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4 vols.

CELLINI (Benvenuto). Memoirs of, by himself.

With Notes of G. P. Carpani. Trans. by T. Roscoe. Portrait. CERVANTES' Galatea. A Pastoral Romance. Trans. by G. W.J. Gyll.

Exemplary Novels. Trans. by W. K. Kelly,

Don Quixote de la Mancha, Motteux's Translation revised. With Lockhart's Life and Notes.

2 vols. CHAUCER'S Poetical Works. With

Poems formerly attributed to him. With a
Memoir, Introduction, Notes, and a Glos-
sary, by R. Bell. Improved edition, with
Preliminary Essay by Rev. W. W. Śkeat,

M.A. Portrait.
CLASSIC TALES, containing Rasselas,

Vicar of Wakefield, Gulliver's Travels, and

The Sentimental Journey. COLERIDGE'S (S. T.) Friend. A Series

of Essays on Morals, Politics, and Reli. gion. Portrait.

Aids to Reflection, Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit; and Essays on Faith and the Common Prayer-book. New Edition, revised.

Table-Talk and Omniana. By T. Ashe, B.A.

Lectures on Shakespeare and other Poets. Edit. by T. Ashe, B.A.

Containing the lectures taken down in 1811-12 by J. P. Collier, and those delivered at Bristol in 1813.

Biographia Literarla; or, Biographical Sketches of my Literary Life and Opinions; with Two Lay Sermons.

Miscellanies, Esthetic and Literary ; to which is added, THE THEORY OF LIFE.

Collected and arranged by T. Ashe, B.A. COMMINES.-See Philip. CONDÉ'S History of the Dominion

of the Arabs in Spain. Trans. by Mrs. Foster. Portrait of Abderahmen ben

Moavia. 3 vols. COWPER'S CompleteWorks, Poems,

Correspondence, and Translations. Edit. with Memoir by R. Southey.

gravings. 8 vols. COXE'S Memoirs of the Duke of

Marlborough. With his original Correspondence, from family records at Blen. heim. Revised edition. Portraits.


vols. * An Atlas of the plans of Marl. borough's campaigns, 4to. ios. 6d.

COXE'S History of the House of

Austria. From the Foundation of the Monarchy by Rhodolph of Hapsburgh to the Death of Leopold II., 1218-1792. By Archdn. Coxe. With Continuation from the Accession of Francis I. to the Revolution of 1848. 4 Portraits. 4

vols. CUNNINGHAM'S Lives of the most

Eminent British Painters. With Notes and 16 fresh Lives by Mrs. Heaton. 3 vols.

7 vols.

DEFOE'S Novels and Miscellaneous

Works. With Prefaces and Notes, in. cluding those attributed to Sir W. Scott.

Portrait. DE LOLME'S Constitution of Eng.

land, in which it is compared both with the Republican form of Government and the other Monarchies of Europe. Edit., with

Life and Notes, by J. Macgregor. DUNLOP'S History of Fiction. New

Edition, revised. By Henry Wilson.

2 vols., 55. each. EDGEWORTH'S Stories for Chil.

dren. With 8 Illustrations by L. Speed. ELZE'S Shakespeare.-See Shakespeare EMERSON'S Works. 3 vols.

Vol. 1.-Essays, Lectures, and Poems.

Vol. II.- English Traits, Nature, and Conduct of Life.

Vol. III.--Society and Solitude-Letters and Social Aims-Miscellaneous Papers

(hitherto uncollected)-May-Day, &c. FOSTER'S (John) Life and Corre.

spondence. Edit. by J. E. Ryland. Por. trait. 2 vols.

Lectures at Broadmead Chapel. Edit. by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols.

Critical Essays contributed to the 'Eclectic Review,' Edit. by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols.

Essays : On Decision of Charac. ter; on a Man's writing Memoirs of Him. self; on the epithet Romantic; on one aversion of Men of Taste to Evangelical Religion.

Essays on the Evils of Popular Ignorance, and a Discourse on the Propa. gation of Christianity in India.

Essay on the Improvement of Time, with Notes of Sermons and other Pieces.

Fosteriana: selected from periodical papers, edit. by H. G. Bohn. FOX (Rt. Hon, C. J.)-Sec Carrel.

45 En.


GIBBON'S Decline and Fall of the

Roman Empire. Complete and unabridged, with variorum Notes; including those of Guizot, Wenck, Niebuhr, Hugo, Neander, and others.

vols. 2 Maps and Portrait.


14 vols.

GOETHE'S Works. Trans. into English

by E. A. Bowring, C.B., Anna Swanwick, Sir Walter Scott,

&c. &c. Vols. I. and II.-Autobiography and Annals. Portrait,

Vol. III.-Faust. Complete.

Vol. IV.-Novels and Tales : containing Elective Affinities, Sorrows of Werther, The German Emigrants, The Good Women, and a Nouvelette.

Vol. V.-Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship.

Vol. VI.-Conversations with Eckerman and Soret.

Vol. VII.-Poems and Ballads in the ori. ginal Metres, including Hermann and Dorothea.

Vol.VIII.- Gætzvon Berlichingen, Tor. quato Tasso, Egmont, Iphigenia, Clavigo, Wayward Lover, and Fellow Culprits.

Vol. IX. - Wilhelm Meister's Travels. Complete Edition.

Vol. X. - Tour in Italy. Two Parts. And Second Residence in Rome.

Vol. XI.-Miscellaneous Travels, Letters from Switzerland, Campaign in France, Siege of Mainz, and Rhine Tour.

Vol. XII.-Early and Miscellaneous Letters, including Letters to his Mother, with Biography and Notes.

Vol. XIII.-Correspondence with Zelter.

Vol. XIV.- Reineke Fox, West-Eastern Divan and Achilleid. Translated in original metres by A. Rogers.

GRIMM'S Household Tales. With the

Original Notes. Trans. by Mrs. A. Hunt.
Introduction by Andrew Lang, M.A.

vols. GUIZOT'S History of Representative

Government in Europe. Trans. by A. R.

English Revolution of 1640. From the Accession of Charles I. to his Death. Trans. by W. Hazlitt. Portrait.

History of Civilisation. From the Roman Empire to the French Revolution. Trans. by W. Hazlitt. Portraits. 3

vols, HALL'S (Rev. Robert) Works and

Remains. Memoir by Dr. Gregory and

Essay by J. Foster. Portrait. HAUFF'S Tales. The Caravan - The

Sheikh of Alexandria-The Inn in the

Spessart. Translated by Prof. S. Mendel, HAWTHORNE'S Tales. 3 vols.

Vol. I.-Twice-told Tales, and the Snow Image.

Vol. II.-Scarlet Letter, and the House with Seven Gables.

Vol. III. - Transformation, and Blithe. dale Romance. HAZLITT'S (W.) Works. 7 vols.


The Literature of the Age of Elizabeth and Characters of Shakespeare's Plays.

English Poets and English Comlo Writers.

The Plain Speaker. Opinions on Books, Men, and Things.

Round Table. Conversations of James Northcote, R.A.; Characteristics.

Sketches and Essays, and Winter. slow.

Spirit of the Age; or, Contemporary Portraits.

New Edition, by W. Carew Hazlitt. HEINE'S Poems. Translated in the

original Metres, with Life by E. A. Bow. ring, C.B.

Travel-Pictures. The Tour in the Harz, Norderney, and Book of Ideas, together with the Romantic School. Trans.

by F. Storr. With Maps and Appendices. HOFFMANN'S Works. The Serapion

Brethren. Vol. I. Trans. by Lt.-Col.

[Vol. II. in the press. HOOPER'S (G.) Waterloo : The

Downfall of the First Napoleon : a His-
tory of the Campaign of 1815. By George
Hooper. With Maps and Plans. New
Edition, revised

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HUGO'S (Victor) Dramatic Works.

Hernani -- Ruy Blas-The King's Diversion. Translated by Mrs. Newton Crosland and F. L. Slous,

Poems, chiefly Lyrical. Collected by H. L. Williams.

HUNGARY: Its History and Revo

lution, with Memoir of Kossuth. Portrait.

15 vols.

HUTCHINSON (Colonel). Memoirs

of. By his Widow, with her Autobiography, and the Siege of Lathom House.

Portrait. IRVING'S (Washington) Complete

Works. - Life and Letters. By his Nephew,

Pierre E. Irving. With Index and a Portrait.

2 vols. JAMES'S (G. P. R.) Life of Richard

Cour de Lion. Portraits of Richard and Philip Augustus. 2 vols.

Louis XIV, Portraits. 2 vols.

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LAMB'S (Charles) Specimens of

English Dramatic Poets of the time of Elizabeth. With Notes and the Extracts from the Garrick Plays.

Talfourd's Letters of Charles
Lamb. New Edition, by W. Carew

Hazlitt. 2 vols.
LANZI'S History of Painting in

Italy, from the Period of the Revival of
the Fine Arts to the End of the 18th
Century. With Memoir and Portraits.

Trans. by T. Roscoe, 3 vols. LAPPENBERG'S England under the

Anglo-Saxon Kings. Trans. by B. Thorpe,

F.S.A. 2 vols.
LESSING'S Dramatic Works. Com.

plete. By E. Bell, M.A. With Memoir
by H. Zimmern. Portrait. 2 vols.

Laokoon, Dramatic Notes, and
Representation of Death by the Ancients.
Trans. by E. C. Beasley and Helen

Zimmern. Frontispiece.
LOCKE'S Philosophical Works, con.

taining Human Understanding, Controversy
with Bishop of Worcester, Malebranche's
Opinions, Natural Philosophy, Reading
and Study. With Introduction, Analysis,
and Notes, by J. A. St. John. Portrait.
2 vols.

Life and Letters, with Extracts from
his Common-place Books. By Lord King.
LOCKHART (J. G.)-See Burns.
LUTHER'S Table-Talk. Trans. by W.

Hazlitt. With Life by A. Chalmers, and
LUTHER'S CATECHISM. Portrait after

Autobiography.-See Michelet.
MACHIAVELLI'S History of Flo-

rence, THE PRINCE, Savonarola, Historical

Tracts, and Memoir. Portrait. MARLOWE. . Poems of.-See Greene. MARTINEAU'S (Harriet) History

of England (including History of the Peace)

from 1800-1846. 5 vols. MENZEL'S History of Germany,

from the Earliest Period to 1842. Por traits. 3 vols.

3 vols.

JAMESON (Mrs.) Shakespeare's

Heroines. Characteristics of Women. By

Mrs. Jameson.
JEAN PAUL. See Richter.
JOHNSON'S Lives of the Poets.

Edited, with Notes, by Mrs. Alexander
Napier. And an Introduction by Pro-
fessor J. W. Hales, M.A.
JONSON (Ben). Poems of.-See Greene.
JOSEPHUS (Flavius), The Works of,

Whiston's Translation. Revised by Rev.
A. R. Shilleto, M.A. With Topographical
and Geographical Notes by Colonel Sir

C. W. Wilson, K.C.B.
JUNIUS's Letters. With Woodfall's

Notes. An Essay on the Authorship. Fac

similes of Handwriting. 2 vols. LA FONTAINE'S Fables. In English

Verse, with Essay on the Fabulists. By

Elizur Wright.
LAMARTINE'S The Girondists, or

Personal Memoirs of the Patriots of the
French Revolution. Trans. by H. T.
Ryde. Portraits of Robespierre, Madame
Roland, and Charlotte Corday. 3 vols.

The Restoration of Monarchy in France (a Sequel to The Girondists). 5 Portraits. 4 vols.

The French Revolution of 1848.

LAMB'S (Charles) Eua and Ellana.

Complete Edition. Portrait.

5 vols.

MICHELET'S Autobiography of

Luther. Trans. by W. Hazlitt. With

The French Revolution to the
Flight of the King in 1791. Frontispiece.
MIGNET'S The French Revolution,

from 1789 to 1814. Portrait of Napoleon.



3 vols.

PERCY'S Reliques of Ancient Eng.

lish Poetry, consisting of Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces of our earlier Poets, with some few of later date.

With Essay on Ancient Minstrels, and Glossary. 2 vols. PHILIP DE COMMINES. Memoirs of. Containing the Histories of Louis XI. and Charles VIII., and Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy With the History of Louis XI.. by Jean de Troyes. Translated, with a Life and Notes, by A. R.

Scoble. Portraits 2 vols. PLUTARCH'S LIVES. Translated, with

Notes and Life, by A. Stewart, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge,

and G. Long, M.A. POETRY OF AMERICA. Selections

from One Hundred Poets, from 1776 to 1876.

With Introductory Review, and Specimens of Negro Melody, by W. J.

Linton. Portrait of W. Whitman. RACINE'S (Jean) Dramatic Works,

A metrical English version, with Biographical notice. By R. Bruce Boswell,

M.A. Oxon. RANKE (L.) History of the Popes,

their Church and State, and their Conflicts with Protestantism in the i6th and 17th Centuries. Trans. by E. Foster. Portraits

4 vols.

2 vols.

1o vols.

3 vols.

MILTON'S Prose Worka. With Pre

face, Preliminary Remarks by J. A. St. John, and Index. 5 vols. Portraits.

Poetical Works. With 120 Wood Engravings. 2 vols. MIT FORD'S (M188) Our Village,

Sketches of Rural Character and Scenery.

2 Engravings. 2 vols. MOLIERE'S Dramatic Works. In

English Prose, by C. H. Wall. With a Life and a Portrait.

It is not too much to say that we have here probably as good a translation of

Molière as can be given.'--Academy. MONTAGU. Letters and Works of

Lady Mary Wortiey Montagu. Lord Wharncliffe's Third Edition.

Edited by W. Moy Thomas. New and revised edition. With steel plates.

2 vols.

55. each. MONTESQUIEU'S Spirit of Laws.

Revised Edition, with D'Alembert's Analy.

sis, Notes, and Memoir. 2 vols. NEANDER (Dr. A.) History of the

Christian Religion and Church. Trans. by J. Torrey. With Short Memoir.

Life of Jesus Christ, in its His. torical Connexion and Development.

The Planting and Training of the Christian Church by the Apostles. With the Antignosticus, or Spirit of Ter. tullian. Trans. by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols.

Lectures on the History of Christian Dogmas. Trans. by J. E. Ry. land.

2 vols. Memorials of Christian Life in the Early and Middle Ages; including Light in Dark Places. Trans. by J. E.

Ryland NORTH'S Lives of the Right Hon.

Francis North, Baron Guildford, the Hon. Sir Dudley North, and the Hon. and Rev. Dr. John North. By the Hon. Roger North. Edited by A. Jessopp, D.D. With 3 Portraits. 3 vols.

35. 6d. each. 'Lovers of good literature will rejoice at the appearance of a new, handy, and complete edition of so justly famous a book, and will congratulate themselves that it has found so competent and skilful an

editor as Dr. Jessopp.'— Times. OCKLEY (S.) History of the Sara.

cens and their Conquests in Syria, Persia, and Egypt. Comprising the Lives of Mohammed and his Successors to the Death of Abdalmelik, the Eleventh Caliph. By Simon Ockley, B.D., Portrait of Mo.

hammed. PASCAL'S Thoughts. Translated from

the Text of M. Auguste Molinier by C. Kegan Paul. 3rd edition.

2 vols.

History of Servia. Trans. by Mrs. Kerr. To which is added, The Slave Provinces of Turkey, by Cyprien Robert.

History of the Latin and Tea. tonic Nations. 1494-1514.

Trans. by P. A. Ashworth, translator of Dr. Gneist's

*History of the English Constitution.' REUMONT (Alfred de).-See Carafas. REYNOLDS' (Sir J.) Literary Works,

With Memoir and Remarks by H. W.

Beechy. RICHTER (Jean Paul). Levana,

a Treatise on Education ; together with the Autobiography, and a short Memoir.

Flower, Fruit, and Thorn Pieces, or the Wedded Life, Death, and Marriage of Sietenkaes. Translated by Alex. Ewing.

The only complete English transiation. ROSCOE'S (W.) Life of Leo X., with

Notes, Historical Documents, and Dissertation on Lucretia Borgia. 3 Portraits. 2 vols.

Lorenzo de' Medici, called 'The Magnificent,' with

Copyright Notes, Poems, Letters, &c. With Memoir of

Roscoe and Portrait of Lorenzo. RUSSIA, History of, from

earliest Périod to the Crimean War, W. K. Kelly. 3 Portraits. 2 vols.



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SCHILLER'S Works. 7 vols.

Vol. I.-History of the Thirty Years' War. Rev. A. J. W. Morrison, M.A. Portrait.

Vol. II.-History of the Revolt in the Netherlands, the Trials of Counts Egmont and Horn, the Siege of Antwerp, and the Disturbance of France preceding the Reign of Henry IV. Translated by Rev. A. J. W. Morrison and L. Dora Schmitz.

Vol. III.-Don Carlos. R. D. Boylan -Mary Stuart. Mellish - Maid of Orleans. Anna Swanwick--Bride of Messina. A. Lodge, M.A. Together with the Use of the Chorus in Tragedy (a short Essay). Engravings.

These Dramas are all translated in metre.

Vol. IV.-Robbers—Fiesco-Love and Intrigue-Demetrius-Ghost Seer-Sport of Divinity.

The Dramas in this volume are in prose.
Vol. V.--Poems. E. A. Bowring, C.B.

Vol. VI.- Essays, Æsthetical and Philosophical, including the Dissertation on the Connexion between the Animal and Spiritual in Man.

Vol. VII. – Wallenstein's Camp. J. Churchill. – Piccolomini and Death of Wallenstein. S. T. Coleridge.-William

Tell. Sir Theodore Martin, K.C.B., LL.D. SCHILLER and GOETHE. Corre

spondence between, from A.D. 1794-1805.

Trans. by L. Dora Schmitz. 2 vols. SCHLEGEL (F.) Lectures on the

Philosophy of Life and the Philosophy of Language. Trans. by A. J. W. Morrison.

The History of Literature, Ancient and Modern.

The Philosophy of History. With Memoir and Portrait. Trans. by J. B. Robertson.

Modern History, with the Lectures entitled Cæsar and Alexander, and The Beginning of our History. Translated by L. Purcell and R. H. Whitelock.

Æsthetic and Miscellaneous Works, containing Letters on Christian Art, Essay on Gothic Architecture, Remarks on the Romance Poetry of the Middle Ages, on Shakspeare, the Limits of the Beautiful, and on the Language and Wis

dom of the Indians. By E. J. Millington. BCHLEGEL (A. W.) Dramatic Art

and Literature. By J. Black. With Me

moir by Rev. A. J. W. Morrison. Portrait. SCHUMANN (Robert), His Life and

Works. By A. Reissmann. Trans. by
A. L. Alger.

Early Letters. Translated by May Herbert. With Preface by Sir G. Grove. SHAKESPEARE'S Dramatic Art.

The History and Character of Shakspeare's Plays. By Dr. H. Ulrici. Trans. by L. Dora Schmitz

2 vols.


William). A Literary Biography by Karl Elze, Ph.D.,

LL.D. Translated by L. Dora Schmitz. 55. SHERIDAN'S Dramatic Works. With

Memoir. Portrait (after Reynolds). SISMONDI'S History of the Litera.

ture of the South of Europe. Trans. by T. Roscoe. Portraits,

2 vols. SMITH'S (Adam) Theory of Moral

Sentiments; with Essay on the First For. mation of Languages, and Critical Memoir by Dugald Stewart.

See Economic Library. SMYTH'S (Professor) Lectures on

Modern History; from the Irruption of the Northern Nations to the close of the Ameri. can Revolution.

2 vols. - Lectures on the French Revolu. tion. With Index.

2 vols. SOUTHEY.-See Cowper, Wesley, and

(Illustrated Library) Nelson. STURM'S Morning Communings

with God, or Devotional Meditations for

Every Day. Trans. by W. Johnstone, M.A. SULLY. Memoirs of the Duke of,

Prime Minister to Henry the Great. With Notes and Historical Introduction. 4 Por.

traits. 4 vols. TAYLOR'S (Bishop. Jeremy) Holy

Living and Dying, with Prayers, contain. ing the Whole Duty of a Christian and the parts of Devotion fitted to all Occasions.

Portrait. TEN BRINK.-See Brink. THIERRY'S Conquest of England by

the Normans; its Causes, and its Consequences in England and the Continent. By W. Hazlitt. With short Memoir. 2 Por.

traits. vols, ULRICI (Dr.)-See Shakespeare. VASARI, Lives of the most Emainent

Painters, Sculptors, and Architects. By Mrs. J. Foster, with selected Notes. Por trait. 6 vols., Vol. VI. being an additional

Volume of Notes by Dr. J. P. Richter. VOLTAIRE'S Tales, Translated by

R. B. Boswell. Vol. I., containing ‘Ba. bouc,' Memnon, Candide, L'Ingénu, and

other Tales. WERNER'S Templars in Cyprus.

Trans. by E. A. M. Lewis. WESLEY, the Life of, and the Rise

and Progress of Methodism. By Robert

Southey. Portrait. 55. WHEATLEY, A Rational Nlustra.

tion of the Book of Common Prayer. YOUNG (Arthur) Travels in France,

Edited by Miss Betham Edwards. With a Portrait.

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