Code of Federal Regulations

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U.S. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, Office of the Federal Register, 1972

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Page 132 - color additive" is any material, not exempted under section 201 (t) of the act, that is a dye, pigment, or other substance made by a process of synthesis or similar artifice, or extracted, isolated, or otherwise derived, with or without intermediate or final change of identity, from a vegetable, animal, mineral, or other source and...
Page 13 - The existence of a difference of opinion, among experts qualified by scientific training and experience, as to the truth of a representation made or suggested in the labeling is a fact (among other facts) the failure to reveal which may render the labeling misleading, if there is a material weight of opinion contrary to such representation.
Page 46 - ... in such labeling by a name which includes or suggests the name of one or more but not all such ingredients, even though the names of all such ingredients are stated elsewhere in the labeling.
Page 41 - A prescription drug intended for both human and veterinary use shall comply with paragraph (b) of this section and subparagraphs (4) and (5) of this paragraph. (d) Exemption for prescription devices. A device which, because of any potentiality for harmful effect, or the method of its use, or the collateral measures necessary to its use is not safe except under the supervision of a practitioner licensed by law to direct the use of such device, and hence for which "adequate directions for use...
Page 128 - ... shall become void ab initio with respect to the person who introduced such shipment or delivery into interstate commerce upon refusal by such person to make available for inspection a copy of the agreement, as required by such subparagraph.
Page 51 - Except as provided by paragraphs (e) and (f) of this section, a shipment or other delivery of a food which is, in accordance with the practice of the trade, to be processed, labeled, or repacked in substantial quantity at an establishment other than that where originally processed or packed, shall be exempt, during the time of introduction into and movement in interstate commerce and the time of holding in such establishment, from compliance with the labeling requirements of...
Page 50 - A separate statement of the net quantity of contents in terms of the metric system is not regarded as a supplemental statement and an accurate statement of the net quantity of contents in terms of the metric system of weight or measure may also appear on the principal display panel or on other panels. (s) The declaration of net quantity of contents shall express an accurate statement of the quantity of contents of the package. Reasonable variations caused by loss or gain of moisture during the course...
Page 24 - The statement of identity shall be presented in bold face type on the principal display panel, shall be in a size reasonably related to the most prominent printed matter on such panel, and shall be in lines generally parallel to the base on which the package rests as it is designed to be displayed.
Page 326 - ... 27.41 Canned fruit cocktail, canned cocktail fruits, canned fruits for cocktail; quality; label statement of substandard quality. (a) The standard of quality for canned fruit cocktail is as follows: (1) Not more than 20 percent by weight of the units in the container of peach or pear, or of pineapple if the units thereof are diced, are more than % inch in greatest edge dimension, or pass through the meshes of a sieve designated as %e inch in Table I of "Standard Specifications for Sieves," published...
Page 20 - For example, a label designation of identity as "cottonseed oil and olive oil" for a mixture containing 80 percent or more of cottonseed oil would require a declaration of the percent of olive oil present. Similarly, a representation by vignette or statement of identity that a breakfast syrup is made from a mixture of sugar syrup and maple sugar syrup would necessitate a quantitative declaration of the maple sugar syrup unless more than 20 percent maple sugar syrup is present. (e) In the case of...

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