Laws passed at session of the legislative assembly of the state of north dakota

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Page 326 - ... have the same powers and privileges and be subject to the same liabilities as a constable duly appointed has and is subject to in his constablewick at common law or by statute.
Page 182 - ... proof of the giving of such notice and of such failure to produce and file such evidence shall be prima facie evidence in any prosecution brought for a violation of this article that such child is under sixteen years of age and is unlawfully employed.
Page 181 - It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to employ any child under fourteen years of age in any business or service whatever, during any part of the term during which the public schools of the district in which the child resides are in session.
Page 117 - Provided, that in actions by or against executors, administrators, or guardians, in which judgment may be rendered for or against them, neither party shall be allowed to testify against the other, as to any transaction with, or statement by, the testator, intestate, or ward, unless called to testify thereto by the opposite party, or required to testify thereto by the court.
Page 1 - When the defendant is brought before a magistrate upon an arrest either with or without warrant on a charge of having committed a crime, the magistrate must immediately inform him of the charge against him, and of his right to the aid of counsel in every stage of the proceedings, and before any further proceedings are had.
Page 183 - A passport or duly attested transcript of the certificate of birth or baptism or other religious record, showing the date and place of birth of such child.
Page 77 - The court may, on motion, change the place of trial in the following cases: "1. When the county designated in the complaint is not the proper county; "2. When there is reason to believe that an impartial trial cannot be had therein ; "3. When the convenience of witnesses and the ends of justice would be promoted by the change; "4.
Page 231 - ... such certificates shall bear interest at the rate of not to exceed six per centum per annum, and shall be made payable on the first day of February following the expiration of two months from their issue, and the amount thereof shall be raised in the next tax budget of said county succeeding their issue, and applied to the payment of such certificates.
Page 181 - No child between fourteen and sixteen years of age shall be employed, permitted or suffered to work in any mine, factory, workshop or mercantile establishment unless the person or corporation employing him procures and keeps on file, and accessible to the...
Page 344 - Now, therefore, be it Resolved, by the Senate of the State of North Dakota (the House of Representatives concurring therein), That the...

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