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Printed and Sold at the above Place.

IETY Promoted, all the five Parts

a Poem


Barclay of Church Government
Pen's Reflections and Maxins, z Parts
Advice to his Children
Call to Christendom

Holm's ferious Call to all,
His Epiftle of Love
Wilfon's Journal
Barcroft's Journal
Pearfon's Cafe of Ty thes
Reply to Boyfe's Queries
Way to be Wife and Wealthy
Advice to the Young
Dell's Doctrine of Baptifms
Grounds of an Holy Life, .
Mifcellanies, in Profe'and Verfe
Myftical Marriage,
Large Teftament

G. Fox's large Primer

Chamber's Spelling Primer

S. Fuller's Catechilm for Children

M. Drummond on Internal Revelation

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Short Hiftory of a long Travel


Robert Barclay's Apology for the true Christian Divinity 3 6 Bocket's Drunkard's Looking glass


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Placcart du Roy touchant la Denuncia-
tion des Biens arrestez au Royaulme Dangle-
terre, appertenans aux Subiects de pardeça.
Small 4to, rare, 5s.
Bruxelles, 1570
Placentii (E.) Clericus Eques et Lucianus
scarce, 10s.
Anlicus Carmine conscriptus, small 8vo, very
Antverpiæ, 1535
Politiano (Angelo) Stanze cominciate per
Mediei, 8vo, 10s.
la Giostra del Magnifico Giuliano di Piero de
Vinegia, Aldo, 1541

Rare. Chardin's copy sold for 40 francs, Hibbert's
for £2 2s. and Heber's for £1 8s.

Pool (M.) Dialogue between a Popish

Priest and an English Protestant, 12mo, 5s. 1687
POPERY. Plots, Conspiracies and At-
tempts of Domestick and Forraigne Enemies
of the Romish Religion, against the Princes
and Kingdomes of England, Scotland and
Ireland, collected by G. B. C. Small 4to, 5s. 1642

8vo, scarce, 5s. Keble (J.) on Eucharistical Adoration, Oxford, 1857

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ottava Rima, 4to, portrait, half vellum, 10s. Firenze, 1732 Pusey (E. B.) Eirenicon (Truth and Office of the English Church) 8vo, cloth, 5s. 1865 Quakers. Arrowes against Babylon, with scarce, 68. Queries for Quakers, by J. Pendarves, 4to,


Quakers. Faithful Discovery of Mystical
Anti-Christ displaying Christ's Banners, 4to,


A curious tract, addressed to the people of Beverly,
introduce Paganism.
and charging the Yorkshire Quakers with an attempt to

Quaker's Idol. Anti-Christ in Man, by
J. Miller, 4to, 68.


Contains the evidence of G. Cowlishaw, of Bristol.

Quakers. The Quaking Mountebank, or
Jesuit turned Quaker, 4to, very rare, 10s. 1655

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