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Of the Children playing in the Market

Luke A

vii. 31. like?


ND the Lord faid, Whereunto fhall I liken the
Men of this Generation? and to what are they

32. They are like unto Children fitting in the Marketplace, and calling one to another, and faying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced: we have mourned unto you, and ye have not wept.

33. For John the Baptift came neither eating Bread, nor drinking Wine; and ye fay, He hath a Devil.

34. The Son of Man is come eating and drinking, and ye fay, Behold, a gluttonous Man, and a Wine-bibber, a Friend of Publicans and Sinners.

35. But Wisdom is justified of all her Children.

Parable of the Fig-tree.

Luke HE fpake alfo this Parable: A certain Man had xiii. 6. a Fig-tree planted in his Vineyard, and he came and fought Fruit thereon, and found none.

7. Then faid he unto the Dreffer of his Vineyard, Behold, these three Years I come fecking Fruit on this Figtree, and find none cut it down, why cumbreth it the Ground?

8. And he answering, faid unto him, Lord, let it alone this Year alfo, till I fhall dig about it, and dung it:

9. And if it (a) bear Fruit, well and if not, then after that thou fhalt cut it down.

(a) Luke iii. 8. Bring forth therefore FRUITS worthy of Repentance.

9. And now alfo the Ax is laid unto the Roor of the Trees: every Tree therefore which bringeth not forth GOOD FRUIT, is hewn down, and caft into the Fire.

Rom. ii. 4. Or despisest thou the Riches of his Goodnefs, and Forbearance, and Long-fuffering, not knowing that the Goodness of God leadeth thee to Repentance?

5. But after thy Hardness and impenitent Heart, treasureft up unto thy felf WRATH against the Day of Wrath, and Revelation of the righteous Judgment of God;

6. Who will render to every Man according to his Deeds:

7. To them who by patient Continuance in WELL-DOING, feek for Glory, and Honour, and Immortality; Eternal Life :

8. But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the TRUTH, but obey UNRIGHTEOUSNESS; Indignation and Wrath;

9. Tribulation and Anguish upon every Soul of Man that doth EVIL. 10. But Glory, Honour, and Peace, to every Man that worketh GooD, to the Jew firft, and alfo to the Gentile.

11. For there is no refpect of Perfons with God.

Of the Feaft, and of the great Supper.

Luke AND he put forth a Parable to those which were bidden, when he marked how they chose out the chief Rooms; faying unto them,

xiv. 7.

8. When thou art bidden of any Man to a Wedding, fit not down in the highest Room, left a more honourable Man than thou be bidden of him;

9. And he that bade thee and him, come and fay to thee, Give this Man place; and thou begin with Shame to take the lowest Room.

10. But when thou art bidden, go and fit down in the lowest Room; that when he that bade thee cometh, he may fay unto thee, Friend, go up higher: Then fhalt thou have Worship in the Prefence of them that fit at Meat

with thee.

11. For whofoever EXALTETH himself, fhall be ABASED; and he that HUMBLETH himself, fhall be EXALTED.

12. Then faid he alfo to him that bade him, When thou makeft a Dinner or a Supper, call not thy Friends, nor thy Brethren, neither thy Kinfmen, nor thy rich Neighbours; left they alfo bid thee again, and a Recompense be made thee.

13. But when thou makeft a Feaft, call the Poor, the Maimed, the Lame, the Blind :

14. And thou fhalt be bleffed; for they cannot recompenfe thee for thou fhalt be recompenfed at the Refurrection of the Juft.


15. And when one of them that fat at Meat with him, heard thefe Things, he faid unto him, Bleffed is he that fhall eat Bread in the Kingdom of God.

16. Then

[blocks in formation]

17. And fent his Servant at Supper-time to fay to them that were bidden, Come, for all things are now ready.

18. And they all with one Confent began to make Excufe. The first faid unto him, I have BOUGHT a Piece of Ground, and I must needs go and fee it: I pray thee have me excufed.


19. And another faid, have BOUGHT five Yoke of Oxen, and I go to prove them: I pray thee have me excufed.

20. And another faid, I have MARRIED a Wife, and therefore I cannot come.

21. So that Servant came, and fhewed his Lord these Things. Then the Mafter of the Houfe being angry, faid unto his Servant, Go out quickly into the Streets and Lanes of the City, and bring in hither the Poor, and the MAIMED, and the HALT, and the BLIND.

22. And the Servant faid, Lord, it is done as thou haft commanded, and yet there is

[blocks in formation]

(a) Prov. i. 20. WISDOM crieth without, he uttereth her VOICE

in the Streets;

21. She crieth in the chief Place of Concourfe, in the Openings of the Gates: in the City the uttereth her Words, faying,

22. How long ye fimple Ones, will ye LOVE SIMPLICITY? and the Scorners delight in their ScoRNING, and FOOLS HATE Knowledge?

23. TURN you at my Reproof: Behold, I will pour out my SPIRIT unto you, I will make known my Words unto you.

24. Because I have called, and ye refufed: I have ftretched out my Hand, and no Man regarded:

25. But ye have SET at NOUGHT all my COUNSEL, and would none of my Reproof:

26. I alfo will laugh at your Cacometh ; lamity, I will mock when your Fear

27. When your Fear_cometh as Defolation, and your Deftruation cometh as a Whirlwind; when Diftrefs and Anguifh cometh upon you.

28. Then hall they CALL upon me, but I will not ANSWER, they fhall SEEK me early, but they fhall

[blocks in formation]

33. But whofo hearkneth unto me, fhall dwell SAFELY, and shall be QUIET from Fear of EVIL.

Ifaiah xxv. 1. O Lord, thou art

my God, I will EXALT thee, I will PRAISE thy Name; for thou haft done wonderful THINGS; thy Counfels of old are FAITHFUL


6. And in this Mountain fhall the Lord of Hofts make unto all People a Feaft of FAT THINGS, a Y Featt

24. For I fay unto you, that none of thofe Men which were BIDDEN, fhall tale of my SUPPER.

Feast of Wines on the Lees, of fat
Things full of MARROW, of Wines

on the Lees well refined.

7. And he will destroy in this Mountain the Face of the COVERING caft over all People, and the Veil that is fpread over all Nations. Chap. Iv. 1. Ho, every one that THIRSTETH, come ye to the Waters, and he that hath no Money: Come ye, BUY and EAT, yea, come buy Wine and Milk without Money, and without Price.

2. Wherefore do ye fpend Money for that which is NOT BREAD? and your Labour for that which fatisfieth not? Hearken diligently unto me, and EAT ye that which is GOOD, and let your Soul DELIGHT itself in FATNESS.

Of the Loft Sheep. Of the Piece of Silver. Of the Prodigal Son.

Luke TH

HEN drew near unto him all the Publicans XV. I. and Sinners, for to hear him.

2. And the Pharifees and Scribes murmured, faying, This Man receiveth Sinners, and eateth with them.

3. And he fpake this Parable unto them, faying,

(a) Pf. cxix. 176. I have gone ASTRAY like a LOST SHEEP, ieek thy Servant, for I do not forget thỵ


4. What Man (a) of you having an hundred Sheep, if he lofe one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the Wildernefs, and go after that which was loft, until he find it?

5. And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his Shoulders, rejoicing.

6. And when he cometh home, he calleth together his Friends and Neighbours, faying unto them, Rejoice with me, for I have found my Sheep which was loft.

7. I fay unto you, that likewife Joy fhall be in Heaven over one Sinuer that REPENTETH, more than over ninety and nine juft Perfons, which need no REPENTANCE.

8. Either what Woman having ten Pieces of Silver, if fhe lofe one Piece, doth not light a Candle, and fweep the Houfe, and feek diligently till fhe find it?

9. And when fhe hath found it, fhe calleth her Friends and her Neighbours together, faying, Rejoice with me, for I have found the Piece which I had loft.

10. Likewife I fay unto you, There is Joy in the Prefence of the ANGELS of God, over one SINNER that RE


11. And he faid, A certain Man had two Sons :

12. And the younger of them faid to his Father, Father, give me the Portion of Goods that falleth to me. And he divided unto them his Living.

13. And not many Days after, the younger Son gathered all together, and took his Journey into a far Country, and there wafted his Subitance with RIOTOUS LIVING.

14. And when he had fpent all, there arofe a mighty Famine in that Land, and he began to be in WANT.

15. And he went and joined himfelf to a Citizen of that Country; and he fent him into his Fields to feed SWINE.

16. And he would fain have filled his Belly with the HUSKS that the Swine did eat and no Man gave unto him.

17. And when he came to himfelf, he faid, How many hired Servants of my Father's have Bread enough and to fpare, and I perish with Hunger.

18. I will arife (b) and go to my Father, and fay unto him, Father, I have finned against Heaven, and before thee,

19. And am no more worthy to be called thy Son: make me as one of thy hired Servants.

20. And he arofe, and came to his Father. But when he was yet great way off, his FATHER faw him, and had COMPASSION, and ran, and fell on his Neck, and kiffed him.

21. And the Son faid unto him, Father, I have finned


(b) Exod. xxxiv. 6. And the Lord paffed by before him, and proclaimed, The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, Long fuffering,

and abundant in GooDNESS and TRUTH.

7. Keeping MERCY for thoufands, FORGIVING INIQUITY, and Tranf greffion, and Sin; and that will by no means clear the GUILTY; vifiting the Iniquity of the Fathers upon the Children, and upon the Childrens Children, unto the third and fourth Generation.

Pfal. cxxx. 3. If thou, Lord, fhouldft mark INIQUITIES: O Lord, who fhall stand?

4. But there is Forgiveness with thee; that thou mayft be feared.

Ifai. i. 18. Come now, and let us reafon together, faith the Lord: though your SINS be as Scarlet, they fhall be as white as Snow: though they be red like Crimton, they fhall be as Wool.

Chap. xliii. 25. I, even I am he that blotteth out thy Tranfgreflions

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