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THE Committee of the House of Representatives, upon the subject of the Flats of the Commonwealth, met at the State House on Wednesday, October 27, 1869.

Mr. BIRD, chairman, read the following notice of the hearing:


The committee appointed under the subjoined order will hold their first Public Hearing at the State House on Wednesday, October 27, at ten o'clock, A.M., at which all persons interested are invited to be present.

Ordered, That a special committee, consisting of nine members of the House of Representatives, be appointed with authority to sit during the recess of the legislature, to prepare a comprehensive plan for the occupation and improvement of the flats and water areas of Mystic River, and of Miller's and Charles Rivers, above Charles River Bridge, and of South Bay, Fort Point Channel and Dorchester Bay. Said committee may employ an engineer, and shall inquire what portion of said flats or areas may be occupied; whether with pile structures or solid fillings; what would be the effect of such structures or fillings upon the harbor of Boston; what compensation shall be required for the injury, if any, caused by such occupation of said harbor; and what would be the best method of making com

pensation for such injury; what would be the financial value of said flats and areas if the plan which the committee may recommend should be carried out; and what would be the best method of selling or disposing of the interest of the commonwealth in said flats and areas. Said committee shall have access to and the use of all maps, charts and plans belonging to the commonwealth, in the hands of the Harbor Commissioners, and His Excellency the Governor is hereby requested, if necessary, to procure access to the same. They shall have their office in the State House, where the maps, charts and plans, records of all their doings, and all documents relating to their business shall be kept. The committee shall report to the next House of Representatives, and it shall be their duty to suggest any new enactments of law which they think needful for the purpose of carrying out any plan presented by them, and of securing the public objects aimed at in the improvement of said flats and They shall keep an account of all their actual services, and of all expenses attending the performance of their duties, to be paid in the manner provided by law for expenses of committees. The authority of said committee shall continue until the action of the legislature thereupon.


The hearing on Wednesday will be principally confined to considering the proposition to fill up Charles River, on the northerly side of Beacon, Brimmer and Charles streets, from West Boston bridge to at or near the Cross Dam, so-called, establishing, if need be, an arbitrary channel, instead of the present Charles River.

Per order of the Committee.

L. M. CHILD, Secretary.*

* The committee consisted of Messrs. Bird of Walpole, Kimball of Boston, Baker of Beverly, Nelson of Worcester, Child of Boston, Crosby of Williamsburg, Plumer of Boston, Fay of Concord, and Allen of New Bedford.

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