Government Aid to Home Owning and Housing of Working People in Foreign Countries: October 15, 1914

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1915 - 451 pages

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Page 287 - ... or the narrowness or bad arrangement of the streets, they are dangerous or injurious to the health of the inhabitants of the area...
Page 288 - A room habitually used as a sleeping place, the surface of the floor of which is more than three feet below the surface of the part of the street adjoining or nearest to the room, shall for the purposes of this section be deemed to be a dwelling-house so dangerous or injurious to health as to be unfit for human habitation...
Page 432 - ... the value of the land or the applicant's interest therein, apart from improvements, does not exceed one-half of the amount of the loan, and the property is deemed otherwise satisfactory.
Page 287 - ... the narrowness, closeness, and bad arrangement, or the bad condition of the streets and houses or groups of houses within such area, or the want of light, air, ventilation, or proper conveniences...
Page 21 - ... any railway company or dock or harbour company, or any other company, society, or association established for the purpose of constructing or improving, or of facilitating or encouraging the construction or improvement of dwellings for the working classes...
Page 432 - Persons desiring an advance make written application on a form obtained from any postmaster. The postmaster also supplies an envelope in which the application may be forwarded, and gives the applicant any explanation which may be required respecting the filling in of the form. The department supplies applicants with plans and specifications free of charge. Eighteen different types of homes containing from two to eight rooms are covered by the plans. They are drawn with the view to getting the maximum...
Page 11 - Most important among these methods of aid is that of loans to public-welfare building associations. These are associations in which the dividends which may be paid to the stockholders are limited usually to 4, or at most 5, per cent on the paid-up capital. In many cases it is also required that upon the dissolution of the association any surplus which may exist shall nofcj be divided among the stockholders but must go to soir public purpose.
Page 10 - Rosemont-on main line of Pennsylvania Railroad, showing development of slum conditions in wealthy suburban towns); New York City, The Tenement House Problem, DeForest & Veiller, 1903 (2 vols )• First Report of the Tenement House Department of the City of New York, 1902-3 (2 vols.); Report of the New York City Commission on Congestion of Population, 1911; Philadelphia, Second Annual Report of Philadelphia Housing Commission, 1912; Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Survey, Vol.
Page 431 - ... to be erected. The advance is secured by a mortgage over the whole property. The interest is payable half-yearly, together with an installment of the principal, which by this means is fully repaid in 36£ years, when the mortgage is released.
Page 431 - VA guarantee loan program is to help veterans obtain credit for the purchase or construction of homes for themselves and their families. It gives recognition to the fact that most veterans do not have an opportunity, during their period of military service, to save enough money to meet the requirements generally made by lenders for obtaining home loans.

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