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In Board of Aldermen, October 25, 1869.

THE Committee on Paving respectfully report that an additional appropriation of two hundred thousand dollars will be required to meet the necessary expenses of that department for the remainder of the financial year.

The appropriation of May 1869, was

$600,000 00

There has been expended up to the present time,

532,970 33

[blocks in formation]

Ordinary expenses of department to May 1, 1870, 108,000 00

Grade damages in process of settlement

25,000 00

$267,000 00

67,029 67

Deduct balance on hand

Amount required

$199,970 33

The demands made upon the department during the past year have been much larger than was anticipated, and it has been found impossible to do more than a fraction of the work called for by petitions referred to the Committee. There are now on the files of the department some fifty petitions on which no action has been taken, and which, though being perfectly

reasonable, will have to be referred to the next city government. Your Committee believe that nothing has been done which a wise economy would have neglected or postponed, and that it is necessary to complete the work already ordered by the Board of Aldermen. They therefore recommend that the Committee on Finance be authorized to provide the means to meet the required amount.


Committee on Paving.

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