Code of Federal Regulations

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U.S. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, Office of the Federal Register, 1962

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Page xvii - Upon the suspension or termination of any or all provisions of this part, the market administrator, or such person as the Secretary may designate, shall if so directed by the Secretary, liquidate the business of the market administrator's office, and dispose of all funds and property then in his possession or...
Page 128 - Powers. The market administrator shall have the following powers with respect to this part: (a) To administer its terms and provisions; (b) To receive, investigate, and report to the Secretary complaints of violations ; (c) To make rules and regulations to effectuate its terms and provisions; and (d) To recommend amendments to the Secretary.
Page 86 - Duties. The market administrator shall perform all duties necessary to administer the terms and provisions of this part, including but not limited to the following: (a) Within 45 days following the date on which he enters upon his duties, or such lesser period as may be prescribed by the Secretary, execute and deliver to the Secretary a bond, effective as of the date on which he enters upon his duties and conditioned upon the faithful performance of such duties, in an amount and with surety thereon...
Page 150 - ... records required by this subpart to be made available, the market administrator may, within the two-year period provided for in paragraph (a) of this section, notify the handler in writing of such failure or refusal. If the market administrator so notifies a handler, the said two-year period with respect to such obligation shall not begin to run until the first day of the month following the month during which such books and records pertaining to such obligation are made available to the market...
Page 83 - Designation. The agency for the administration of this part shall be a market administrator, who shall be a person selected by the Secretary. Such person shall be entitled to such compensation as may be determined by, and shall be subject to removal at the discretion of the Secretary.
Page 83 - Use of equivalent prices. If for any reason a price quotation required by this part for computing class prices or for other purposes is not available in the manner described, the market administrator shall use a price determined by the Secretary to be equivalent to the price which is required. APPLICATION OF PROVISIONS 1009.60 Producer-handlers.
Page 93 - ... which requires further acts by any handler, by the market administrator, or by any other person, the power and duty to perform such further acts shall continue notwithstanding such suspension or termination: Provided, That any such acts required...
Page 88 - Responsibility of handlers and reclassification of milk. (a) All skim milk and butterfat shall be Class I milk unless the handler who first receives such skim milk or butterfat can prove to the market administrator that such skim milk or butterfat should be classified otherwise; (b) Any skim milk or butterfat shall be reclassified if verification by the market administrator discloses that the original classification was incorrect.
Page 131 - Verify all reports and payments of each handler by audit if necessary, of such handler's records and the records of any other handler or person upon whose utilization the classification of skim milk and butterfat for such handler depends; and by such other means as are necessary; (j) Prepare and make available for the benefit of producers, consumers, and handlers, general statistics and information concerning the operation of this order which do not reveal confidential information; and (k) On or...
Page 157 - The average of the basic or field prices per hundredweight reported to have been paid, or to be paid, for milk of 3.5 percent butterfat content received from farmers during the month at the following plants or places for which prices have been reported to the market administrator or to the USDA: Present Operator and Location Borden Co., New London, Wls.

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