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Resolved, that a legislative committee of five be appointed and selected to report upon each of the various institutions; this committee shall be composed of five members, two (2) to be selected and appointed from the senate by the president thereof, and three (3) to be selected from the house of delegates by the speaker thereof, and not more than two of whom shall be selected from the same political party.

It shall be the duty of this committee during the recess of the legislature to hold hearings, receive reports, and formulate and make plans for the grouping of institutions of like kind and nature under one management or board of directors; make and report recommendations regarding the future management of each and all state institutions to the next session of the legislature, or to any special session called therefor, also to report on a uniform system of accounting, auditing and the purchasing and distribution of supplies; also to report on any needed legislation deemed advisable, to secure the greatest ecvaomy possible therein, and such other matters as it may deem pertinent to carry out the objects of this resolution; this committee shall have power and authority to employ stenographers, an actuary and such other clerical assistance as it may

deem necessary, to administer oaths, summon witnesses and compel the production of documents and all kinds and manner of evidence; and it shall file in the office of the secretary of state its report. as soon as practicable thereafter, and the same shall be published.

The members of the said committee shall be paid a per diem of four dollars ($4.00) and their actual expenses, and the clerical and stenographic assistants such reasonable compensation as may be fixed by the committee, which amounts shall be paid by warrants drawn by the auditor on the state treasury from moneys not otherwise appropriated.


(Adopted February 22. 1907.)

Providing for the printing and distribution of advance copies of

the aets and journals of this session.

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That the chief clerks of the two houses be directed to cause to be printed by the public printer, one thousand advance copies of the acts of this session, with full table of contents, and index, in pamphlet form, for distribution among the members of the legislature and public officials; said public printer shall print and deliver said advance copies to the assistant clerk appointed by the chief clerks of the two houses to look after the said work, within forty days after the adjournment of this session ; upon receipt of the same, the said assistant clerk shall without delay, forward by mail to each member of the legislature at least four copies thereof; and the sum of seventy-five dollars out of the contingent fund of the house of delegates and the sum of fifty dollars out of the contingent fund of the senate is hereby appropriated, and is directed to be paid upon the warrant of the proper officials of the respective houses, to pay the postage or expressage thereon. Clerks are also directed to have the journal of this session, and also to include therein the legislative manual; said assistant clerk so appointed shall during the preparation of the acts assist the chief clerks in proof reading and codifying the acts and shall also have personal supervision of shipping the same.

For the work provided for in this resolution said assistant clerk shall be allowed an extension of forty-five days; twenty-five days of the per diem to be paid out of the contingent fund of the house and twenty days out of the contingent fund of the senate; the auditor shall pay said amount when warrants are drawn by the roper authorities, and said clerks shall be allowed fifteen days; the per diem to be paid out of the contingent fund of the house and senate, respectively.


(Adopted January 21, 1907.)

Approving the stand taken by the President of the United States

against trusts.

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That the legislature of West Virginia hereby sends greetings

to the President of the United States upon his determined stand against the criminal trusts which have aspired to own not only the commerce but the state governments of the country; especially do we approve of his courageous position against the gigantic Standard Oil Company. He has demonstrated to the American people that the practical thing to do is to enforce the law, and the patriotic thing to do is to make even the powerful trusts respect the rights of the people. We endorse his vigorous policy against trusts and combinations, and pledge to him our cordial support in his efforts to enforce respect for the law and to curb the exactions of these monster combinations.

Resolved, further, that we commend the course of the President on the question of taxing incomes.

Resolved, further, that a copy of these resolutions be transmitted to our senators in congress with instructions to present the same to the President.


(Adopted January 23, 1907.)

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States

prohibiting polygamy and polygamous cohabitation within the United States.

WHEREAS, it appears from investigation recently made by the senate of the United States, and otherwise, that polygamy still exists in certain places in the United States notwithstanding prohibitory statutes enacted by the several states thereof; and

WHEREAS, the practice of polygamy is generally condemned by the people of the United States and there is a demand for more effectual prohibition thereof by placing the subject under federal jurisdiction and control, at the same time reserving to each state the right to make and enforce its own laws relating to marriage and divoree; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That application be and is hereby made to congress, under the provision of article five of the Constitution of the United States, for the calling of a convention to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the United States whereby polygamy and polygamous cohabitation shall be prohibited, and congress shall be given power to enforce such prohibition by appropriate legislation.

Resolved, that the legislatures of all other states of the United States now in session, or when next convened, be and they hereby are respectfully requested to join in this application by the adoption of this or equivalent resolution.

Resolved, further, that the secretary of state be and hereby is directed to transmit copies of this application to the senate and house of representatives of the United States, and to the several members of said bodies representing this state theren; also to transmit copies hereof to the legislatures of all the other states of the United States.


(Adopted February 16, 1907.)

Authorizing the special joint committee of the senate and house

of delegates raised by authority of House Concurrent Resolution No. 5 and House Joint Resolution No. 19, to sit in vacation and perform the duties required of it in the resolution authorizing its appointment.

WHEREAS, the committee appointed in pursuance of House Concurrent Resolution No. 5, and House Joint Resolution No. 19, has this day reported to the legislature that it is impossible for them to make the investigation required in said resolution and make report thereon by the eighteenth day of February, and

WHEREAS, in said report said committee states that it will be impossible during the present session of the legislature to make such investigation as will be of material benefit in the way of legislation on the subject of mine disasters, therefore be it

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That the said committee be and it is hereby authorized to sit in vacation and perform the duties required of it in the resolutions authorizing its appointment; the said committee shall have the

power to send for persons and papers, to administer oaths, to employ such clerical assistance as may be necessary in the discharge of its duties, and to do all other things that may be necessary in ascertaining the information required of it in the said resolution authorizing its appointment.

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Respecting the public services and death of Hon. William Dameron


WHEREAS, the members of this legislature have learned with profound sorrow of the death of William Dameron Talbot, a member of the senate from the county of Upshur and the thirteenth senatorial district, which occurred in this city on this twenty-first day of February, one thousand nine hundred and seven, at seven o'clock

A. M.; and

WHEREAS, he was one of the state's most respected and highly honored citizens, lawyers and statesmen and

WHEREAS, he began his distinguished public career as a member of the house of delegates, and has since served with marked ability and distinction as a member of the house and senate; therefore be it

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That in his distinguished public career the state has had a wise, faithful servant, and in his death we lose one of our wisest counsellors and safest leaders.

Resolved, that in recognition of this fact a committee of three from the senate and three from the house be appointed by the president of the senate and the speaker of the house, together with the sergeant-at-arms of the senate, to accompany the remains of the deceased to his home for interment; and that as a further mark of respect the two houses do now adjourn until to-morrow, and that the legislature, in a body attend the conveyance of his remains to the railroad station at two forty-five this P. M.

Resolved, further, that an engrossed copy of this resolution be

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