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Location, Area and Equipment of Parks and Gardens, 1921-22.





[blocks in formation]

2,068 sq. ft.

Junction of Adams and Granite streets.
.048 acre
700 sq. ft.

Junction of Adams and Codman streets.
.016 acre
1,728 sq. ft.

Algonquin and Bradlee streets. .04 acre 5,600 sq ft.

Highland street and Highland avenue. .129 acre

Pleasure drive, saddle path, traffic roads and 36 acres Prince street to Franklin Park.

walks. 223 acres South, Centre and Walter streets.

Pleasure drives and walks. .689 acre

Webster, Sumner, Lamson and Seaver streets.
57,200 sq. ft. (Longwood avenue, Pilgrim road and Plymouth
1.3 acres

3,800 sq. ft. Off Columbus avenue, near New York, New
.087 acre

Haven & Hartford Railroad.
105,100 sq. ft. Washington, West Brookline, West Newton
2.41 acres

streets and Shawmut avenue. 2,096,020 sq. ft. Park, Tremont, Boylston, Charles and Beacon | Ball ground and children's corner. Skating

during the winter.
48.4 acres

25,035 sq. ft. Between Chestnut Hill avenue and Rockland
.574 acte

20,975 sq. ft.

From Albert street to Bickford street.
.482 acre
124,500 sq. ft.

Clifford, Stanley and Irving streets.
2.086 acres
750 sq. ft. South Conway, South Fairview and Robert
,017 acre

26,163 sq. ft. Cedar street, between Juniper and Thornton
.601 acre

9,740 sq. ft.

Between Upland and Bourneside streets.
.224 acre
40,310 sq. ft.

Meridian and Border streets. .925 acre 3,200 sq. ft.

Centre and Perkins streets. .074 acre

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Charles street, from Cambridge street to Lev- | Three and one half acres playground area. Outerett street.

door gymnasia, basket ball, children's playground, skating, shower baths, floating baths

and women's indoor gymnasium and boating
Bunker Hill and Medford streets.

One acre children's playground.
Beacon street and Commonwealth avenue, Four acres playground area. Three ball grounds

and tennis. One Rugby football ground and

one Soccer football ground.
School street.
Head of Bow and Main streets.
Franklin Park to Marine Park.

Pleasure drive, traffic road and walks.
Junction of Columbus and Warren avenues.
Arlington street to Newton line.
Between Tremont street and Columbus avenue.
Between Huntington avenue, Boylston and

Dartmouth streets.
Commercial and Charter streets.....

Mothers' and children's shelter.
Between Church, Adams and Winter sti eets,

Meeting House Hil.
Dorchester avenue and Richmond street. One acre playground area. One ballground:

One Soccer football ground, skating and

children's corner.
Edison green, between Pond street and Dor-

chester avenue.
Between Church, Adams and Bowdoin streets.
Between Seaver and Schuyler streets........ Tree-planted strip of land on east side of street.
Off 550 Warren street, between Intervale and

Gaston streets.
Between Essex and Lyndeboro streets.
Beacon street to Brookline avenue..

Five acres of playground area. Two ball

grounds. One Soccer football ground and

children's corner.
Between Franklin and Fern streets.
Between King and Ashmont streets. (Seven

Junction Columbia road, Massachusetts avenue

and Boston street.

[blocks in formation]

Location, Area and Equipment of Parks and Gardens, 1921-22. — Continued.

Fort Hill Square..
Francis Street Circle..
Franklin Park

Franklin Square..
Greenwood Square..
Harold Square.
Hayes Square.
Heath Square.
Highland Park
Horatio Harris Park.
Independent Square.
Jackson Square...
Lincoln Square.
Linwood Park.
Longwood Park
Madison Park
Magnolia Street.
Marine Park and Castle Island (land, 782;.

flats, 83.2). Massachusetts Avenue.

29,480 sq. ft.

High street, near Oliver street.
.677 acre
1,662 sq. ft. Junction Huntington avenue, Tremont and
.038 acre

Francis streets.
527 acres Seaver street to Morton street and Blue Hill Thirty-six acres playground area. Twelve ball
avenue to Forest Hills street.

grounds. Four Soccer football grounds,
tennis, golf, tobogganing, skating, shower

baths and Zoological Garden.
105,205 sq. ft. Washington, East Brookline, East Newton and
241 acre James streets.
220 sq. ft.

Junction Thatcher street and Central avenue.
.005 acre
966 sq. ft.

Abbotsford, Crawford and Harold streets.
.022 acre
4,484 sq. ft.

Bunker Hill, Vine and Moulton streets.
.103 acre
2,419 sq. ft.

Old Heath, New Heath and Parker streets.
.056 acre
158,421 sq. ft.
3,637 acres

Fort avenue.
116,000 sq. ft. Walnut avenue, between Munroe and Towns-

2,663 acres end streets.
279,218 sq. ft.

Broadway, Second, M and N streets.
6.41 acres
4,300 sq. ft. Chestnut Hill avenue, Union and Winship
.099 acre

9,510 sq. ft.

Emerson, Fourth and M streets.
218 acre
3,625 sq. ft.

Centre and Linwood streets.
.083 acre
21,000 sq. ft. Deaconess road, Brookline avenue, Pilgrim road

.482 acre and Austin street.
122,191 sq. ft. Sterling, Marble, Warwick and Westminster

2,805 acres streets.
3,605 sq. ft.

Junction Wayland, Bird and Magnolia streets.
.083 acre
161.40 acres
Farragut road, City Point.

Beach bathing, boating, Aquarium, tennis and

swings. 106,500 sq. ft. Between Albany street and Columbus avenue 2,446 acres (four sections).

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Huntington avenue and Brookline line to Prince Three acres playground area. Two ball grounds.

One Rugby and two Soccer football grounds,
tennis, boating, fishing and skating on Jamaica

Chadwick, Orchard Park and Yeoman streets... Children's wading pool and shelter.
Columbus avenue, Eliot and Pleasant streets.
Junction Dorchester avenue and Ashmont street.
Trenton, Eagle and Prescott streets.
Charles, Boylston, Arlington and Beacon streets.

Outdoor floral displays and boating during sum

mer months, skating during the winter.
Corner Cambridge, Lincoln and Mansfield

streets, Brighton.
Victory road and Park street, Dorchester.
Morton and Stillman streets, North End. Children's play surface and swings.
Putnam, White and Trenton streets.
Between Pond and Cottage streets.
Brookline avenue and Brookline line to Hunt-

ington avenue.
Junction Washington, South and Poplar streets,

Between Tremont street and Columbus avenue.
Corner St. Stephen and Batavia streets.
Grampian way


Roslindale Park..

Rutland Square.

St. Stephen Square..
Savin Hill Park..

Location, Area and Equipment of Parks and Gardens, 1921-22.- Concluded.

[blocks in formation]

Seaver street and Blue Hill avenue.
South and Centre streets.
Junction Cambridge, Brighton, Murdock and

Sparhawk streets.
Junction Freeport street and Neponset avenue.
Columbia road railroad bridge to Marine Park, Twenty-three and one half acres playground area.

Five ball grounds. One Rugby and five Soccer
football grounds, basket ball, tennis, skating,
shower baths and children's corner. Beach
bathing during summer at L Street and

McKenzie beaches.
Main, Cambridge, Sever and Gardner streets.
Thomas Park
Tremlett street, between Hooper and Waldeck

Between Huntington avenue, Trinity place and

St. James avenue.
Between Tremont street and Shawmut avenue.
Beacon street, Metropolitan and Vose avenues.
Between Washington street and Walnut Park.
Harrison avenue, between Union Park and Wal-

tham streets.
Warren street, St. James and Regent streets.
Washington and Claybourne streets, near Crown

path, Dorchester.
Dale, Bainbridge and Paulding streets.

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