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Wulfer, the fon of Penda, fet up by the Mercian nobles, in the
room of his brother Ofwi, iv. 139. Said to have been taken
prifoner by Kenwalk, the Weft Saxon, ibid. He takes and wastes
the Ifle of Wight, but caufes the inhabitants to be baptized, ibid.
Gives the island to Ethelwald, king of South Saxons, ibid. Sends
Jarumannus to recover the Eaft Saxons, fallen off the fecond
time from chriftianity, 140. Lindsey taken from him by Ecfrid
of Northumberland, ibid. His death accompanied with the stain
of fimony, 141.

Wulfherd, king Ethelwolf's chief captain, drives back the Danes at
Southampton with great flaughter, iv. 165. He dies the fame
year, as it is thought, of age, ibid.

Wulketul, earl of Ely, put to flight with his whole army, by the
Danes, iv. 172.


XENOPHON, according to him, tyrannicides were honoured by
the people, iii. 225.


YMNER, king of Loegria, with others, flain in battle by Dun-
wallo Molmutius, iv. 17.

Youth, exercife and recreations proper for them, i. 282.


ZEAL, poetical description of it, i. 232. Recommended by the
Scripture, in reproving notorious faults, ibid.

Zipporah, fent away by Mofes for her prophaneness, i. 363.
Zones, Salmafius's account of them, iii. 261.
Zorobabel, afferted truth to be the strongest of all things, iii. 90.

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