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HE deep affections of the breast,

That Heaven to living things imparts, Are not exclusively possess'd

By human hearts !

A Parrot from the Spanish main,

Full young and early caged, came o'er With bright wings to the bleak domain

Of Mulla's shore.

The spicy groves where he had won

His plumage of resplendent hue, His native fruits, and skies, and sun,

He bade adieu !

For these he changed the smoke of turf,

A heathery land, and misty sky, And turn'd on rocks and surging surf

His golden eye.

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Or where the denser grove receives

No sunlight from above,
But the dark foliage interweaves
In one unbroken roof of leaves,
Underneath whose sloping eaves

The shadows hardly move.

Beneath some patriarchal tree

I lay upon the ground;
His hoary arms uplifted he,
And all the broad leaves over me
Clapp'd their little hands in glee,

With one continuous sound,

A slumberous sound,-a sound that brings

The feelings of a dream,
As of innumerable wings,
As, when a bell no longer swings,
Faint the hollow murmur rings

O'er meadow, lake, and stream.

And dreams of that which cannot die,

Bright visions, came to me,
As lapp'd in thought I used to lie,

into the summer sky, Where the sailing clouds went by,

Like ships upon the sca ;

Dreams that the soul of youth engage

Ere Fancy has been quell'd; Old legends of the monkish page, Traditions of the saint and sage, Tales that have the rime of age,

And chronicles of Eld.

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HERE is now to be placed on his trial before you one whose life and actions condemn him in the opinion of all impartial persons; but who, according to his own reckoning, and declared dependence upon his riches, is already acquitted,—I mean Caius Verres. If that sentence is passed upon him, which his crimes deserve, your authority, Fathers, will be venerable and sacred in the eyes of the public; but if his great riches should bias you in his favour, I

shall still gain one point,—viz., to make it apparent to all the world that what was wanting in this case was not a criminal nor a prosecutor, but justice and adequate punishment.

To pass over the shameful irregularities of his youth, what does his quæstorship, the first public employment he held, exhibit but one continued scene of villanies ! Cneius Carbo plundered of the public money by his own treasurer, a consul stripped and betrayed, an army


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