The Rival Powers in Central Asia: Or, The Struggle Between England and Russia in the East

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A. Constable, 1893 - 235 pages

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Page 53 - Lake) on the east to the junction of the Kokcha River with the Oxus (or Penjah), forming the northern boundary of this Afghan province throughout its entire extent.
Page 119 - Not only was it far from the intention of the Emperor to take possession of Khiva, but positive orders had been prepared to prevent it, and directions given that the conditions imposed should be such as could not in any way lead to a prolonged occupancy of Khiva.
Page 193 - Every one," continued Skobeloff, "who has concerned himself with the question of a Russian invasion of India will declare that it is only necessary to penetrate to a single point of the Indian frontier to bring about a general rising. . . . Even the contact of an insignificant force with the frontier of India might lead to a general insurrection throughout the country, and the collapse of the British Empire."2...
Page 78 - ... experience, which, as we are interested parties, might be supposed to incline rather to the side of suspicion, we have further been assured by sagacious foreign observers, free from all national prejudice, but who have watched the progress of events, and have been more or less admitted behind the scenes, that the continued advance of Russia in Central Asia is as certain as the succession of day and night. Whether it be from a natural law of increase, or from the preponderating weight of the military...
Page 82 - The limits of the territories of the two States of Russia and Persia shall be determined according to the admission of Great Britain, Persia, and Russia.
Page 111 - Now if this statement be correct — and there seems no reason to doubt it — it may truly be said that we are living upon a volcano in India, which at any minute may explode and overwhelm us...
Page 112 - Water and supplies abound, and routes from all the great cities to the north, which would furnish the Russian supports, meet in this favoured spot. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that if Russia were once established in full strength at Herat, and her communications were secured in one direction with Asterabad through Meshed, in another with Khiva through Merv, and in a third with Tashkend and Bokhara through Mymeneh and the passage of the Oxus, all the native forces of Asia would be inadequate...
Page 87 - But such reasoners leave entirely out of consideration that India is a conquered country, where a certain amount of discontent must be ever smouldering which would be fanned into a chronic conflagration by the contiguity of a rival European power.
Page 100 - Cabinet as an equal partner (as least in theory) of the secretary of state for war and the first lord of the admiralty.
Page 111 - This parallel is above 1000 miles in advance of the first line, but it does not directly menace India, inasmuch as the intervening Afghan mountains constitute a strong military defence. The third parallel, which would be the natural result of the preceding preliminary operations, and which, if Russia survive revolution in Europe and catastrophe in Asia, she will assuredly some day attempt, would be drawn from Asterabad at the south-east corner of the Caspian along the Persian frontier to Herat, and...

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