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The public buildings of the City and County in charge of this Department comprise the City Hall, the Old Probate Court Building, the Historical Society Building, the Old Court House, Faneuil Hall and Faneuil Hall Market-House, the Jail and Reception House, the Old State House, Curtis Hall, Old City Hall, Charlestown, the Armories, Ambulance Station, South Boston, and all the Engine and LadderTruck Houses in the City, including those in Roxbury, Dorchester, West Roxbury, Brighton and Charlestown, besides other buildings used for public purposes, including ward-rooms.


Ward 1. — Chapman School-house, Eutaw street.
Ward 2. Armory Building, Maverick street.
Ward 3. — Old Winthrop School-house, Bunker Hill street.
Ward 4. — Bunker Hill Grammar School-house, Baldwin street.
Ward 5. — Harvard Grammar School-house, Devens street.
Ward 6. — Ware Primary School-house, North Bennet street.
Ward 7. — Pierpont School-house, Hudson street.
Ward 8. — Wells School-house, Blossom street.
Ward 9. — Old Franklin School-house, Washington street.
Ward 10. — Rice School-house, Appleton street.
Ward 11. — Prince School-house, Exeter street.
Ward 12. — School-house, West Concord street.
Ward 13. — Spelman Hall, West Broadway.
Ward 14. — Gray's Hall, East Broadway.
Ward 15. — Court-room, Dorchester and West Fourth streets.
Ward 16. – Winthrop Hall, Upham’s Corner.
Ward 17. – Old Church Building, Dudley street.
Ward 18. — Bath-house, Cabot street.
Ward 19. — Old Pumping-station, Elmwood street.
Ward 20. — Ward-room building, Meeting House Hill.
Ward 21. — Dudley Street Opera House.
Ward 22. — Tomfohrde Hall, Boylston Station.
Ward 23. — Minton Hall, Hyde Park avenue.
Ward 24. — Dorchester Hall, Field's Corner.
Ward 25. — Old Town Hall, Washington street, Brighton.

Office, Old Court House, fourth floor.

GEORGE R. CLARK, Consulting Architect.

This Division was detached, by order of Mayor Hart, from the Engineering Department, May 11, 1900, and placed under the Public Buildings Department. The work of this Division is that of a consulting or expert force. It may be called upon by any Department for technical advice on matters relating to building, heating or ventilating. Plans or specifications for work to be done by the Public Buildings Department are prepared by this Division.

East Cottage Street, Dorchester.
[Rev. Ord., 1898, Chap. 33.]

WILLIAM Doog UE, Superintendent of Public Grounds. Appointed annually. Salary, $4,000.

The Superintendent has charge of, and is the only person authorized to trim the trees in the streets of the City and of all the public grounds, except the parks established under Stat. 1875, Chap. 185. (See Park Department.) He has charge, also, of all the public grounds. The office of the Superintendent of [the Common and] Public Grounds was established by ordinance on February 28, 1870. The first annual report of the Superintendent was published in 1879. t


CITY PROPER. — The Common and Malls, containing forty-eight and two-fifths acres, exclusive of the cemetery, which includes one and twofifths acres. The length of the exterior boundary of the Common is one mile and one-eighth. Public Garden, on the west side of Charles street, containing about twenty-four and one-quarter acres. Franklin Square, on the east side of Washington street, between East Brookline and East Newton streets, containing about 105,205 square feet. Blackstone Square, on the west side of Washington street, between West Brookline and West Newton streets, containing about 105,100 square feet. St. Stephen's Square, at the corner of St. Stephen street and Batavia street, containing about 100 square feet. Massachusetts Avenue Park Malls, between Albany street and Columbus avenue, containing about 106,500 square, feet. Four sections. Concord Square, between Tremont street and Columbus avenue, containing about 5,000 square feet. Rutland Square, between Tremont street and Columbus avenue, containing about 7,400 square feet. Berwick Park, between Columbus avenue and New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, containing about 3,800 square feet. Union Park, between Shawmut avenue and Tremont street, containing about 16,000 square feet. ū Worcester Square, between Washington street and Harrison avenue, containing about 16,000 square feet. Lowell Square, on Cambridge street, containing about 5,772 Square feet. Fort Hill Square, between Oliver and High streets, containing about 29,480 square feet.

Park Square, at the corner of Columbus avenue, Eliot and Pleasant streets, containing about 2,867 square feet.

* Montgomery Square, at the junction of Tremont, Clarendon and Montgomery streets, containing about 550 square feet.

Copley Square, between Huntington avenue and Dartmouth and Boylston streets, and between Huntington avenue, Trinity place and St. James avenue, containing about 33,809 square feet. Trinity Triangle, containing 5,410 square feet, is in the care of the Park Department.

City Hall Grounds, School street, about 7,700 square feet.

Square, Harrison avenue, between Union Park and Waltham streets, 3,000 square feet.

SouTH BosTon. — Telegraph Hill, containing the reservoir. Independent of the reservoir there is a lot named Thomas Park, containing about 190,000 square feet, reserved for a public walk.

Independence Square, between Broadway, Second, M and N streets, containing about six and one-half acres. - Enclosed by shrubbery hedge.

Lincoln Square, between Emerson, Fourth and M streets, and east of the primary school-house, containing about 9,510 square feet.

EAST BOSTON.— Maverick Square, between Sumner and Maverick streets, containing about 4,398 square feet. Central Square, between Meridian and Border streets, containing about 40,310 square feet. Putnam Square, between Putnam, White and Trenton streets, containing about 11,628 square feet. Prescott Square, between Trenton, Eagle and Prescott streets, containing about 12,284 square feet. Belmont Square, between Webster, Sumner, Lamson and Seaver streets, containing 30,000 square feet.

RoxBURY. — Madison Square, between Sterling, Marble, Warwick and Westminster streets, containing about 122,191 square feet. Orchard Park, between Chadwick, Yeoman and Orchard Park streets, containing about 104,492 square feet. Washington Park, between Dale and Bainbridge streets, containing about 396,125 square feet. Lewis Park, between Highland street, Highland avenue and Linwood street, containing about 5,600 square feet. Longwood Park, between Park and Austin streets, containing about 21,000 square feet. Walnut Park, between Washington street and Walnut avenue, containing about 5,736 square feet. Bromley Park, between Albert and Bickford streets, containing about 20,975 square feet. Three enclosures. Fountain Square, on Walnut avenue, between Munroe and Townsend streets, containing about 116,000 square feet.

*Now a part of the street.

Cedar Square, on Cedar street, between Juniper and Thornton streets, containing about 26,163 square feet. Linwood Park, at the junction of Centre and Linwood streets, containing about 3,625 square feet. . Public Ground, Centre and Perkins streets, containing about 3,200 square feet. * Highland Park is the Old Fort lot, containing about 114,065 square feet, and is occupied partly by the Roxbury standpipe. Public Ground, at the junction of Huntington avenue, Tremont and Francis streets, containing about 1,662 square feet. Public Ground, Warren, St. James and Regent streets, containing 1,380 square feet. Square, Albany street, near Mall street. Square, at junction of Old Heath, New Heath and Parker streets, containing 2,419 square feet. Square, at junction of Abbotsford, Crawford and Harold streets, containing 966 square feet.

DORCHESTER. — Dorchester Square, on Meeting House Hill, between Church, Winter and Adams streets, containing about 56,200 square feet. The Soldiers' Monument is on this square. Eaton Square, between Church, Bowdoin and Adams streets, containing about 13,280 square feet. Mt. Bowdoin Green, on top of Mt. Bowdoin, containing about 25,170 square feet. Richardson Square, between Pond and Cottage streets, 75,982 square feet. Dorchester Field, so-called, on Dorchester avenue, containing about 274,000 square feet. -* Public Ground, on Magnolia street, containing about 3,605 square feet. Peabody Square. Adams Square, on Adams street, near Pierce avenue, containing 2,068 square feet. Public Ground, Adams street, near Cedar Grove Cemetery, containing 700 square feet. Algonquin Square, junction of Algonquin and Bradlee streets, containing 1,728 square feet. Tremlett Park, Tremlett street, between Hooper and Waldeck streets, containing about 7,107 square feet.

CHARLEs.Town. — City Square, in front of Old City Hall, head of Bow and Main streets, containing about 8,739 square feet.

Sullivan Square, bounded by Main, Cambridge, Sever and Gardner streets, containing about 56,428 square feet.

Winthrop Square, bounded by Winthrop, Adams and Common streets, containing about 38,450 square feet. The Soldiers' Monument is on this square.

Public Ground, between Essex and Lyndeboro' streets, containing about 930 square feet.

Hayes Square, Bunker Hill, Wine and Moulton streets, containing about 4,484 square feet.

WEST RoxBURY. — The Soldiers' Monument lot, bounded by South and Centre streets, containing about 5,870 square feet. Mt. Bellevue, public ground, containing about 27,772 square feet.

BRIGHTON.— Public Ground, bounded by Franklin and Pleasant streets, containing about 1,900 square feet. .*

Jackson Square, between Chestnut Hill avenue, Union and Winship. streets, containing 4,300 square feet.

Brighton Square, between Chestnut Hill avenue and Rockland street, containing about 25,035 square feet.

Franklin Square, between Franklin and Fern streets, containing 1,900 Square feet.

Square, bounded by Cambridge, Brighton and Murdock streets, containing 7,449 square feet.

Square, at junction of Cambridge and Mansfield streets, containing 13,948 square feet.

Massachusetts avenue and Cottage street, Dorchester, used for office, greenhouse and nursery, hot-beds, storehouse and stable, contains 102,531 square feet.

Storehouse grounds, on Massachusetts avenue, adjoining location of New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, contain 96,375 square feet.


In addition to the Soldiers and Sailors' Monument on Monument Hill, Common, and the Soldiers' Monuments in the Charlestown, West Roxbury and Dorchester districts, there are the following in charge of this Department: The Crispus Attucks and the Robert G. Shaw Monuments on the Common; statues of Edward Everett, George Washington, Charles Sumner and Thomas Cass in the Public Garden; Benjamin Franklin and Josiah Quincy in front of City Hall; Samuel Adams in Adams square, John Winthrop in Scollay square, the Emancipation Group in Park square, and the Ether Monument in the Public Garden.


The public fountains or vases in charge of this Department are in Franklin, Blackstone, Chester, Independence, Central, Maverick, Sullivan and Jackson Squares, and Union Park; the Lyman Fountain in Eaton Square, the Brewer Fountain on the Common, the “Maid of the Mist" and three other fountains in the Public Garden.

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