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Number. LOCation. Officers. 36... . . . . . . . . . . Monument street, Charlestown ........... John Ready, Capt. 37... . . . . . . . . . . Longwood avenue. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C. H. Moning, Capt. S. J. Ryder, Capt. 38 and 39. . . . . Congress street. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W. M. Lynch, Lieut. #: # to go Lieut. to ot-2′. o. iott, Capt. 40... . . . . . . . . . . Sumner street, East Boston. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . } T. J. Lannery, Lieut. 41... . . . . . . . . . . Harvard avenue, Brighton. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George W. Frost, Capt. 42. . . . . . . . . . . . . Egleston Square. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . William Childs, Capt. 43. . . . . . . . . . . . . Andrew square, South Boston............. William Coulter, Capt. {o op; & s . D. Eaton, Lieut. 44. . . . . . . is e - - - - Berth at India. Wharf, Fire-boat . . . . . . . . . . P. F. Shaw, Engineer, with rank Of Lieut. 45. . . . . . . . . . . . . Poplar street, West Roxbury.............. George J. Wall, Capt.


No. 1. Warren square. A. R. Johnson, Captain ; J. F. Gillen, Lieutenant. No. 2. Paris street, East Boston. James P. Dean, Captain ; F. W. Battis, Lieutenant. No. 3. Harrison avenue, corner of Bristol street. C. H. Webber, Captain ; James F. Ryan, Lieutenant. No. 4. Dudley street, Roxbury. J. P. McManus, Captain ; M. J. Cronin, Lieutenant. No. 5. Fourth street, near Dorchester street. E. D. Locke, Captain ; E. Connors, Lieutenant. No. 6. Temple street, Dorchester. F. P. Stengel, Lieutenant. No. 7. Meeting House Hill, Dorchester. G. H. Nichols, Lieutenant. No. 8. Fort Hill square. T. M. McLaughlin, Captain ; Joseph A. Dolan, Lieutenant. No. 9. Main street, Charlestown. Thomas W. Conway, Captain. No. 10. Centre street, Jamaica Plain. T. B. Flannagan, Lieutenant. No. 11. Chestnut Hill avenue, Brighton. Peter Murphy, Lieutenant. No. 12. Tremont street, Roxbury. James P. Bowles, Captain ; D. McLean, Lieutenant. No. 13. Washington street, near Dover street. C. W. Conway, Lieutenant. No. 14. Fort Hill square. P. W. Lanegan, Lieutenant. No. 15. Boylston and Hereford streets. John S. Cleverly, Captain; F. M. O’Lalor, Lieutenant. No. 16. Poplar street, West Roxbury. T. P. Lally, Lieutenant. No. 17. Harrison avenue. Charles T. Adams, Captain ; A. J. McDonald, Lieutenant.


No. 1. Bulfinch street. J. A. Kelley, Lieutenant.
No. 2. Church street. A. J. Burns, Lieutenant.
No. 3. Longwood avenue. T. H. Weltch, Lieutenant.
No. 4. Shawmut avenue. D. M. Shaughnessey, Lieutenant.
No. 5. Egleston square. F. H. Smith, Lieutenant.
No. 6. Harvard avenue, near Cambridge street, Brighton. P. G.

Flynn, Liewtenant.
No. 7. Chelsea street, East Boston. John Neal, Lieutenant.
No. 8. B street, South Boston. Captain.
No. 9. Main street, Charlestown. John E. Cassidy, Lieutenant.
No. 10. Eustis street, Roxbury. C. C. Springer, Lieutenant.
No. 12. Tremont street, Roxbury, in charge of Ladder 12.


Combination Company No. 1. Dorchester avenue, Ashmont. S. F. Ridler, Lieutenant. Combination Company No. 2. Fourth street, near K street, South Boston. J. W. Murphy, Lieutenant. Combination Company No. 3. Andrew square, South Boston. M. Norton, Lieutenant. Combination Company No. 4. Corner Saratoga and Byron streets, East Boston. E. J. McKendrew, Lieutenant. Combination Company No. 5. Monument street, Charlestown. T. H. Ramsay, Lieutenant. Combination Company No. 6. Grove Hall, Dorchester. George R. Bancroft, Lieutenant. Combination Company No. 7. Winthrop street, Charlestown. J. F. Hines, Lieutenant. Combination Company No. 8. North Grove street. J. F. McMahon, Lieutenant. Combination Company No. 9. Centre street, West Roxbury. Hadwin Sawyer, Lieutenant. Water tower No. 1. Bulfinch street. C. J. O’Brien, Lieutenant. Water tower No. 2. Fire headquarters, Bristol street. A. J. Porter, Lieutenant. Wrecking wagon. Fire headquarters, Bristol street.


Office, Old Court House, second floor. [Stat. 1854, Chap. 448, § 40; Stat. 1895, Chap. 449, § 19: Rev. Ord. 1898, Chap. 18.] EOARD OF HEALTH.

SAMUEL H. DURGIN, M.D., Chairman.
CHARLEs E. DAVIS, J.R., Secretary.


EDWIN L. PILSBURY. Term ends in 1904. Salary, $4,000.
RoBERT Cox. Term ends in 1903. Salary, $4,000.
SAMUEL H. DURGIN, M.D. Term ends in 1902. Salary, $4,500.

The first Board of Health in Boston was established in 1799, under the special statute of February 13, 1799. The first collected edition of the statutes under which this Board acted was published in 1811, and contained also the regulations of the Board. That Board had in substance the same powers as the present Board of Health, and was abolished by the first city charter. From 1822 to 1873 the functions of the Board were exercised through the City Council. The present Board of Health was established by an ordinance of December 2, 1872, and organized January 15, 1873. It has published annual reports since 1873.

MoRTON PRINCE, M.D., City Physician.
THOMAS B. SHEA, M.D., DAVID D. BROUGH, M.D., Medical Inspectors.
Office, Room No. 11, Old Court House.
GEORGE A. SARGENT, M.D., Medical Inspector. Office, City Building,
Chardon street.
ALExANDER BURR, M.D.W., Health Inspector for the Inspection of Pro-
visions and Animals. Office, Room No. 11, Old Court House.
John C. GROUSE, Health Inspector for the Inspection of Provisions.
Office, Room No. 11, Old Court House.
CHARLES HARRINGTON, M.D., Health Inspector for the Inspection of
Milk and Vinegar. Office, 994 Washington street.
HIBBERT W. HILL, M.D., Director of Bacteriological Laboratory. Office,
Sudbury Building.
PAUL CARSoN, M.D., Port Physician; WILLIAM H. GREEN, M.D.,
Assistant Port Physician. Resident at Deer Island.
John McLough LIN, Superintendent of Pedlers. Office, City Stables,
North Grove Street,


The Quarantine Grounds comprise that part of Boston Harbor known as the President Roads, lying between Long, Deer, and Spectacle Islands. The steamer “Vigilant,” George T. Ramlett, Captain, employed in the quarantine service, is subject to the orders of the Board of Health.


J. L. Ames, M.D., 72 Chestnut street, Brimmer School, Kindergarten, Parochial, Fayette street School. H. D. Arnold, M.D., 188 Warren street, Roxbury High School, Lewis Grammar School ; Primary, Quincy street; Primary, Monroe street; Primary, Winthrop street; Primary and Kindergarten, Warren street. S. H. Ayer, M.D., 318 Shawmut avenue, Franklin, Waite, Cook, Parochial Cathedral, German Parochial. W. B. Bancroft, M.D., 597 Broadway, Hart, Capen, Bird, Parochial.

J. P. Broidrick, M.D., 67 South street, J. P., West Roxbury High, Creighton street, Leo XIII. Parochial. J. S. Brownrigg, M.D., 16 Delle avenue, Parochial, Kindergarten. W. S. Boardman, M.D., 57 Hancock street, Eliot, Ware, Freeman, Parmenter, North Bennet Kindergarten. J. E. Butler, M.D., 310 Warren street, George Putnam, St. Joseph Parochial, St. Francis Parochial. A. B. Coffin, M.D., 555 Washington street, Dorchester High, school in store on Washington street, Gibson on School street, Gibson on Morse street, Atherton, Glenway Primary, Glenway Kindergarten. JR. M. Cole, M.D., 456 Broadway, Shurtleff, Lincoln, Clinch, and Burnham. D. A. Collins, M.D., 11 Parmenter street, St. Mary's Parochial, St Stephen's Parochial, Moon street Primary. J. T. Cutler, M.D., 20 Crawford street, Edward Everett, Harbor View, Savin Hill and Athenæum. William P. Coues, M.D., 90 Charles street, Wells, Winchell, Poplar street, North Russell street, Chambers street Primary, Chambers street Rindergarten. J. G. Dearborn, M.D., 2 Wood street, Charlestown, Harvard, Harvard Primary, and Common street Primary. Charles G. Dewey, M.D., 539 Talbot avenue, Minot, Bailey street Primary, Henry L. Pierce. David N. Blakely, M.D., 579 Tremont street, Mt. Pleasant avenue, Yeoman street, Dearborn, Eustis street. John Duff, M.D., 5 Dexter row, Warren Grammar, Mead street, Cross street, and Charlestown High. D. G. Eldredge, M.D., 15 Monadnock street, Mather, Quincy street Primary. Theo. C. Erb, M.D., 551 Columbus avenue, Everett, Dwight, Rutland street, Concord street, Joshua Bates. Wm. H. Ensworth, M.D., 40 Princeton street, E. B., Adams, Plummer Primary, Assumption Parochial. Arthur W. Fairbanks, M.D., 422 Massachusetts avenue, Hyde, Sherwin, Leon street Branch, Parker street Branch, Day Nursery. Wm. H. Grainger, M.D., 408 Meridian street, E. B., Chapman, Tappan, Parochial. E. M. Greene, M.D., 49 Hancock street, Bowdoin, Somerset, Sharp, Phillips, Grant, Baldwin on Chardon street. J. S. Greene, M.D., 1107 Washington street, Dor., Gilbert Stuart, Morton street Primary, Stoughton, Tileston, Adams street Primary. L. G. Haskell, M.D., 335 Centre street, J. P., Lowell, Wyman street, Lucretia Crocker, Heath street, Centre street, Sunnyside street, Baptist Chapel. F. A. Higgins, M.D., 22 Marlborough street, Quincy, Winthrop, Way street Primary, Genesee street Primary, Tyler street Primary, Dennison Kindergarten. E. M. Holden, M.D., 176 Huntington avenue, Comins, Martin.

F. C. Jillson, M.D., Hastings street, W. Rox., Robert G. Shaw, Mt. Vernon street, Baker street. J. S. H. Leard, M.D., 16 Weld Hill street, Agassiz, Forest Hills Primary, Margaret Fuller Primary, Bowditch, Hillside Primary, Chestnut avenue. Francis Magurn, M.D., 112 Main street, Frothingham, Moulton street Primary. Wm. J. McNally, M.D., 31 Monument square, Prescott, Medford street Primary, Polk street Primary. R. M. Merrick, M.D., 15 Adams street, Harris School, Dorchester avenue Primary, Henry L. Pierce, Thetford avenue Primary, Lauriat avenue Kindergarten. . H. E. Marion, M.D., 5 Sparhawk street, Brighton High, Bennett Grammar and Annex, Winship Primary, Union street Primary and Kindergarten. O. H. Marion, M.D., 22 Harvard avenue, No. Harvard street, Brentwood street, Allston Grammar, Webster. G. P. Morris, M.D., 702 Broadway, Andrew, Ticknor, Roger Clap. T. J. Murphy, M.D., 372 Dudley street, Hugh O'Brien, George street Primary, Howard avenue, St. Patrick's Parochial. J. F. O'Brien, M.D., 401 Bunker Hill street, Bunker Hill Grammar, Parochial. E. F. O'Shea, M.D., 5 Chelsea street, E. B., Lyman, East Boston High, Cudworth, Fitton. H. L. Plummer, M.D., 728 Saratoga street, Emerson, Noble, Chapel in Bennington street, Blackinton, and Star of the Sea. J. C. D. Pigeon, M.D., 130 Warren street, Dudley, Dillaway. H. S. Rowen, M.D., 237 Market street, Oak square Primary, William Wirt Warren Grammar, Faneuil Primary, St. Joseph's Academy, Auburn Primary. J. H. Sherman, M.D., 534 Broadway, Bigelow, Hawes, Simonds. C. M. Smith, M.D., 15 Charles street, Horace Mann, Prince, Perkins. Henry B. Stevens, M.D., corner of Centre and Park streets, Longfellow, Charles Sumner. F. W. Stuart, M.D., 550 Broadway, Norcross, Cyrus Alger, Drake. W. F. Temple, M.D., 240 Huntington avenue, Rice, Boys' Latin, Boys' High, Girls’ Latin, Girls' High. H. F. R. Watts, M.D., 372 Dorchester street, Gaston, Tuckerman, Pope, Kindergarten. F. J. Weller, 580 Broadway, Lawrence, Mather, Howe, Parochial. F. W. White, M.D., 416 Marlborough street, Hancock, Cushman, Parmenter street Kindergarten, Sheafe street and Moon street.


For convenience of physicians, boxes containing culture tubes may be obtained of the following apothecaries:

G. H. Alexander, 100 Dorchester street, South Boston.

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