speak." "Keep your right hand path with care, Though crags obstruct, and brambles tear; You just discern a narrow track,— Enter there and turn not back."

"Say where that pleasant pathway leads, Winding down yon flowery meads ?

Song and dance the way beguiles, Every face is dressed in smiles." "Shun with care that flowery way; 'Twill lead thee, pilgrim, far astray."

"Guide or counsel do I need?" "Pilgrim, he who runs may read." "Is the way that I must keep Crossed by waters wide and deep?" "Did it lead through flood and fire Thou must not stop-thou must not tire."

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