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Ordered, that to meet the current expenses payable during the financial year beginning with the first day of February, 1901, of performing the duties and exercising the powers devolved by statute or ordinance, or by vote of the City Council during the year, upon the City of Boston, or the County of Suffolk, or the departments or officers thereof, and to meet their respective obligations for interest on debt, sinking-fund requirements and maturing debt not provided for by sinking-fund, the respective sums of money hereinafter specified be, and the same are, hereby appropriated for the several departments, and for the objects and purposes hereinafter stated.

Ordered, that the appropriations for Water Department, current expenses, and the payments to the State under the provisions of chapter 488 of the Acts of 1895 and acts in addition or amendment thereto, and for the interest and sinking-fund requirements for loans issued for water purposes be met by the income from said works; that the other appropriations hereinafter specified be met out of the money remaining in the treasury at the close of business on January 31, 1901, exclusive of the money raised by loan or needed to carry out the requirements of any statute, gift, trust, or special appropriation, and by the income of the financial year beginning February 1, 1901, and by taxes to the amount of $12,961,653.89, and that said amount be raised by taxation on the polls and estates taxable in the City of Boston.

Ordered, That all sums of money which form no part of the income of the city, but shall be paid for services rendered or work done by any department or division for any other department or division, or for any person or corporation other than the City of Boston, be paid into the general treasury and then credited to the appropriation of the department or division rendering such service or doing such work, and that all contributions made to any appropriation be expended for the objects and purposes directed by the several contributors thereof. Ordered, That to provide temporarily money to meet the appropriations aforesaid, the City Treasurer issue and sell, at such times and in such amounts as he may deem best, bonds, notes or certificates of indebtedness of the City of Boston, not exceeding seven million dollars in the total, in anticipation of the taxes of the current municipal year; that all such bonds, notes or certificates of indebtedness be dated the day the money for the same is received, be made payable with the interest thereon at the office of the City Treasurer within the current municipal year, from the taxes of said year, and bear interest from their date until the same are made payable at such rate as said Treasurer shall deem proper.

Ordered, That all taxes raised to meet the appropriations of the City Council, and all taxes assessed for meeting the city’s proportion of the state tax of the year 1901, or of any other taxes or assessments payable to the Commonwealth, be due and payable on the first day of October, 1901 ; that all such taxes paid after the first day of November, 1901, bear interest from and including said day until paid, at the rate of six per cent. per annum, except the taxes assessed upon shares of stock of national banks shall bear interest at "the rate of twelve per cent. per annum from and including said first day of November until paid ; and that all interest which shall have become due on taxes shall be added to and be a part of such taxes.

Ordered, That the City Auditor, from time to time during the year may, with the approval of the Mayor, make transfers within any department from the appropriation for current expenses of one division of a department to the appropriation for current expenses of any other division of the same department, and may, with the further approval of the Committee on Finance, make transfers from the reserve fund to any appropriation for current expenses of a department ; and that said Auditor may, with the approval of the Mayor, between December 1, 1901, and February 1, 1902, make transfers from any appropriation to any other appropriation, and apply any of the income and taxes not disposed of in closing the accounts for the financial year.


ART DEPARTMENT : Five hundred dollars . & $500 00 ASSESSING DEPARTMENT: One hundred sixty

five thousand dollars w o © g e © 165,000 00 AUDITING DEPARTMENT: Forty-four thousand

dollars o e e to o o • e e 44,000 00 BATH DEPARTMENT: One hundred fifteen thou

sand dollars e 115,000 00

BOARD OF AiDERMEN: Twenty-six thousand five hundred dollars —

Salaries . e o e o & $21,500 00 Contingent Expenses . o - 5,000 00 - 26,500 00 BUILDING DEPARTMENT: One hundred thousand dollars g e e e e o t to o 100,000 00 BOARD OF APPEAL: Twenty-five hundred dollars . 2,500 00 CEMETERY DEPARTMENT: Sixty-five thousand dollars . & e to so o e & e o 65,000 00 CITY CLERK DEPARTMENT: Fifty thousand dollars . e t e o e e e e & 50,000 00 CITY COUNCIL: Twenty-five thousand one hundred dollars — Incidental expenses o e o $5,000 00 City Council proceedings . © 20,100 00 25,100 00 CITY DEBT REQUIREMENTS: Three million eight hundred ten thousand eight hundred three dollars — Sinking-Funds o o o . $1,730,803 00 Interest . e e o e . 2,080,000 00 ammomomomo-so 3,810,803 00 CITY MESSENGER DEPARTMENT: Thirty-four thousand three hundred dollars o {e e o 34,300 00 CLERK OF COMMITTEES DEPARTMENT: Fifteen thousand two hundred fifty dollars — Current expenses . e e e $15,000 00 Reference Library . o e e 250 00 15,250 00

COLLECTING DEPARTMENT: One hundred twenty thousand dollars & o o e e e © 120,000 00

COMMON COUNCIL: Twenty-nine thousand five hundred dollars —

Salaries of Councilmen e e e $22,500 00

Contingent expenses . & e e 2,000 00

Salaries of clerk and assistants so 5,000 00 29,500 00

ELECTION DEPARTMENT : One hundred thirty thousand dollars e o - o o e 130,000 00

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Brought forward e o * so ( ) to to ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT: Eighty-five thousand seven hundred dollars o g o o FIRE DEPARTMENT: One million two hundred fifty thousand dollars— Current Expenses o g ge . $1,200,000 00 Pensions g to g e § g 50,000 00

HEALTH DEPARTMENT: One hundred seventy
thousand dollars so g e so e g o
HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT: Four hundred forty-
four thousand three hundred dollars g to
One hundred eighty-five thousand two hundred

dollars —
Placing Out and Office Division e $95,200 00
House of Reformation so so c 43,800 00
Parental School * t o e 45,200 00
Marcella-street Home e & & 1,000 00

INSANE HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT : Three hundred twenty-five thousand dollars —

Boston Insane Hospital . to . $125,000 00

Insane in State Institutions . 9. 200,000 00

hundred forty-eight thousand dollars—
Boston Almshouse and Hospital, Long

Island . * * © * . $118,500 00 Almshouse, Charlestown . o o 15,000 00 Office expenses . & so © to 6,000 00 Pauper expenses g so to * 1,500 00 Steamer “John Howard ” & g 7,000 00


Twenty-five thousand dollars . Úo e g & STEAMER “J. PUTNAM BRADLEE * : Twenty thousand six hundred dollars . * so g LAMP DEPARTMENT: Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars to & $ © Q to * g LAW DEPARTMENT: Forty-four thousand eight hundred dollars * so e so e & © LIBRARY DEPARTMENT: Three hundred thousand

dollars * o to e & {o * to ©
MARKET DEPARTMENT: Ninety-five hundred dol-
lars . e to & e e o e & e
MAYOR.: Sixty-three thousand eight hundred dollars —
Mayor . e e & to so g $35,000 00
Public Celebrations :
Patriots' Day, April 19, 1901, $1,000 00
Memorial Day, May 30 . . 8,200 00
Spanish Veterans' Memorial
Day . to † so . 2,000 00
Veteran Firemen's Memorial
Day . Q e to . 400 00
Seventeenth of June . . 5,000 00
Fourth of July io to 11,000 00
Labor’s Holiday . g . 1,200 00

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Brought forward * so so e g e MUSIC DEPARTMENT: Fifteen thousand dollars OVERSEEING OF THE POOR DEPARTMENT: One hundred twenty-five thousand dollars e so PARK DEPARTMENT: One hundred ninety thousand dollars o e e * e e do so * POLICE DEPARTMENT: One million six hundred eighty-seven thousand two hundred dollars— Current expenses . e $1,600,000 00 Pensions 87,200 00

PRINTING DEPARTMENT: Forty-one thousand five
hundred dollars. to te § e e e e
eighty-one thousand dollars—
General expenses . $275,000 00
Ambulance Station 6,000 00

twenty thousand dollars . to & g e &
REGISTRY DEPARTMENT: Forty-three thousand
dollars © © e te e g & so o
RESERVE FUND (for the payment of claims, execu-
tions, and court expenses of the several depart-
ments, and for transfers): One hundred thousand
dollars so e io © & {o e e to
dollars * . * e te o e to *
twenty-nine thousand five hundred dollars e
dollars # e & so so g so e e
STREET DEPARTMENT: Three million eight hun-
dred fifty thousand five hundred dollars—
Central Office so • ' . * $25,000 00
Bridge Division . so se § o 165,000 00
Cambridge Bridges Division e {o 18,500 00
Ferry Division e e e & 237,000 00
Paving Division . io 850,000 00
Street Improvements,
Congress st., Milk st.
to Water st. (Post
Office sq.), paving and
regulating . to &
Congress st., Milkst, to
Atlantic ave., paving
and regulating . to
High st., Broad st. to
Summer St., paving
and regulating .
Union st., Dock sq. to
Haymarket sq., pav-
ing and regulating
Dock and Adams sqs.,
Faneuil Hall sq. to
Elm st., paving and
regulatings. * *
Faneuil Hall sq., south
of Faneuil Hall, pav-
ing and regulating

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$500,000 00

16,000 00 26,800 00 44,700 00

18,400 00

21,400 00

4,300 00

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Carried forward . . . . . . . $631,600 00 $1,295,500 00 $11,404,553 00

Browght forward Franklin st., Washington st. to Congress St., paving and regulating, Milk st., Washington st. to Congress St., paving and regulating Milk st., Pearl St. across Oliver st., paving and regulating . e e India st., Milk st. to India sq., paving and regulating . e e Pearl st., Atlantic ave. to Milk st., paving and regulating . & * E. First st., L st to P St., paving and regulating . © e e Gold st., B St. to D St., paving and regullating . e o & Bowen st., C st. to E St., paving and regulating, Tudor st., C st. to D St., paving and regulating © e o Silver st., B st. to C st., paving and regulating . e e te Athens st., C St., to D St., paving and regulating . to & Copley sq., street S bounding, paving and regulating . & o Massachusetts avenue, north side of Beacon st., across Huntington ave., paving and regulating . o Boylston st., , Tremont st. to Arlington St., paving and regulating, Arlington St., Beacon st. to Boylston St., paving and regulating, Beacon st., Massachusetts ave. to Raleigh st., including bridge at Charlesgate, paving

18,700 00
11,300 00

5,100 00
10,100 00
16,700 00
32,300 00

7,700 00
7,700 00

3,700 00
7,700 00
3,900 00

42,100 00

79,400 00
34,000 00

31,000 00

. $631,600 00 $1,295,500 00 $11,404,553 00

and regulating 42,000 00

-*- 985,000 00 Sanitary Division . 640,000 00 Sewer Division o 375,000 00 Street Cleaning Division 380,000 00 Watering Division 175,000 00

3,850,500 00


one thousand dollars me o 41,000 00

Carried forward $15,296,053 00

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