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The following list of names of persons liable to serve as Jurors in the several Courts of the County of Suffolk, having been duly prepared by the Board of Election Commissioners, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 207, of the Acts of 1876, chapter 514, of the Acts of 1894, and chapter 449, of the Acts of 1895, is this day posted in two public places, pursuant to law.


Board of Election Commissioners.

8 OLD COURT HOUSE, BosTON, February, 1901.



Abelson Herman, salesman, 279 Chelsea st.
Acheson James, manufacturer, 204 Lexington st.
Ahlberg Oliver D. clerk, 266 Bremen st.
Allen Nathaniel, engineer, 27 Lexington st.
Ames Willard, carpenter, 17 Princeton st.
Andrews George H. carpenter, Coleridge st.
Andrews Henry D. teamster, 466 Bennington st.
Archer Everett W. grocer, 148 Saratoga st.
Armstrong William M. clerk, 44 Bennington st.

Backman James L. locksmith, 4 Princeton st.
Banks Edwin, lawyer, 3 Monmouth st.
Barlow George, moulder, 330 Saratoga st.
Barry John J. marble-cutter, 7 Eutaw pl.
Bartley Allen, master-rigger, 58 Princeton st.
Battis George H. salesman, 112 White st.
Behnke Ferdinand, telegrapher, 202 Princeton st.
Benker Charles G. bookbinder, 302 Chelsea st.
Bibber Frank H. grocer, 42 Moore st.
Booth Albert T. clerk, 95 Prescott st.
Bragdon Clifford B. shoe-dealer, 5 Falcon st.
Brant John, painter, 315 Paris st.
Brooks Herbert A. painter, 44 White st.
Burk Charles H. grocer, 437 Meridian st.
Burk Walter F. contractor, 235 Lexington st.
Burke Thomas F. insurance agent, 246 Saratoga st.
Burns James A. clerk, 232 Bennington st.

Cahill William J. barrels, 250 Lexington st.
Callan John T. printer, 25 White st.
Cantwell C. Frank, insurance, 242 Princeton st.
Canty John A. pedler, 359 Princeton st.
Card Clifford M. pedler, 156 Marion st.
Carter Daniel, telegrapher, 338 Meridian st.
Cassidy William T. clerk, 89 Princeton st.
Chase Frank T. grocer, 54 Falcon st.

Ward 1, continued.
Childs Isaac H. clerk, 74 Trenton st.
Clayton Charles W. clerk, 294 Chelsea st.
Cline James H. broker, 26 Monmouth st.
Cochran James A. grocer, 171 Lexington st.
Colley Herbert, machinist, 240 Lexington st.
Collins James, foreman, 1 Bennett pl.
Connor Hugh M. bookbinder, 218 Princeton st.
Conway James J. printer, 174 Bennington st.
Corsick William F. oil, 60 Bennington st.
Cotter William, printer, 69 Putnam st.
Coughlin James D. core-maker, 153 Marion st.
Cunningham Michael J. tinsmith, 1112 Bennington st.
Cushman Frank, ship joiner, 17 White st.

Dando Edwin T. boiler-maker, 4.4 Falcon st.
Davis William C. agent, 68 Brooks st.
Day Frederick B. druggist, 61 Monmouth st.
Dicker John W. salesman, 82 Marion st.
Donnell Joseph S. grocer, 58 Bayswater st.
Dorgan Dennis, boiler-maker, 431 Frankfort st.
Dorr Charles W. clerk, 76 Trenton St.
Drake John W. carpenter, 44 Eutaw st.
Durgin Percy, blacksmith, 1 White st.

Ellis Alphonso W. potter, 269 Lexington st.

Farmer Thomas E. shipper, 298 Paris st.
Favor James H. cigars, 259 Meridian st. .
Ferreira George J. clerk, 104 Lexington st.
Finerty John P. cooper, 302 Lexington st.
Fish Delos D. builder, 40 W. Eagle st.
Fitzgerald Timothy J. printer, 510 Bremen st.
Flagg Lester S. clerk, 82 Trenton st.
Fletcher Peter W. iron-worker, 75 Parkway.
Flynn John J. lather, 310 Saratoga st.
Flynn William J. superintendent, 445 Meridian st.
Forster Charles J. Boston Water Works, 251 Saratoga st.
Fraser Richard F. foreman, 614 Bennington st.
Fraser Thomas, draughtsman, 275 Lexington st.
Fraser William A. mill-hand, 75 Morris St.
Freeman Henry W. salesman, 28 Princeton st.

Gardner Edward W. pattern-maker, 86 Eutaw st.
George Millard F. wood-turner, 176 Brooks st.
Gero Philip B. moulder, 91 Putnam st.

Ward 1, continued.
Gillespie Dennis, clerk, 504 Bennington st.
Goldenberg Samuel, clothing, 391 Meridian st.
Gorman John C. engineer, 131 Saratoga st.
Gorman William P. no business, 76 Homer st.
Gove Robert J. wood and coal, 434 Meridian st.
Graves Edward G. tailor, 388 Meridian st.
Graves Thomas F. rubber-worker, 25 Brooks st.
Gray William F. compositor, 45 Monmouth st.
Green John F. book-keeper, 93 Trenton st.
Gurney Franklin P. iron-founder, 21 Princeton st.

Hamilton John C. builder, 39 Falcon st.
Harding Elisha, book-keeper, 276 Lexington St.
Harrigan William A. roofer, 236 Lexington st.
Harrington Willard C. clerk, 38 Moore st.
Hayden Frederick W. grocer, 70 Bennington st.
Hayes John J. moulder, 215 Bennington st.
Healy James J. bridge-builder, 106 Byron st
Healy Matthew, grocer, 125 Bennington st.
Hill Rowland, jr. brass-moulder, 110 Putnam st.
Hobdell James R. cigar manufacturer, 439 Chelsea st.
Hodson Robert, jr., real estate, 12 Bennington st.
Hoey James F. trunk maker, 134 Saratoga st.
Hogan John W. cutter, 454 Saratoga st.
Holbrook Edwin L. F. clerk, 46 Lexington st.
Howard Henry S. coal, 108 Byron st.
Hunt Howland A. painter, 244 Saratoga st.
Hurst Robert I, foreman, 163 Byron st.
Huston Samuel F. Sawyer, 266 Lexington st.

Inman Fred H. book-keeper, 106 Marion st.

Jackson Albert E. hairdresser, 206 Byron st.
James Lewis E. clerk, 45 Princeton st.
Jelley William J. carpenter, 671 Saratoga st.

Kean Alonzo, electrician, 56 Princeton st.
Keep Enos B. fish, 127 Princeton st.
Kemp Daniel, engineer, 29 Lexington st.
Kennedy James A. carpenter, 72 Lexington st.
Keohane John, grocer, 4 Shelby st.
Keough Richard F., jr. clerk, 234 Saratoga st.
Kerrigan James A. clerk, 229 Princeton st.
Kimball Sanford E. clerk, 62 Falcon st.

Ward 1, continued.
Lackin John P. tinsmith, 93 Moore st.
Lane Dennis F. printer, 158 Bennington st.
Lane John T. stable keeper, 72 Bennington St.
Lavin David, carpenter, 267 Paris st.
Lee James, blacksmith, 168 Trenton St.
Littlefield Cyrus K. mill-man, 72 W. Eagle st.
Livingstone John, watchmaker, 74 Lexington St.

Maccabe Joseph B. editor, 198 Trenton st.
Magee Edward A. express, 66 Saratoga st.
Mahoney Johnson J. druggist, 101 Saratoga st.
Mann John J. carpenter, 212 E. Eagle st.
Maxwell Fred I. printer, 12 Princeton st.
Maxwell William H. printer, 44 Lexington st.
McCulpa John H. grocer, 525 Bennington st.
McDonald William F. steamfitter, 388 Bennington st.
McDougall William A. clerk, 34 Central sq.
McGloan John F. plumber, 245 Chelsea st.
McKenney William F. clothing-cutter, 198 Bennington st.
McKinnon John E. book-keeper, 156 Bennington St.
McLean Logan A. Stevedore, 94 Bennington St.
McNeil Joseph H. salesman, 724 Saratoga st.
McSweeney Michael J. engineer, 408 Border st.
Miller William C. foreman, 123 Princeton st.
Mitchell Gilbert A. electrician, 169 Brooks st.
Molloy John, harness-maker, 97 Cowper st.
Moran Edward, teamster, 111 Bennington st.
Morrison John, coal, 418 Meridian st.
Morrison Joseph D. blacksmith, 120 Coleridge st.
Morrison Willard C. salesman, 58 Trenton st.
Moseley Thomas, boiler-maker, 12 Princeton st
Murdock Alexander, cabinet-maker, 28 Eutaw St.
Murley Daniel P. plumber, 89 Bennington st.
Murphy Humphrey J. carver, 516 Saratoga st.
Murphy James J. potter, 305 Lexington St.
Murphy Timothy J. clerk, 36 Monmouth st.
Murray William B. vest-maker, 119 Saratoga st.

Needham James J. machinist, 6 W. Eagle st.
Newton Harlan F. clerk, 58 Homer st.
Nickerson Freeman, furniture, 424 Meridian st.
Niland Thomas A. jr., painter, 202 Byron st.
Noble Frank C. civil engineer, 106 Lexington st.
Nolan Louis, junk, 81 W. Eagle st.
Norton George W. foreman, 441 Border st.

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