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the author of this text is not even worth mentioning and discussing…I am writing my revue for anybody else reading this …
De Administrando Imperio by Constanine VII Porphyrogenitus, Emperor of the
East , 905-959 written to his son…about great Byzantine Empire......…. clearly states and explains that theritory of today Bosnia and Herzegovina was inhabited by Slavs/ Pagans and clarifies that they are unbaptized Serbs. Slavs had started settling this area as early as 5th and 6th century…even 2 centuries before Croatian migration…Bosnia, Herzegovina, Slavonia, Dalmatia are names of geographical area and there has never been a distinctive group of people, ethnicity or nationality as such….I am a Serb from Bosnia and even though we are Orthodox Christans we still hold on to many of our pagan's customs and traditions…
Bosnian Muslims are also those Slavs/Pagans. unbaptized Serbs, who under the influence of Ottoman conquest converted to Islam. Among them there are definitely descendants of Turks who came from Turkey as some remained in Bosnia while many returned to Turkey as they knew very well their origins…
Even though I am Orthodox Serbs from Bosnia my heart bleeds for my brothers and sisters by blood but not by religion who so desperately trying to find their identity and and sense of belonging by distorting the facts from history….and certainly the authors like this ones are adding to that pain….please leave my country and people alone...

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Actually the individuals nobles for most called themselves Bosnjani. He's doing Western propaganda and you're doing the typical Eastern propaganda of Greater Serbia. To take nationalism of the late 1800s and 1900s into account when talking about populations that had no knowledge of such ideology is preposterous.  

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I din't have enough time to read it all, but what I read seems to be pretentious. Just one example: Why would the author call Bosnian king Stjepan, and not Stefan, when king himself called Stefan (see the original Charter sent to Dubrovnik).
He also called his language Serbian (Srpscie). The Catholicism in Bosnia, that author drags through "the story" has nothing to do with ethnicity of the population, which mainly was of Serbian descent, origin, parentage etc. I have nothing more to say, but typical for a Westerner, of what ever heritage, the author or the authors is/are. I would drag the parallel line here between this book and the Hague tribunal. Untrue

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