Rosicrucian Digest 1962

Front Cover
Rosicrucian Editors, Rosicrucian
Kessinger Publishing, 2004 M07 1 - 488 pages
Some of the articles featured in this year's Digest include: Francis Bacon Today; Cosmic Unity and Science; Evolution's First Hundred Years; The Fire of Prometheus; Prisoner of the White Dwarf; Why Art?; Bird Migration; Horace Mann, A True Disciple; The Lost Art of Getting Lost; Apollonius, Man or Myth?; The Forsaken Temple; Supermen and Superwomen; Inner Space Travel; In the Babylonian Beginning; The Escape of Marshal Ney; The Esthetic Emotion; Dollmaking Today in Japan; Dr. Kinnerman: Digger for Facts; Our World of Color; The Day Washington Cried; Sunrise at Abu Simbel; The Island Nobody Knows; Columbus Liked Gallego Names; Salute to Ottawa; The Bible in Modern Dress; The Ghost of Albert Ryder On Art; A Man on the Moon; Demosthenes Was Right; Akhnaton and the Space Age; The Rays of Luna; George Copeland Recalls Debussy; Space Travel and Earthbound Man; Manna Is Not a Myth; and many more.

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