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3. : Q) d; O ": . 2 to Ç) q- $2 e # | # ##| # § of # SPECIAL SCHOOLS. CO ## | ##| # | ##| | # so * * 3 & T. C. o: Q :*:: 3 & so o o 35 $3 T § #3 5.5 so: co O 65 oz. So Ś “; §: <! ; : c 2. Z <! <! <! P- 2. Horace Mann. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 14 121 106 15 87.6 125 Spectacle Island.............. 1 1 \ 18 16 2 88.8 18 Evening High, Central... ... 1 *26 1,930 | 1,541 389 79.8 . . . . . . . . Charlestown Branch..... [........ 8 229 181 48 79.0 [ . . . . . . . . East Boston Branch......] ........ 6 152 120 32 78.9 . . . . . . . . Evening Elementary......... 13 165 3,679 || 2,434 1,245 66.1 ! . . . . . . . . Evening Drawing............ 5 27 586 476 110 81.2 . . . . . . . . . Special Class in Design...... 1 l 46 27 19 58.7 | . . . . . . . . Special Classes .............. 2 2 26 21 5 80.7 29 Totals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 250 6,787 || 4,922 | 1,865 72.5 172



* Each teacher was in charge of two classes, one of which met on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, the other on Tuesday and 'Thursday evenings.


Every Saturday; the half-day before Thanksgiving day and the remainder of the week; the half-day before Christmas; one week, beginning with Christmas day; New Year's day; the twenty-second of February; Good Friday; the nineteenth of April; the week immediately preceding the second Monday in April; Decoration day; the seventeenth of June; and for the Primary Schools from the Friday preceding the week of graduating exercises of the schools, and for the Normal, High and Grammar Schools from their respective graduating exercises to the second Wednesday in September.

For the list of the Medical Inspectors of Schools, see Health Department, page 55.

A full list of the schools and teachers will be found in the “Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Boston, 1900,” copies of which may be obtained of the School Committee.


There are thirty rooms used for instruction in wood-working, of which two are in East Boston; two in Charlestown; four in Boston proper; five in South Boston; three in Roxbury; seven in Dorchester; two in Jamaica Plain; one in Allston; one in Brighton; one in Mattapan; one in Roslindale; and one in West Roxbury.


There are twenty-two rooms fitted as kitchens and used for the purposes of instruction in cookery; of which one is in East Boston; one in Charlestown; six in Boston proper; one in South Boston; two in Roxbury; six in Dorchester; one in Jamaica Plain; one in Allston; one in Brighton; one in Roslindale; and one in West Roxbury.


The Evening High School is in Montgomery street, and has branches in East Boston and Charlestown High Schools.


There are thirteen of these schools, held in the following-named school buildings:

Bigelow School, E street, South Boston; Comins School, Tremont street, Roxbury Crossing; Dearborn School, Dearborn place, Roxbury; Eliot School, North Bennet street; Franklin School, Waltham street; Hancock School, Parmenter street; Lincoln School, Broadway, South Boston; Lyman School, Paris and Gove streets, East Boston; Mather school, Meeting House Hill; Quincy School, Tyler street; Warren School, Pearl and Summer streets, Charlestown; Washington Allston School, Cambridge street, Allston; Wells School, Blossom street.


The term of the evening drawing schools begins on the third Monday in October, and continues for sixty-six working nights.

There are five evening drawing schools. They are held at the following-named places:

Charlestown, City Hall, City square; East Boston, Stephenson's Block, Central square; Columbus avenue, 147 Columbus avenue; Roxbury, Municipal Court Building, Roxbury street; Warren avenue, Public Latin school.



PATRICK A. Col.1,1Ns.

The Board was appointed by the Mayor as a special commission to draft a revision or consolidation of all the special laws relating to the

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Appointed annually by the Board of Health, in accordance with Stat. 1890, Chap. 210, Sect. 1.


Abrams Barnett Burroughs, Samuel M.
Alexander, Alexis Callahan, Timothy F.
Alexander, J. H. Cangiano, Michael
Avdon, Samuel Caro, Solomon M.
Badaracco, Andrew A. Carpenter, George S.
Balfe, Thomas J. Casey, Francis P.
Banks, Walden Cassidy, William J.
Barry, Michael Celler, Gustave
Barry, William Chester, Charles E.
Belgard, Philip Clark, William C.
Bernstein, Morris H. Cleary, James P.
Brady Patrick J. Cobb, Charles W.
Briggs, Frederick L. Cobb, Frank L.
Brown, Edwin G. Cobe, William
Brown, Frank E. Colbert, Charles E.
Bryant, Charles A. Cole, Harry H.
Bryant, John E. Connell, Austin H.
Bryant, T. Weston Cosmo, Manoel J.
Burke, Edmund C. Crane, Frank E.
Burke, John B. Crane, Horace R.

Crogan, James P. Crosby, Elizabeth A. Crosby, Joseph P. Curtis, David H. Dacey, Charles M. Dalzell, F. W. Dolan, Charles B. Dolan, James W. Dooley, David J. Doolin, John Doyle, Thomas Eastman, Alman L. Fallon, John D. Farrell, Michael A. Feeley, Thomas Feeney, John Field, George P. Field, George W. Fitzgibbon, Edward D. Flax, Harris Gallivan, John J. Gallivan, Joseph C. Çilmore, Edward J. Gleason, Edward F. Gleason, Reuben Guggenheim, Joseph Haynes, John O. Hill, George Hogue, Alphonse Hutchins, Basil Jacobovitz, Myer Jacobs, Louis Jones, Lewis L. Keating, Thomas J. Kelly, Bernard Kelly, Michael J Lane, Thomas J Langone, Joseph A. Lavery, Frank W. Lavery, John W. Leary, Lewis W.

Linnehan, Cornelius P.

Lippa, William Maloney, Frank S. Mann, Lewis A. Marínheimer, Herman Marsh, William W.

McCaffrey, Christopher P.
McCaffrey, John
McCugh, Hugh L.
McMackin, Bernard S.
Metcalf, Eugene H.
Mitchell, Michael J.
Morris, Jerome S.
Morris, John J.
Morris, Lawrence F.
Muldoon, Joseph L.
Mullen, James
Mullen, Matthew J.
Mullen, Patrick H.
Murdock, James E.
Murphy, Michael J.
Murray, E. A.
Murray, Frank A.
Nolan, John E.
O'Donnell, James F.
Peak, John H.
Peak, John H., jr.
Peyser, Jacob
Porchella, Michael
Rafferty, Patrick H.
Raftery, Thomas E.
Reade, George E.
Reade, Vincent de P.
Reade, Vincent de P., jr.
Regan, Martin
Ring, Timothy F.
Roach, Edward E.
Roeder, John R.
Roles, Roswell
Ruemker, Frank H.
Silverstein, Myer L.
Slyne, William F.
Smith, Priscilla M.
Spencer, William F.
Sprague, John W.
Stanetsky, Jacob
Stokes, Waldo J.
Sullivan, Jeremiah F.
Sullivan, Samuel J.
Sullivan, Timothy J.
Tinkham, Charles F.
Tinkham, Jeremiah
Tondorf, Joseph B.

Winal, Frederick White, Harry M.
Walsh, John F. Whitman, Lewis H.
Waterman, Frank S. Willard, George A.
Waterman, George H. Williams, Nicholas M.
Watson, Bernard L. Wittenburg, Solomon


Office, Old Court House, first floor.
[Stat. 1901, Chap. 531.]


CHARLEs R. SAUNDERs, Chairman.
MELANCTHON W. BurLEN, Secretary.


THOMAS N. HART, Mayor of Boston, ea officio.
MELANCTHON W. BURLEN, Election Commissioner, ea officio.
JOHN J. HOGAN, Election Commissioner, ea officio.
PATRICK J. KENNEDY, Election Commissioner, eac officio.
CHARLES R. SAUNDERS, Election Commissioner, eac officio.

By Chapter 531 of the Acts of 1901, the power to determine upon, purchase and order the use of voting and counting machines in Boston is vested in a board consisting of the Election Commissioners and the Mayor of the City. Expenditures under the act shall be deemed expenditures of the Election Department.

[Stat. 1888, Chap. 108, § 4.] 2

The Workingmen's Loan Association is managed by sixteen directors, selected annually, fourteen chosen by corporators at the annual meeting on the third Thursday in April, one appointed by the Governor, and one appointed by the Mayor.

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