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6. To re-lay water pipes, sewers, and edgestones, and pave the streets and sidewalks.

7. To provide for the appointment of a Joint Committee of the City Council to have charge of the work to be performed, with authority to appoint one or more persons to act under their direction.

8. To re-convey to the former owners the estates (or such portions as are not required for streets or other purposes), after the nuisance has been abated; provided, said former owners will put the buildings in proper condition for raising, make all necessary repairs upon them, after the raising and underpinning, and make no claim upon the city for damages.

Estimates of the cost of carrying out the foregoing plan have been obtained by the committee, and are as follows:

Cost of filling with good clean gravel

Paving and street crossings

Edgestones and sidewalks
Sewers and cesspools

Raising water-pipes

Street lamps

Retaining walls on railroad

Total cost of raising grade of territory

Cost of raising and underpinning the buildings, according to estimates

Cost of superintending work and incidental expenses,

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Total cost of raising territory and buildings, Estimated expense of widening and extending streets and places as described

Total cost of improvement upon the plan proposed

$500,000 00 151,400 00

45,650 00

42,500 00

32,000 00

5,000 00

81,000 00

$857,550 00

844,000 00

50,000 00

$1,751,550 00

600,000 00

$2,351,550 00

The estimates for furnishing earth for filling this territory are somewhat higher than for the Church Street District, for the reason that it is less accessible for the deposit of earth. It may be found the most economical course for the city to purchase or take, a gravel bank, and contract only for transportation to the territory to be filled. This is a matter, however, for the consideration of the committee having charge of the work. In the estimate for superintendence and incidental expenses, a wide margin is allowed for contingencies on account of the magnitude of the work. In order that there shall be no delay in beginning the work next year, if the present City Council should adopt the plan proposed by this committee, orders are appended to the taking, providing for the appointment of a committee of the next City Council with authority to contract for raising the buildings and the grade of the territory, and to appoint such assistance as they may require for performing the work; also an order authorizing the treasurer to borrow the sum of five hundred thousand dollars, which will be sufficient, probably, to cover the operatious of the city for the first half of the year.

Respectfully submitted.




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