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4 vols.


23 Volumes at 55. each. (51. 155. per set.) EVELYN'S Diary and Correspond- PEPYS' Diary and Correspondence.

dence, with the Private Correspondence of With Life and Notes, by Lord Braybrooke. Charles I. and Sir Edward Nicholas, and With Appendix containing additional between Sir Edward Hyde (Earl of Claren- Letters and Index. 4 vols., with 31 En. don) and Sir Richard Browne. Edited from gravings (after Vandyke, Sir P. Lely, the Original MSS. by W. Bray, F.A.S. Holbein, Kneller, &c.). 45 Engravings (after Vandyke,

N.B.—This is a reprint of Lord BrayLely, Kneller, and Jamieson, &c.).

brooke's fourth and last edition, containing N.B.-This edition contains 130 letters all his latest notes and corrections, the from Evelyn and his wife, printed by per. copyright of the publishers.

mission, and contained in no other edition. JESSE'S Memoirs of the Court of

NUGENT'S (Lord) Memorials of

With England under the Stuarts, including the

Hampden, his Party and Times. Protectorate.

Memoir. 3 vols. With Index and 42

12 Portraits (after Vandyke Portraits (after Vandyke, Lely, &c.).

and others). Memoirs of the Pretenders and

STRICKLAND'S (Agnes) Lives of the their Adherents. 6 Portraits.

Queens of England from the Norman

Conquest. From authentic Documents, GRAMMONT (Count). Memoirs of public and private. 6 Portraits. 6 vols.

the Court of Charles II. Edited by Sir Walter Scott.

Life of Mary Queen of Scots. Together with the Bos

2 Portraits. 2 vols. cobel Tracts, including two not before published, &c. New Edition, thoroughly

Lives of the Tudor and Stuart revised. With Portrait of Nell Gwynne. Princesses. With 2 Portraits.

PHILOSOPHICAL LIBRARY. 17 Vols. at 5s. each, excepting those marked otherwise. (31. 195. per set.) BACON'S Novum Organum and Ad- LOGIC, or the Science of Inference.

4 vols.

vancement of Learning. With Notes by A Popular Manual. By J. Devey.

J. Devey, M.A.
BAX. A Handbook of the History

MILLER (Professor). History Philoof Philosophy, for the use of Students.

sophically Illustrated, from the Fall of the By E. Belfort Bax, Editor of Kant's Roman Empire to the French Revolution. 'Prolegomena.'

With Memoir.

35. 6d. each. COMTE'S Philosophy of the Sciences. An Exposition of the Principles of the

SCHOPENHAUER on the Fourfold Cours de Philosophie Positive. By G. H.

Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, Lewes, Author of 'The Life of Goethe.'

and on the Will in Nature. Trans. from

the German. DRAPER (Dr. J. W.) A History of the Intellectual Development of Europe. Essays. Selected and Translated by

E. Belfort Bax. HEGEL'S Philosophy of History. By

SPINOZA'S Chief Works. Trans. with J. Sibree, M.A.

Introduction by R. H. M. Elwes. 2 vols. KANT'S Critique of Pure Reason. By J. M. D. Meiklejohn.

Vol. 1.-Tractatus Theologico-Politicus

-Political Treatise. Prolegomena and Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science, with Bio- Vol. II.- Improvement of the Under. graphy and Memoir by E. Belfort Bax. standing-Ethics-Letters. Portrait.

2 vols.

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THEOLOGICAL LIBRARY. 15 Vols. at 55. each (except Chillingworth, 35. 6d.). (31. 135. 6d. per set.) BLEEK. Introduction to the old PHILO-JUDÆUS, Works of. The Testament. By Friedrich Bleek. Trans. Contemporary of Josephus. Trans. by under the supervision of Rev. E. Venables, C. D. Yonge. 4 vols. Residentiary Canon of Lincoln. 2 vols.


History of.See Sozomen. Protestants. 36. 6d.

SOCRATES' Ecclesiastical History.

Comprising a History of the Church from EUSEBIUS. Ecclesiastical History

Constantine, A.D. 305, to the 38th year of of Eusebius Pamphilus, Bishop of Cæsarea. Theodosius II. With Short Account of Trans. by Rev. C. F. Cruse, M.A. With

the Author, and selected Notes. Notes, Life, and Chronological Tables.

SOZOMEN'S Ecclesiastical History, EVAGRIUS. History of the Church. A.D. 324-440. With Notes, Prefatory ReSee Theodoret

marks by Valesius, and short Memoir.

Together with the ECCLESIASTICAL His. HARDWICK, History of the Articles

TORY OF PHILOSTORGIUS, as epitomised by of Religion ; to which is added a Series of

Photius. Trans. by Rev. E. Walford, M.A. Documents from A.D. 1536 to A.D. 1615.

With Notes and brief Life. Ed. by Rev. F. Proctor.


tories of the Church from A.D. 332 to the HENRY'S (Matthew) Exposition of Death of Theodore of Mopsuestia, A.D. the Book of Psalms. Numerous Woodcuts. 427 ; and from A.D. 431 to A.D. 544.


Memoirs. PEARSON (John, D.D.) Exposition of the Creed. Edit. by E. Walford, M.A.

WIESELER'S (Karl) Chronological With Notes, Analysis, and Indexes.

Synopsis of the Four Gospels. Trans. by
Rev. Canon Venables.


35 Vols. at 5s. each. (81. 155. per set.) ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE, See CHRONICLES of the CRUSADES. Bede.

Contemporary Narratives of Richard Cour ASSER'S Life of Alfred. See Six 0. E. de Lion, by Richard of Devizes and Geof. Chronicles.

frey de Vinsauf; and of the Crusade at BEDE'S (Venerable) Ecclesiastical

Saint Louis, by Lord John de Joinville. Together with the

With Short Notes. History of England.

Illuminated Frontis. ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE. With Notes,

piece from an old MS. Short Life, Analysis, and Map. Edit. by J. A. Giles, D.C.L.

DYER'S (T. F. T.) British Popular BOETHIUS'S Consolation of Philo. Customs, Present and Past. An Account

sophy. King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Ver. of the various Games and Customs assosion of. With an English Translation on ciated with different Days of the Year in opposite pages, Notes, Introduction, and the British Isles, arranged according to the Glossary, by Rev. S. Fox, M.A. To

Calendar. By the Rev. T. F. Thiselton which is added the Anglo-Saxon Version of Dyer, M.A. the METRES OF BOETHIUS, with a free

Translation by Martin F. Tupper, D.C.L. EARLY TRAVELS IN PALESTINE. BRAND'S Popular Antiquities of Comprising the Narratives of Arculf,

England, Scotland, and Ireland. Illus- Willibald, Bernard, Sæwulf, Sigurd, Ben. trating the Origin of our Vulgar and Pro- jamin of Tudela, Sir John Maundeville, vincial Customs, Ceremonies, and Super- De la Brocquière, and Maundreli; all un. stitions. By Sir Henry Ellis, K.H., F.R.S. abridged. With Introduction and Notes Frontispiece. 3 vols.

by Thomas Wright. Map of Jerusalem.



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ELLIS (G.) Specimens of Early En.

glish Metrical Romances, relating to Arthur, Merlin, Guy of Warwick, Richard Cour de Lion, Charlemagne, Roland, &c. &c. With Historical Introduction by J.O. Halliwell, F.R.S. Illuminated Frontis.

piece from an old MS. ETHELWERD, Chronicle of.- See


Chronicle, with the Two Continuations : comprising Annals of English History from the Departure of the Romans to the Reign of Edward I. Trans., with Notes,

by Thomas Forester, M.A. GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH.

Chronicle of.-See Sir 0. E. Chronicles. GESTA ROMANORUM, or Enter.

taining Moral Stories invented by the Monks. Trans, with Notes by the Rev.

Charles Swan. Edit. by W. Hooper, M.A. GILDAS. Chronicle of.See Six 0. E.

Chronicles. GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS' Histori

cal Works. Containing Topography of Ireland, and History of the Conquest of Ireland, by Th. Forester, M.A. Itinerary through Wales, and Description of Wales,

by Sir R. Colt Hoare. HENRY OF HUNTINGDON'S Hle

tory of the English, from the Roman In. vasion to the Accession of Henry II. ; with the Acts of King Stephen, and the Letter to Walter. By T. Forester, M.A.

Frontispiece from an old MS. INGULPH'S Chronicles of the Abbey

of Croyland, with the CONTINUATION by Peter of Blois and others. Trans, with

Notes by H. T. Riley, B.A. KEIGHTLEY'S (Thomas) Fairy My.

thology, illustrative of the Romance and Superstition of Various Countries. Frontis.

piece by Cruikshank. LEPSIUS'S Letters from Egypt,

Ethiopia, and the Peninsula of Sinai ; to which are added, Extracts from his Chronology of the Egyptians, with reference to the Exodus of the Israelites. By L. and J. B. Horner. Maps and Coloured

View of Mount Barkal. MALLET'S Northern Antiquities, or

an Historical Account of the Manners, Customs, Religions, and Literature of the Ancient Scandinavians. Trans. by Bishop Percy. With Translation of the PROSE EDDA, and Notes by J. A. Blackwell. Also an Abstract of the Eyrbyggia Saga' by Sir Walter Scott.

With Glossary and Coloured Frontispiece.

RICHARD OF CIRENCESTER. Chronicle of.See Six 0. E. Chronicles.


English History, comprising the History of England and of other Countries of Europe from A.D. 732 to A.D. 1201. With Notes by H. T. Riley, B.A.

2 vols.


of History, comprising the History of England from the Descent of the Saxons to A.D. 1235, formerly ascribed to Matthew Paris. With Notes and Index by J. A. Giles, D.C.L. 2 vols.


viz., Asser's Life of Alfred and the Chronicles of Ethelwerd, Gildas, Nennius, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and Richard of Ciren. cester. Edit., with Notes, by J. A. Giles, D.C.L. Portrait of Alfred.


Chronicle of the Kings of England, from the Earliest Period to King Stephen. By Rev. J. Sharpe. With Notes by J. A. Giles, D.C.L. Frontispiece.


of Scandinavian and North-German Pop la. Tales and Traditions, from the Swedi Danish, and German Edit. by B. Thon



ILLUSTRATED LIBRARY. 78 Vols. at 5s. each, excepting those marked otherwise. (191. 75. 6d. per set.) ALLEN'S (Joseph, R.N.) Battles of DIDRON'S Christian Iconography;

the British Navy. Revised edition, with a History of Christian Art in the Middle Indexes of Names and Events, and 57 Por. Ages. By the late A. N. Didron. Trans. traits and Plans. 2 vols.

by E. J. Millington, and completed, with

Additions and Appendices, by Margaret ANDERSEN'S Danish Fairy Tales.

Stokes. 2 vols. With numerous Illustrations. By Caroline Peachey. With Short Life

Vol. I. The History of the Nimbus, the and 120 Wood Engravings.

Aureole, and the Glory; Representations

of the Persons of the Trinity. ARIOSTO'S Orlando Furioso. In English Verse by W. S. Rose. With Notes

Vol. II. The Trinity; Angels; Devils; and Short Memoir. Portrait after Titian,

The Soul ; The Christian Scheme. Appen.

dices. and 24 Steel Engravings. 2 vols. BECHSTEIN'S Cage and Chamber DYER (Dr. T. H.) Pompeii: its Build.

Birds: their Natural History, Habits, &c. ings and Antiquities. An Account of the Together with Sweet's BRITISH WAR. City, with full Description of the Remains BLERS. 43 Coloured Plates and Woodcuts. and Recent Excavations, and an Itinerary

for Visitors. By_T. H. Dyer, LL.D. BONOMI'S Nineveh and its Palaces.

Nearly 300 Wood Engravings, Map, and The Discoveries of Botta and Layard

Plan. 7s.6d. applied to the Elucidation of Holy Writ. 7 Plates and 294 Woodcuts.

Rome: History of the City, with

Introduction on recent Excavations. BUTLER'S Hudibras, with Variorum

Engravings, Frontispiece, and 2 Maps. Notes and Biography. Portrait and 28 Illustrations.

GIL BLAS. The Adventures of.

From the French of Lesage by Smollett. CATTERMOLE'S Evenings at Had. 24 Engravings after Smirke, and 10 Etch.

don Hall Romantic Tales of the Olden ings by Cruikshank. 612 pages. 65.
Times. With 24 Steel Engravings after

GRIMM'S Gammer Grethel; or, Ger. CHINA, Pictorial, Descriptive, and

man Fairy Tales and Popular Stories, Historical, with some account of Ava and

containing 42 Fairy Tales. By Edgar the Burmese, Siam, and Anam. Map, and

Taylor. Numerous Woodcuts after Cruik. nearly 100 Illustrations.

shank and Ludwig Grimm.


3s. 6d.

CRAIK'S (G. L.) Pursuit of Know.

ledge under Difficulties. Illustrated by Anecdotes and Memoirs. Numerous Wood. cut Portraits.

HOLBEIN'S Dance of Death and

Bible Cuts. Upwards of 150 Subjects, en. graved in facsimile, with Introduction and Descriptions by the late Francis Douce and Dr. Dibdin.

INDIA, Pictorial, Descriptive, and

Historical, from the Earliest Times.
Engravings on Wood and Map.


CRUIKSHANK'S Three Courses and

a Dessert; comprising three Sets of Tales, West Country, Irish, and Legal ; and a Mélange. With 50 Illustrations by Cruik. shank.

Punch and Judy. The Dialogue of the Puppet Show; an Account of its origin, &c. 24 Illustrations and Coloured Plates by Cruikshank,

JESSE'S Anecdotes of Dogs. With

40 Woodcuts after Harvey, Bewick, and others; and 34 Steel Engravings after Cooper and Landseer.

DANTE, in English Verse, by I. C. Wright,

M.A. With Introduction and Memoir.
Portrait and 34 Steel Engravings after

KING'S (C. W.) Natural History of

Precious Stones and Metals. Illustra tions. 6s.



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35. 6d.

MARRYAT'S (Capt., R.N.) Master

man Ready; or, the Wreck of the Pacific. (Written for Young People.) With 93 Woodcuts. 35. 6d.

Mission; or, Scenes in Africa. (Written for Young People.), Illustrated by Gilbert and Dalziel.

Pirate and Three Cutters. (Written for Young People.) With a Memoir. 8 Steel Engravings after Clarkson Stan. field, R.A. 35. 6d.

Privateersman. Adventures by Sea and Land One Hundred Years Ago. (Written for Young People.) 8 Steel Èn. gravings. 35. 6d.

Settlers in Canada. (Written for Young People.) 10 Engravings by Gilbert and Dalziel. 35. 6d.

Poor Jack. (Written for Young People.) With 16 Illustrations after Clark. son Stanfield, R.A.

Midshipman Easy. With 8 full page Illustrations. Small post 8vo. 35. 6d.

Peter Simple. With 8 full-page Illustrations. Small post 8vo. 35. 6d.

35. 6d.

MAXWELL'S Victories of Welling

ton and the British Armies. Frontispiece and




Their Lives and Works. By Duppa and Quatremère de Quincy. Portraits and Engravings, including the Last Judgment, and Cartoons.

MUDIE'S History of British Birds.

Revised by W.C. L. Martin. 52 Figures of Birds and 7 coloured Plates of Eggs. 2 vols.


of Great Britain ; a Record of British
Valour on every Day in the year, from
William the Conqueror to the Battle of
Inkermann. By Major Johns, R.M., and
Lieut. P. H. Nicolas, R. M. Indexes. 24
Portraits after Holbein, Reynolds, &c. 6s.

NICOLINI'S History of the Jesuits :

their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and De. signs. 8 Portraits.

PETRARCH'S Sonnets, Triumphs,

and other Poems, in English Verse. With Life by Thomas Campbell. Portrait and 15 Steel Engravings.

PICKERING'S History of the Races

of Man, and their Geographical Distribu. tion; with AN ANALYTICAL SYNOPSIS OF THE NATURAL HISTORY OF MAN. By Dr. Hall. Map of the World and 12 coloured Plates.

POPE'S Poetical Works, including

Translations. Edit., with Notes, by R. Carruthers. 2 vols. With numerous Illustrations.

Homer's Diad, with Introduction and Notes by Rev. J. S. Watson, M.A. With Flaxman's Designs.

Homer's Odyssey, with the BATTLE OF FROGS AND MICE, Hymns, &c., by other translators including Chapman. Introduction and Notes by J. Š. Watson, M.A. With Flaxman's Designs.

Life, including many of his Letters. By R. Carruthers. Numerous Illustrations.


other objects of Vertu. Comprising an Illustrated Catalogue of the Bernal Col. lection, with the prices and names of the Possessors. Also an Introductory Lecture on Pottery and Porcelain, and an Engraved List of all Marks and Monograms. By H. G. Bohn. Numerous Woodcuts.

With coloured Illustrations, ios. 6d.

PROUT'S (Father) Reliques. Edited

by Rev. F. Mahony. Copyright edition, with the Author's last corrections and additions. 21 Etchings by D. Maclise, R.A. Nearly 600 pages.


some Account of the Game found in the British Isles, and Directions for the Manage. ment of Dog and Gun. By 'Craven.' 62 Woodcuts and 9 Steel Engravings after A. Cooper, R.A.

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