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publishing ordered by or for the city council, or either branch, as one of its contingent or incidental expenses, and the supply of all stationery or binding for the same purpose. The committee shall fix the number of copies to be printed of any document printed as above, the minimum, however, to be six hundred; and they shall have the right to make rules and regulations for the care, custody, and distribution of all documents, books, pamphlets, and maps by the city messenger.

8. A committee on Public Lands, to consist of five aldermen and eight councilmen, to whom shall be referred all matters relating to public lands.

9. A committee on Schools and School-houses, to consist of five aldermen and eight councilmen, to whom shall be referred matters relating to the public schools, and requests of the school committee for additional school accommodations.


RULE 2. Every joint special committee ordered by the city council shall, unless otherwise provided in the order, be appointed in the manner provided in Rule 1.


RULE 3. The member of the board of aldermen first named on every joint committee shall be its chairman; and, in case of his resignation or inability, the other members of the same board, in the order designated by the chairman of the board, and after them the members of the common council in the order named, shall act as chairman. The chairman shall call meetings of the committee at his discretion, or at the written request of a majority of the members. RULE 4. Every joint committee shall cause records of their proceedings to be kept in books provided for that purpose; and at every meeting of a committee the records of the previous meeting shall be read unless otherwise ordered by the committee. In all such meetings of committees all votes shall, at the request of any member, be taken by yeas and nays and recorded. RULE 5. No meeting of any committee shall, without the consent of all the members thereof, be called upon less notice than twenty-four hours from the time the clerk shall have mailed the notices or despatched them by special messenger. RULE 6. Any joint committee may expend from the appropriation for contingent expenses an amount not exceeding two hundred dollars in any one year, for purposes connected with the duties of said committee for which no provision has been otherwise made.

CONFERENCE COMMITTEES. RULE 7. In every case of disagreement between the two branches of the city council, if either branch shall request a conference, and appoint a committee of conference, the other branch shall also appoint such a

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committee, and such committees shall consist of not less than five members each. Both committees shall, at an hour to be agreed upon by their chairmen, meet and state to each other, verbally or in writing, as either shall choose, the reasons for the action of their respective branches in relation to the matter in controversy, shall confer freely thereon, and shall report to their respective branches.


RULE 8. When an order or resolution relates to a subject which may properly be examined and reported upon by an existing committee of the city council, such order or resolution shall, upon presentation, be referred to such committee. Either branch of the city council may commit or recommit to a joint committee; but a reference with instructions shall require concurrent action.


RULE 9. No report of a joint committee shall be received by either branch of the city council unless agreed to by such committee at a duly notified meeting thereof. The report of a committee upon any subject referred to it shall, unless otherwise ordered by the city council or by the committee, be presented to the branch in which the order of reference originated. It shall be the duty of every joint committee to which any subject may be specially referred, to report thereon within four weeks, or to ask for further time." RULE 10. All reports submitted to the city council shall be written or printed, and no indorsement of any kind shall be made on the reports, memorials, or other papers, excepting those made by the officers of either branch, or the name of the member offering the same. Every report of a committee shall be signed by a member belonging to the body to which it shall be presented, unless otherwise directed by the committee. Every member presenting an order, ordinance or resolution, shall have his name indorsed thereon. Such member shall be informed, by the clerk of the committee to which the matter is referred, of the time fixed for its consideration, if he give notice of his desire to be heard thereon. RULE 11. Any report containing any recommendation, other than “ leave to withdraw,” or ‘‘inexpedient to take further action,” or reference to another board or committee, shall be accompanied by an ordinance, Order or resolve, embodying such recommendation; and such report shall be acted upon separately. RULE 12. Any member of a joint committee may submit a minority report at the same time as the majority report, and, if the latter be in print, he shall be allowed to submit his report also in print. Either branch may order to be printed the report of any committee submitted to it, or any document relating to a subject under consideration, the expense thereof to be charged to the general appropriation for printing.


RULE 13. All papers requiring concurrent action shall be transmitted from one branch of the city council to the other before the next regular meeting of the latter branch, with the action of the branch sending them indorsed thereon, and signed by the regular presiding officer of such branch, or, in his absence, by the clerk, or assistant clerk, of such body. In case of votes or action by either branch, not based on written orders or papers, notice of the same shall be transmitted to the other branch, signed as hereinbefore directed. In case any ordinance, order, or resolution, originating in one branch, shall fail to pass in the other, notice thereof shall be given, under the signature of the clerk, to the branch in which the same originated.


RULE 14. In all votes requiring concurrent action the form of expression shall be “Ordered '' for everything by way of command; and the form shall be “Resolved '' for everything expressing opinions, principles, facts or purposes.


RULE 15. Whenever the city council shall order an expenditure by any committee, board, or officer, either in addition to the estimates on which the appropriation was made, or for an object not included in such estimates, it shall provide for the payment of the same. RULE 16. No expenditure shall be made from the reserved fund except by a transfer to some other appropriation, or to a new appropriation to be established, and no expenditure shall be charged to the appropriation for incidental expenses except transfers and the expenditures therefrom provided for in the ordinances. RULE 17. Every application for an additional appropriation, to be provided for by transfer or loan, shall be referred to the committee on finance; and no such additional appropriation shall be made until the said committee has reported thereon. RULE 18. No order authorizing the borrowing of money, or the transfer of one appropriation or part of an appropriation to another appropriation, shall be passed, unless two-thirds of the whole number of the members of each branch of the city council vote in the affirmative, by a vote taken by yea and nay.


RULE 19. No presiding officer of a board or chairman of a committee, unless duly authorized by such board or committee, shall approve any bill or account against the city. so


RULE 20. The foregoing rules shall not be altered, amended, suspended, or repealed, at any time, except by the votes of two-thirds of the members of each branch of the city council present and voting thereon.



ARMORIES AND MILITARY AFFAIRS. —Dyar, Jordan, Norris, Miller,

Norton. County Accounts. – Jordan, Norton, Gerry, Bowen, Kelly. ELECTRIC WIREs. – Norton, Dyar, O'Brien, Tinkham, Bowen. FANEUIL HALL. — Norris, Gerry, Kelly, Miller, Lomasney. LAMPS. — Lomasney, Tinkham, Stewart, Miller, Kelly. LICENSEs. – Bowen, Stewart, O'Brien, Dyar, Kelly. MARKETs. – Kelly, Tinkham, Bowen, Stewart, O'Brien. RAILROADS. — Doyle, Bowen, Stewart, Gerry, Norton. PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS. — The whole Board, Alderman Norris, Chair



Paving Division—Norton, Stewart, Bowen. Sewer Division—Lomasney, Dyar, Kelly. Sanitary Division Doyle, Gerry, O'Brien. Ferry Division Kelly, Stewart, Lomasney. Bridge Division — Bowen, Miller, Norton. Street Cleaning Division O'Brien, Jordan, Tinkham. Street Watering Division — Tinkham, Dyar, Jordan.


INSPECTION OF PRISONS. – O’Brien, Doyle, Jordan, Bowen.
RULES AND ORDERS. — Tinkham, Norris, Norton.
STATE AID. — Norris, Kelly, Gerry.


JUDICIARY. — Homans, Grady, Beckford, Dolan, Thayer.
ELECTIONS. — Scigliano, Bennett, Cadigan, Bromberg, O'Hare.


APPROPRIATIONs. – Aldermen — Norris, Jordan, O'Brien, Lomasney, Miller, Kelly, Dyar, Bowen. Common Council Kiley, Jackson, White, Curtis, Carter, Whiteley, Murphy (17), Thayer.

ART DEPARTMENT. Aldermen — Gerry, Bowen, Norton, Lomasney, Stewart. Common Council “Flanagan, Hannan, Donnelly, Upham, Monaghan, Phelan, Wing, Clark.


Assessing DEPARTMENT. —Aldermen— Norris, Tinkham, Miller, Kelly, O’Brien. Common Council—Upham, Hart, Lorey, Egan, Weber, Shiels, Scigliano, Barrett.

AUDITING DEPARTMENT. —Aldermen O'Brien, Tinkham, Bowen, Jordan, Lomasney. Common Council Atwood, Curry, Nitz, Wing, Phelan, “Murphy (5), McDermott, McMahon.

BATH DEPARTMENT. Aldermen — Kelly, Gerry, Norris, Jordan, Norton. Common Council Flynn, Battis, Grady, Upham, Young, Bromberg, Powers, Clark.

BUILDING DEPARTMENT. Aldermen — Bowen, O'Brien, Dyar, Doyle, Stewart. Common Council Davenport, Good, Jackson, White, Lorey, Young, MacDonald, Hoban.

CEMETERY DEPARTMENT. Aldermen O'Brien, Jordan, Stewart, Doyle, Bowen. Common Council Doherty, Burr, O'Hare, Davenport, Flynn, MacDonald, Raftery, Newton.

CITY CLERK DEPARTMENT. Aldermen — Lomasney, Tinkham, Norris, Gerry, Kelly. Common Council Good, Lorey, Curley, Thayer, Lane, Beckford, Hoban, Cauley.

CITY MESSENGER DEPARTMENT. Aldermen—Norris, Stewart, Norton, Kelly, Tinkham. Common Council Thayer, O'Toole, McKee, Power, Atwood, Curry, Mullen, Sullivan.

CLAIMs. – Aldermen — Jordan, Kelly, Miller, O'Brien, Doyle. Common Council Grady, Upham, Hickey, Roberts, Shiels, Beckford Egan, Starratt.

CLERK of CoMMITTEES DEPARTMENT. Aldermen — O'Brien, Dyar, Jordan, Bowen, Norton. Common Council— Kelly, Atwood, Curry, Brown, “Murphy (5), Weber, Sullivan, Wing.

CoLLECTING DEPARTMENT. Aldermen Doyle, Gerry, Dyar, Lomasney, Stewart. Common Council— Simms, Cauley, Upham, Curry, Phelan, McDermott, Shehan, Power.

ELECTION DEPARTMENT. Aldermen Kelly, Jordan, Dyar, Lomasney, Norris. Common Council— Sheehan Mildram, Fitzgerald (9), Atwood, Cauley, Bennett, Donnelly, *Murphy (5).

ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT. Aldermen — Lomasney, Tinkham, Stewart, Norris, Norton. Common Council — Hannan, Lane, Battis, O'Hare, Bennett, Fitzgerald (9), Starratt, Mullen.

FINANCE. — Aldermen — Norris, Stewart, O’Brien, Tinkham, Gerry, Relly. Common Council— Kiley, Burr, Flynn, Battis, Doherty, Wood, Fitzgerald (6), Nitz, Monaghan.

FIRE DEPARTMENT. Aldermen — Gerry, Lomasney, Norris, Dyar, Millef. Common Council — Mullen, Jackson, Kelly, Thayer, Barrett, Brown, Gavin, Fitzgerald (9).


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