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Timmins, John E. Timmins, John F. Tolman, George G. Tuck, Edward W. Van Praag, David. Waitt, William E. jr. Washburn, Frank. Whalen, Frank. Wilkins, John F. O. Woodward, F. H.


Allen, John A.

Allen, William E.

Arbecam, Burtis L. Armstrong, Frank H. Bacall, Chas. H. Badger, Wm. C. H. Baxter, Warren W. Barnet, Robert A. Bennett, George W. Bingham, Wm. P. Bird, Fred. E. Birkmaier, John F. Blacker, James E.

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Wilder, William L. Willard, William P.

Wright, Harry F.

Wright, Walter.

Young, John F.


In compliance with the rules of the Board, the Committee on the Girls' High and Normal School respectfully present their Annual Report for the year ending in August, 1868.

Mr. William H. Seavey, who had been for almost twelve years the Principal of this school, died after a month's illness on the twenty-seventh day of April, 1868. The following expression of the sentiments of the Committee was reported to the Board on the 12th of May, adopted and entered upon the records:

It having pleased Almighty God, in his wise providence, to remove from the scene of his earthly labors Mr. WILLIAM HENRY SEAVEY, Head Master of the Girls' High and Normal School, the Committee in charge of the school desire to express their deep sympathy with the family of Mr. Seavey and with the teachers and pupils in their great affliction; and to place upon record their sense of the great loss sustained by our city in the death of this distinguished teacher.

He was a scholar of large attainments, remarkable for his clear, vigorous and comprehensive mind, a successful instructor, lucid and direct in explanations, kind and sympathizing, genial and cheerful, parental in government, wise and judicious. He was the friend of all his pupils, and was beloved by all who knew him. To his admirable method, wise management, untiring labors,

knowledge of character and devotion to his noble work may be largely attributed the success and prosperity of the important school which for the last twelve years has been under his charge.

The Committee request that this expression of their respect for Mr. Seavey and of their regret for his loss may be entered upon the records of the School Board, and that a copy of this communication may be sent to Mr. Seavey's family.

For the Committee,



Mr. Seavey held a high position in this community, and was widely known as an an accomplished teacher. His pupils entertained a warm affection for him, and continued to look to him for counsel and help after they ceased to be his scholars. We have been permitted to make the following extract from a poem composed by Miss Mary L. Masters, of the class of 1867, and recited by her at the annual re-union of the graduates of the school. It pays a just and well-merited tribute to the excellent character and great worth of our lamented friend.

How can we write of him whose daily life

Was one long poem-simple, earnest, grand;
How can we laud him, we who only walked
Led by the guidance of his loving hand!

"His own works praise him," and in every heart

The memory of some kindly action lies

That shall endure when time shall be no more

And bear its record of him in the skies.

The early morning of that April day

When the cold grave received him from our sight,
Was dark and cloudy, and the rain-drops fell,
But when the day had reached meridian height,

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