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Page 3678 - No right to the use of water for land in private ownership shall be sold for a tract exceeding 160 acres to any one landowner, and no such sale shall be made to any landowner unless he be an actual bona fide resident on such land, or occupant thereof residing in the neighborhood of said land, and no such right shall permanently attach until all payments therefor are made.
Page 2543 - Congress assembled, that persons engaged in the production of agricultural products as farmers, planters, ranchmen, dairymen, nut or fruit growers may act together in associations, corporate or otherwise, with or without capital stock, in collectively processing, preparing for market, handling, and marketing in interstate and foreign commerce, such products of persons so engaged.
Page 2908 - ... and such other researches or experiments bearing directly on the agricultural industry of the United States as may in each case be deemed advisable, having due regard to the varying conditions and needs of the respective states or territories.
Page 2893 - ... the establishment and maintenance of a permanent and efficient agricultural industry, and such economic and sociological investigations as have for their purpose the development and improvement of the rural home and rural life, and for printing and disseminating the results of said researches.
Page 2706 - Tenure, to complain that the faculty of the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida...
Page 2988 - We have determined that this funding scheme invidiously discriminates against the poor because it makes the quality of a child's education a function of the wealth of his parents and neighbors.
Page 2723 - If you do feel that you could conserve time, we will place your entire statement in the record, and you may summarize it if you wish.
Page 3387 - Some of them are highly beneficial to farmers while others favor the interests of nonfarmers, but all speak to the future of agriculture and who will control it. Will increased public regulation hamper or help farmers in their efforts to produce food and fiber? How does the balance between public and private prerogative in resource use influence who will control the agriculture of tomorrow? What types of public policy influence control of agricultural resources? These questions and their policy implications...
Page 2993 - Act donating public lands to the several states and territories who may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts." It granted to each state an amount of public land equal to 30,000 acres for each senator and representative in congress to which the states were entitled by the apportionment of the census of 1860.
Page 2712 - MICHAEL L. BRYANT < Counsel for Petitioner 607 NE 1st Street Gainesville, Florida 32601 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I HEREBY CERTIFY that a true copy of the foregoing has been furnished to Mr. Thomas S. Biggs, Jr. , University Attorney, University of Florida, and to Mr. James S.

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